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range miles

  1. T

    How to calculate Range Loss %

    Hi everyone, Happy new year!! I am having a major senior moment and I need some mathematical help. I am typically one of those who is really good at math and physics but perhaps its the state of affairs in the world or a nasty head cold that I, for the life of me, cannot assess what is the...
  2. GasKilla

    Does range mode change your rated range?

    I decided to try driving with range mode on all this time this week, charged to 90% and my rated range was 217. Before my 90% was 214, is that because I have range mode on or due to my 7.1 update?
  3. GasKilla

    Why does Tesla use Wh/mi instead of miles per KWh?

    MP/kWh seems a lot easier for me (most people?) to understand because it correlates well with MPGs. Thoughts?
  4. Rluner

    Uk estimated range in miles

    Hi, from the Tesla site, given an S85 with 19" wheels, 10c temp, no air con on with windows up the range calculator at various speed is listed as:- 50 mph. 332miles 55 mph. 306 miles 60 mph. 283 miles 65 mph. 261 miles 70 mph. 240 miles Assuming an approximate increase in a liner...