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rcm airbag light

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    2017 Tesla X RCM_d014_vdsChannelSigMonPerm Error

    Does anyone know what causes the following error and/or how to fix it on a 2017 Tesla X with Bosch 1036767 RCM? RCM_d014_vdsChannelSigMonPerm Safety restraint system fault/Contact Tesla Service [customer service-fix] History: Vehicle had flood damage RCM module was destroyed by water however...
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    2022 Tesla Model 3 Safety Restraint Error

    Hello, I have a 2022 Tesla Model 3 with two error codes: RCM2_a118 & RCM2_a052 with my airbag light on. Airbag light and error codes stay on regardless of whether I’m in park or driving(they do not show when vehicle is off). I have not seen anyone on here with these specific error codes so...
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    Airbag warning light and RCM_a045 notification

    I’m rebuilding a 2019 model 3. The airbags didn’t deploy but I have an airbag warning light. I had the airbag module data reset thinking that it might a stored impact code but still getting the airbag warning light. Does anyone know watch notification code is rcm_a045 indicates? I spoke to...