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  1. T

    Model S / RAV4 EV Coolant Leakage Motor Repair

    We recently acquired a RAV4 EV that had received damage from the standard coolant leakage. The vehicle apparently was stopping and going short distances, and then stopped running altogether. We were able to get the drive train out, and disassemble most of the motor. However, I'm curious if...
  2. seattlite2004

    RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid

    Early Look at 2021 Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid https://www.carscoops.com/2019/10/2021-toyota-rav4-plug-in-hybrid-teased-debuts-in-los-angeles/ The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid Might Become The Most Popular Plug-In Ever
  3. jimbo69ny

    Toyota (Tesla) Rav4 EV For Sale

    First off, I LOVE this car. I currently own 3 of them. Its all my family has driven for many years. But, my family is growing. My wife and I are having another child. The Rav is wonderful but a 19 month old, large dog crate in the back, and luggage about max it out on road trips. We need at...
  4. EVNow

    The New RAV4 EV

    http://green.autoblog.com/2010/07/16/breaking-tesla-and-toyota-to-develop-rav4-ev-hope-to-launch-in/ Toyota press release says ... No information on range or price. I guess late 2012 - so about 30 months away.
  5. graham

    First-Gen RAV4 EV (1996-2003)

    This sounds similar to me to the specs touted for the RAV4 EVs running on NiMH. Am I misremembering the stats for that? How do these new Li-ions compare?