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rear camera

  1. M

    Model X Rear Camera Failed - Repair Guide?

    My backup camera seemed to have failed or a connection came loose. I created a service request through the app and Tesla quoted me over $2500, which is insane. Does anyone have a video or a PDF to the 2017 Model X Repair manual so I can try and take apart the back hatch and see if the...
  2. Z

    2018 M3 sudden loss of rear camera and quick restart

    Hey guys, in the last couple of days while driving I’ve noticed a sudden loss of the rear camera feed coupled with a quick restart shown here in the following video: Has anyone had such an issue? The car is 2018 LR M3 with 2.5HW
  3. E

    Replacing Rear Camera on 2016 Model X

    First post here, forgive me and shoot me feedback if it can be improved. I just got a 2016 P90DL Model X (AP1) and I'm loving it! Only issue with it was the backup camera is out of focus. Still usable but sort of like having a mild/moderate need for glasses. It's just out of warranty, and...
  4. T

    V10, MCU1 and rear camera

    Is anyone else having trouble with their rear cameras since installing V10 on their S? Mine has been intermittently working (blacking out for the most part) since V10. This also has impacted Smart Summon (doesn't work) and causes crashes in the AutoPilot software such that I don't trust it...
  5. T

    V10 rear camera issues

    I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with their rear camera since V10? Since getting V10, when I put the car in reverse, the camera will be flaky - on, off, flicker, freeze, come back on. It also seems to be affecting AutoPilot and Smart Summon. I've had AutoPilot software...
  6. S

    v10 TeslaCam rear camera added

    Received my 2019.32.11 update last night on my Model 3. Took the car this morning and pulled my card reader and microSD card after driving to see what the recorded rear camera view was like. I thought I had heard the rear camera was not the same quality as the other cameras around the perimeter...
  7. E

    Feature request - Rear camera recording in Sentry mode.

    I'll cut to the chase, my car was bumped hard from behind while it was parked with Sentry mode turned on. The damage isn't great, but I have really deep scratches all over the rear bumper, and it is a total bummer after just getting the entire car opticoated. Sounds like I should just be able to...
  8. JetFalcon

    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    So the rear view camera doesn't work sometimes. Like it takes a while for it to boot up, and maybe like 10-20 min later, when I go to park, it will work. But when I leave a parking spot or my house, I see a black screen that won't show me what is behind me. It did it once and just thought...
  9. S

    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Last week, I drove from the SF Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Above 5000 feet, it was snowing (heavy flurries), snow on the surface, temperature 29-31F, on a two lane highway (US50). We stopped for 2 hours while an avalanche was cleared, and then resumed travel in the dark. Soon, the road was barely...

    Parking Lot Summon - Our Vehicles compared to Ants in search of Food

    Anyone else notice these patterns in public parking lots? (I'm on AP 2.5, V42.4, Model 3 in Chandler). Now compare same location on Google maps... Notice upper right showing construction. Got me thinking, how will the car respond? I assume it will prioritize paths where it won't need to...
  11. mrfra62

    Freezing rear view cam model x

    since the last update (pin to drive) my rear view cam freezes from time to time. Anybody experiences the same issue? And so how solve the problem?
  12. plasmo

    Rear camera Comparison photo: 3 vs. S vs. X

    I made a quick comparison photo of the rear camera image using the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. (No touchups done on any photos) The cars were parked exactly in the same spot, under overcast skies. As I can’t get screen grabs directly from the car, I tried to take the same photos of the...
  13. G

    Rear View Camera split screen issue

    Anyone have their rear view camera display cut in half, displaying the ground on the top half and top view on the bottom? It happens both when I'm driving and in reverse about a few times a month for the past year. It usually clears up on it's own in a day or two. Rebooting didn't fix it.
  14. Brightonuk

    Rear Camera Visibility in the rain

    I am sure this has been addressed but just in case a dab of rainX on the camera lens makes a world of difference in the rain I can actually see out the back:smile: