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    GTA Canadian advice - labor rate / seeking repair shop

    Hi everyone , new poster and owner of a Model 3 . I am based in the GTA and travel between Toronto and Niagara frequently. I am looking for a trusted repair facility to take care of maintenance , diagnostic and upgrades for my 3. Was hoping to find a repair shop around Oakville / Burlington but...
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    Supercharging slow since V11 update

    I have noticed since the V11 update even when navigating to a charger (with twenty minutes of lead time to condition) that supercharging has been abysmally slow and I am only getting 27kw/115 miles an hour. What gives? This is even way before the battery is close to fully charged. Did...
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    Tesla Rate Match

    If I apply for a loan through a credit union (1.99% rate) and have Tesla rate match, will Tesla do a hard credit inquiry as well?
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    Auto loan should be ready when you order a Tesla? What is the current best rate?

    Hi, I may order model X today or tomorrow. I am not sure when I should prepare the auto loan? Probably not needed until the delivery of the vehicle but not sure. Another question is what is the best loan rate and where I can get the best one? My quick check up was around 3~3.5%. But I heard...
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I've banged a quick-and-dirty comparison tool together for folks to allow comparing PG&E's current E9-A rate plan versus the upcoming EV-A rate plan. The basic concept is you download hourly historical usage data from PG&E (doesn't matter what rate plan you were on at the time, you can download...