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  1. J

    creaking @slow speed /turning after upper control arms replaced

    I understand this topic has been discussed quite a bit over the years so don’t beat me up too much, but I am curious y’all’s thoughts on my best course of action given my circumstance. just bought a used 20M3P from a Hyundai dealership in Huntington Beach and within a day, I had the creaking at...
  2. D

    Rattle persistent since delivery - 22 S Plaid - help

    Did a ticket with Service center about a year ago, they said this noise was due to a steering wheel column cover. Recently, I just got the new yoke and was hoping that would fix this, but it didn’t. SC replaced this and the issue still persist. I brought it back on the last visit and they...
  3. P

    Front Strut Rattle - SOLVED

    I have been dealing with a rattle coming from the left front of my Model X P100D. It was very plasticy sounding that sounded like it was coming from just under the windshield. It was driving me nuts for a few weeks and after replacing all of the trim under the frunk and tearing the dash apart...
  4. M

    Squeaky / Creaky Noise from Rear Seats (especially when going over bumps)?

    I drive a 2023 Tesla Model 3 LR that I picked up in December 2022. It currently has about 8,000 miles and no accidents/damage. I recently started hearing squeaky/creaky noises coming from my rear seat area, especially when going over bumps. It's not too audible if I'm playing music, but it's...
  5. S

    Tesla 3 Dashboard Rattle Near Side Pillar Fixed

    Another dashboard rattle spot discovered and fixed. The black fabric dashboard trim next to the side pillars is not attached and can cause a low pitched rattle. I fixed it using a felt square with adhesive backing from Joann Fabrics (ecofi Prestofelt; see photos). Just need to trim the felt so...
  6. K

    Rattles driving me insane, please help my sanity

    I have ‘23 MY and recently over winter the following rattles have developed that are driving me bonkers 1. driver window, I have to have the window cracked for it to stop which in winter isn’t bueno, how can I tell it’s the window? If I open it and put my fingers out a bit to take the window...
  7. J

    Service center was no help, looking for advice on a knocking sound coming from my back right side seat.

    Hello friends. I took my model 3 to a service center today to get a rattle coming from the passenger side rear seat fixed. The tech identified the problem, said it was fixed, and it clearly isn't. I have been trying to narrow down the source, and it sounds like it's coming from 1 or 2 joints...
  8. S

    Rattling above the front passenger wheel well

    I've checked all the things I could easily inspect and nothing appears to be disconnected. It feels like it is driving fine. Here is a video with the sound in it:
  9. G

    Model Y back seat rattle: SC claims it's by design. Any fix?

    My new Model Y 5 seater has this rattling / vibration noise upon delivery. It comes from where two seat parts contact each other, and it just sounds like leather rubbing against leather / cloth. If I set them to different recline level, or just lay one side down completely, the noise is gone...
  10. E

    2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus Front Rattle

    We have a 2020 Model X Long Range Plus with 62000 miles. Today, we had a loud rattle to begin while driving. It sounds like some kind of bracket or stabilizer bars that are loose or a suspension issue. Only rattles when we hit small bumps in the road or on gravel driveway. Any advice or...
  11. C

    weird noises

    I purchased a MYLR in June, and after the initial 1,000 miles, it seemed fine. However, with 3,000 miles now, I've had 6 service appointments so far. I have another mobile service scheduled for tomorrow (August 23) to address the issue with the front passenger seatbelt. Setting aside these...
  12. Y

    Model Y (2021/2022 LR) faint fluttering noise/sound from rear interior when going over bumps

    Aside from the many threads of the more obvious/load creaks and rattles, is anyone else getting annoyed at the strange faint rattling that sounds like a brief fluttering every time you go over moderate-to-severe cracks/bumps in the road?
  13. I

    Model S rear axle rattle

    Hi, I have strange rattle coming already about a year from rear right axle while driving and the also when i went to regular tech inspection, it came up while making sideways stress test. Been to Tesla service in december and they didnt notice anything, any ideas, here is the link to video...
  14. F

    90-day window for rattles?

    So... don't mean to complain but this struck me as odd. Got a '22 MSP, wellllll within the manufacturer's warranty. Taking it in for the track package installation on Monday. Mentioned that the plastic housing over the center screen hinge is rattling, and asked if they could check and fix it...
  15. E

    Noise/ roughness at low speed

    Noise video Hey guys! New here, really hoping someone has solved this issue.. I have a 21 MSLR and I noticed roughness/ noise driving at low speed (~20). I couldn’t reliably reproduce the issue and my service tech can’t really help either.. Does anyone know what the issue might be or how I...
  16. C

    Rattle when hitting highway bumps

    Hey all! I have a 2022 Model 3 RWD, and my dad has a 2022 Model 3 Performance. Both cars have developed an annoying rattle/sound when going over highway bumps, and joints on the highway. It literally sounds like every plastic behind my head is touching at one point. It’s infuriating. I think...
  17. S

    Driver side door “tapping”

    My driver side door has a tapping noise that can’t be replicated at the service center but nevertheless happens on almost every drive. It’s subtle. I’ve removed the door panel and put insulation on every part I could imagine could rattle. It went away for a few months but is back. I removed the...
  18. C

    Passenger side (maybe B pillar) rattle, drives me crazy!

    Hi all, I have been looking at many of the forums on here trying to solve this rattle. Service can never replicate it... Which is frustrating. I do not notice it when it rains either... But that seems to be caused by the increased noise when the roads are wet. Service has replaced both front...
  19. G

    Rattling noise coming from dash top pad. Not covered under warranty. DIY fix suggestion?

    I have been haunted by this rattling noise issue right after vehicle delivery, and used to think it's coming from the steering wheel. It happens when I drive on bumpy road with relatively low speed, and is more obvious when weather is hot. After several service visits they were not able to...
  20. B

    Rattle in front of driver - Need advice!

    Tesla have had my car the last few days to fix a rattle in the parcel shelf and one in the dash, directly in front of the steering wheel on a right-hand drive Model 3. They claim to have insulated the dash, but after getting it back the rattle is immediately even more noticeable. I would like...
  21. C

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    Hello all - I'm new to the forum but I have searched in advance for this issue. I took delivery on a 2022 Model X a few months ago. There was a host of issues that we wanted to get resolved but one is particularly annoying for a ~145k car. The inside of my car has a tremendous amount of...
  22. youngmcdonald

    Any help is greatly appreciated with this noise that’s driving me insane!

    Service Center apparently fails to reproduce it but it’s very apparent if they try an ounce harder to actually take a test drive. Two visits and they have refused to fix this issue. I have opened the door panel, put sound absorbing material wherever I thought there may be a wire hitting the...
  23. G

    Rear seat rattle - How to fix?

    So I have a UK (MIC) Model 3. I have a pretty irritating rattle sound from the rear left of the car and cannot for the life of me work out what might be causing it. Video is here: I do not think it's the leather as it sounds like a plastic tapping of sorts. It's not massively loud but the...
  24. ishareit

    My source of rattle coming from rear of Model Y

    I think I found what was causing the mystery rattle that I hear coming from the rear of my 1 month old car. I tried adjusting hatch stops, applying grease between seats to prevent rubbing noise, took out rear headrests to rule that out, applied felt tape to few trims inside including license...
  25. ev_go123

    Squeaky /creaky driver's seat issue identified

    tl;dr Sharing for people with the same issue: M3 driver's seat squeak is due to misaligned/rubbing seat rails. Proper fix is properly align the rails, less ideal/maybe temporary fix is add grease. I've had an annoying creaking noise in the driver side seat that seems to come and go in my 2022...
  26. I

    2015 Model S 70D - Strange Vent Noise

    Hey everyone. I’ve been experiencing some strange sounds emanating from my vents on the passenger side of my car. It’s definitely related the the heating/AC because the sound immediately goes away when I turn the climate control off. Below is a link to the video (disregard the dust on the dash…...
  27. P

    Model 3: Rattling rear deck

    Hey everyone, I am going crazy with this rattle from the rear deck! I've narrowed it down already: NOT coming from the seats (if I fold them down it makes no difference) NOT coming from the trunk (if I fold both seats and climb in there, I cannot hear it at all) Somewhere middle to passenger...
  28. Suspendmix

    Model Y passenger side dash rattle and rubbing noise

    Has anyone had a dash rattle/rub that they've successfully resolved on their own? I've had these noises literally from day 1 when I'm driving over uneven roads between 15-30 mph. I've already brought it into Tesla service twice and each time they said they fixed it. The problem is that roads...
  29. L

    MY Screen Rattling?!

    I have a 2020 MY. There is this rate that the AC can’t find and is driving me crazy. It’s a super loud rattle coming from the dash. The weird thing is that it only happens on certain streets (guessing this has to do with frequencies, even though I can’t replicate it through a sound generator...
  30. J

    Rattle squeak creak from b pillar sheet metal or camera housing

    This has only gotten worse in the one month of ownership. Almost undrivable. Service appointment didn't address it the first appointment. Any ideas? I can recreate the sound by pressing from the outside of the car on the lower b pillar.
  31. P

    Pretty loud rattling from outside when it's hot / AC is on - front wheel well / frunk area

    Hello Community, I have quite a loud rattling sound coming from the front wheel well / frunk area that seems to be AC / heat pump related. It occurs mostly when it is hot outside and/or the AC is producing cool air. I also get the rattle one or two times quite often when I open the driver...
  32. I

    Rear creaking noise when load shifts

    I know this seems like just another creaking/rattling noise post, but I've searched everywhere and haven't come across anyone with a similar issue (it's not any of the common issues, like upper control arms or rear seat latches). I have a 2018 Model 3 Performance (stealth), and I've been...
  33. N

    Anyone know of a fix for the rattle caused by rear seat middle head support/ headrest?

    Rattle noise was diagnosed by the service center and commented as "Center headrest noise is a characteristic of model Y and Tesla has no known rectification at this time" Did anyone encounter the same issue? If so, what was the resolution? Replacing the headrest itself or some temporary...
  34. K

    RattleGate - How high does the Conspiracy go?

    I have uncovered a conspiracy that I believe goes all the way to the top! After struggling with dementia since getting my new-to-me-2014, I have found the culprit and attached irrefutable proof. Yes, look at it. A device so simple, yet so evil that it required me to delve into the car itself...
  35. A

    2015 S Dash, Frunk or Suspension Rattle

    Greetings, 2015 S with 77k. Loud rattling sound during all roadway conditions except runway smooth roadways. Straight, slow, fast, turning, still present. Tesla diagnosed as a strut replacement for $1,800. No guarantee that it will stop the rattle. No issues with ride comfort, cornering or...
  36. jusflyguy

    2021 Model 3 Door Rattles!

    Anyone having issues with the Tesla Model 3 doors rattling. My rear drivers side door has a continuous rattle driving on the highway above 60mph or so. My passenger side front door has a rattle when any bass is played over the speakers. I scheduled an appointment but this is superrrrr...
  37. 7

    *HELP* Metallic rattle on outside of car front end @ low speed

    I've got a rattle that has recently developed (14k mi 19' AWD) originally though it might be related to my winder tire swap. It has progressively gotten worse. I need to make a service ticket, we don't have service centers in NM so wanted to see if anyone has ideas what to check before having...
  38. A

    Driver's door and seat with rattles

    Hi Team, This is my first post here. My apologies if I'm submitting it in the wrong section. I have a Model S Long Range 2020. The car is completing now 6k miles and it was perfect. However, the driver's door and seat are with rattles. I have already visited the SC and, in theory, they have...
  39. N

    Annoying rattle, any ideas?

    Hey all, I’m based in the uk so drive a right hand drive M3P. I have this super annoying rattle that occurs when driving 50mph+ normally on motorways. It sounds like its coming from the passenger side glovebox area/ mirror area. I have tried some tape on the door latch and looked everywhere but...
  40. R

    Rattle inside the rear passenger door.

    I know there are a few posts about rattles inside the door panel but in my car the rattle is inside the door itself. I can hear the rattle when I hit on it near the door latch with the panel removed. I have no idea how to get to it without messing around with the glass assembly. Does anyone try...
  41. S

    Tesla Y rattles

    Any quick fixes for these rattles? One is a clicking noise that occurs when riding on some uneven roads. Other is a plastic noise that occurs at very low speed.
  42. M

    Recommendations on repairs outside of Tesla

    Hello... I have been living with a rattle and squeak in my M3 for almost a year now and Tesla Service has been pointless on tracking this down and fixing it. We did a "ride along" and they were able to verify the sound immediately so they took it for service, twice. Now they tell me that this is...
  43. A

    Wind Noise at A-pillar FLAPPING Sound - Solved for now

    Hi everyone, VIN PLATE: Been on a noise hunt in the past week. My very first rattle from purchase 12/2019 was the VIN Plate rattle. Very easy to fix. Just stick a trim tool or a wedge thing and push it HARD down(i'd avoid a flat head screw driver because that'd probably crack the window. You...
  44. P

    Model 3 Warranty - 4 years but 12 months or 12,000 for Rattle?

    After several months after I took delivery of a M3 LR Dual Motor, the left side door developed a rattle that sounded like a loose screw. Due to the Covid-19 and California Stay Home order, I did not try to bring it in thinking I have 3 years plus warranty to address it. I recently made an...
  45. M

    2019-20 Model S “Raven” Struts Replaced?

    I’m wondering if there are any owners of 2019 or 2020 Model S “ Raven“ cars who have had their car’s front struts replaced due to front end suspension rattles? If so, if you could describe the sort of rattle you were experiencing and what Service Center did the replacement, it would be much...
  46. G

    Model Y Quality / Noises

    I've had my Model Y for 2 weeks. Within a few days of delivery, I started hearing various noises. There is wind noise on the passenger side, like others have mentioned. We also have other noise -- sometimes a rubbing/squeaking that might be coming from the wheels. There is also a banging...
  47. B

    Interior, exterior and driving experience within spec??

    Hi everybody. Hope everybody is safe and sound. I recently picked up a Model Y. Was told that the fit and finish is within spec by the sales associate. What do you guys think? In addition to the fit and finish, the two biggest concerns I have are cabin noise and driving experience. 1. Can hear...
  48. Riguy

    Few maint issues

    Hi everyone. Just curious if anyone else is having these issues. None are a big deal and I’ll get handled at a service appointment down the road. Just curious... 1. Drivers side front door window. When it’s down all the way, it moves around in the door. Just closing the door you’ll hear...
  49. R

    Rear shelf rattle

    The metal portion at the back of of the rear shelf has begun to rattle at low speed over less than perfect roads on my 6 week old Model 3. If I tap it with my hand you can hear the rattle, so I think I could put something underneath it to stop the rattle but I can't find a way to remove it...
  50. Mrcarcrazy

    Pass rear rattle located and fixed. 3 mins work.

    Just wanted to share, if you get an intermittent rattle from the rear passengers side. This is worth ruling out as I could see it being very common. How to rule it in or out: - sit in rear passengers side seat. Tap the c pillar cover near your head. Do you hear a buzz? If so, this thread is...