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  1. F

    Squeak I can't find for the life of me

    I have a squeak/click/rattle on the passenger side that seems to be coming from the dash/glove box area. You should be able to hear it in the video if you turn the volume up. Any suggestions on where to check or anyone that experienced the same thing and ultimately found a solution? It's driving...
  2. H

    2022 Model 3 Front Passenger side Rattle (Glovebox area)

    Been experiencing a rattle for about a month. Initially though it was the front camera housing but sitting in the passenger seat, it sounds like its coming somewhere around the glovebox/ passenger dash area. Rattle sounds like a loose bolt. Brought the car to the service center and had a test...
  3. jacksterCali

    Rattling near mirror / camera housing

    anyone have similar issue when going low speed? I am about to remove this piece YouTube
  4. C

    2022 Model X - Interior Noise / Rattling / Crackling

    Hello all - I'm new to the forum but I have searched in advance for this issue. I took delivery on a 2022 Model X a few months ago. There was a host of issues that we wanted to get resolved but one is particularly annoying for a ~145k car. The inside of my car has a tremendous amount of...
  5. P

    Poor initial experience with my Tesla Model Y Performance

    Hi folks, Looking to see if any of you had a similar experience with your Tesla initially. I took delivery of my 22 Model Y Performance about three weeks ago. I've had a really rough go and find myself almost sick to my stomach when I think about how much I paid vs the quality of vehicle I...
  6. Y

    Model Y rear seat rattles

    Hello everyone, I have been troubled by the rattles of the rear seat for a long time. Whenever passing through bumpy roads, there is always a small, cluttered noise from the right rear of the vehicle (passenger side), as if this 3 months old model Y is an old car that has been driving for more...
  7. F

    Squeaks and rattle sounds in Tesla model S 2022

    Folks, anyone has experience with squeaks and rattle sounds coming from all seat when occupied? Doors squeak too when opened and closed 2022 Tesla model S
  8. jusflyguy

    2021 Model 3 Door Rattles!

    Anyone having issues with the Tesla Model 3 doors rattling. My rear drivers side door has a continuous rattle driving on the highway above 60mph or so. My passenger side front door has a rattle when any bass is played over the speakers. I scheduled an appointment but this is superrrrr...
  9. J

    Rammels, tikkende geluiden achter "rear headliner" Model S

    Ik ben eigenaar van een 2018 juli Tesla Model S. Al een tijd heb ik last van rammels, tikkende geluiden, die onder de hemelbekleding aan de achterzijde van de auto zitten. De auto heeft nog garantie. Is 4 x in het SC in Rotterdam geweest recent voor dit probleem. Maar de lieve mensen daar...
  10. A

    Wind Noise at A-pillar FLAPPING Sound - Solved for now

    Hi everyone, VIN PLATE: Been on a noise hunt in the past week. My very first rattle from purchase 12/2019 was the VIN Plate rattle. Very easy to fix. Just stick a trim tool or a wedge thing and push it HARD down(i'd avoid a flat head screw driver because that'd probably crack the window. You...
  11. T

    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    I have a 2017 Model S100D. Purchased new - paid $120k back then. It's been a great car, albeit with many service issues. At first, Tesla service was exceptional. They would drive 60 miles each way from the Gigafactory 1 to Lake Tahoe to perform onsite service. And the mobile technicians...
  12. S

    Front Left Speaker/Dash Rattle

    I have a rattle that sounds like it comes from the front left speaker area on the dash grille during bumpier or graveled roads. Its not all the time so it makes it kind of hard to diagnose. I've watched the video on the dash grille removal which displays underneath the grille as well as the...
  13. J

    Anyone successfully fix this door rattle?

    Rear passenger door. Anyone have this issue and have it fixed? What was causing the rattle? SC tightened the latch mechanism. The door sounded solid afterward. Two hours later after the drive home the noise was back, seemingly worse. Almost a month to get another SC appointment. Tesla said they...
  14. J

    Mystery rear rattle? Check this...

    Sharing this for anyone with a rear rattle they cannot locate. Since picking up my Model 3 in April I've never felt the car was as solid as it should be. I've taken it several times to the SC for help in addition to troubleshooting on my own. The air vent under my passenger seat was not...
  15. K

    Dealing with Service for rattling noise fix

    Hi, I recently have my model 3 delivered (3 weeks ago) and have developing rattling/creaking noise issues. Some creaking noise from front door window side and Some rattling from back (can't figure out what is the source) when I drive minor bumps or not smoothly paved local/highway. I wanted to...
  16. R

    Model 3 Rear Passenger Seats Rattling

    I'm currently having some intense rattling in my rear passenger seats (particularly the right one) and the seat always rattles. I've taken it to a service center (and paid them $195...) to "fix" it, but even after they told me the rattle is gone, it's still there. Was wondering if any of you...
  17. T

    Trick to find all rattles in Model 3

    I got my Model 3 a month ago. Love the car, truly, but there are two rattles that are really irritating me. I found one, but the other was in the rear and totally elusive. Long story short, I found an app that helped me find it instantly. Using this app, it causes any rattle spots to...
  18. Demetraki

    Stopping the door grill rattles

    Has anyone been able to stop the annoying rattles coming from the door speaker grills? I used a frequency generator set to 80Hz and they come alive. Pulling the grills out immediately stops the rattling. Such a crappy design.
  19. Haxster

    Ten reasons why ICE cars are better than EVs

    1. Can roast marshmallows on your exhaust manifold 2. Can rev your engine at stop lights 3. Can “off” yourself with carbon monoxide 4. Can show off your engine bay to friends and neighbors 5. Can add fancy aftermarket exhaust tips 6. Can schmooze with the smog...
  20. S

    Tesla doesn't want to service my Model S

    I have my second Model S since half July 2015. Approximately 2 weeks after ownership the first problem has occurred. So I wanted to make an appointment in Vienna SC (the nearest one for me). I had to wait 3 months for the first appointment to get the problem fixed. I have made 28 thousand...
  21. JohnGarziglia

    Squeaks, Rattles and Sound-Deadening

    I thought I would share some of the things I have done with my Roadster 2.5 to attack squeaks, rattles and noise. None of it, of course, makes the Roadster a quiet car either topless or with the lid on. But the effort has made a difference. Sqeaks. I noticed plastic upon plastic types of...