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rear end collision

  1. M

    2020 Model 3 rear ended. Is it totaled?

    My 2020 model 3 performance was rear-ended at about 30-40 mph while I was sitting at a stop light. I was wanting some opinions to see what folks think if it is totaled or not and how much I should be seeking if it is. My car was actually ceramic coated, had window tints, frontal ppf, and...
  2. T

    Is my Model 3 totaled?

    I have a 2019 tesla model 3 Midrange with color roof glass (TK-Choppa) that was rear ended. How bad is the damage? Pyro fuse blew upon impact no airbags deployed. Interior looks un damaged. No other damage besides the rear. Collision center is looking like it’s totaled. I hope it’s not! I hired...
  3. Z

    2022 MYLR rear-ended and not totaled

    I was rear-ended and I think the damage is really bad. However my insurance adjuster gave an estimate of $18k rather than total it. The left quarter panel and rear body panel need to be replaced and she said only if the right quarter panel needs to be replaced as well then it's a total. Is this...
  4. T

    My insurance appraiser is quoting $23K to fixing this Model X. Is that accurate?

    Hello! I was nearly stopped on a high on my Model X when I got rear ended at full highway speed from an SUV, and then pushed forward to hit another truck. However, the insurance appraiser is quoting 23K to fix the whole car (appraised ballpark at the tow yard before the tear down or going to a...
  5. E

    I got rear ended. Is it totaled?

    Hello, I got rear ended at a stop light by a 2006 Dodge Ram. This is the resulting damage. I'm going through their insurance for all the repairs. I did a virtual claim with an adjuster. His initial quote is $6300. Looking at other MYs with similar damage I REALLY doubt this guy is anywhere near...
  6. T

    Model Y Perfomance rear-ended - is it fixable?

    Got rear-ended by a 95 F-150. Car took a hard hit. Will this be a total loss? Trunk lid does not close anymore. Everything is misaligned.
  7. A

    Model Y Rear Ended - Others Experience?

    My 2020 Model Y was Rear Ended yesterday. As with most people I am completely new to going through this. I have read a bunch of threads on TMC but figured it wouldn't be bad to start one for myself to see if people have advice or at least check me on the decisions I make along the way. My...
  8. T

    rear ended on a two month old car by a driver without drivers license and insurance policy, what are my options?

    Hi all, As title suggests, got rear ended on my 1.5 months old LR MS while waiting at traffic light.(Attached picture for damage) Damage seems to be only on bumper but who knows. Here is the situation 1. The at-fault driver has neither drivers license nor insurance policy based on hand gesture...
  9. C

    My new 2021 Model Y just rear-ended pretty bad

    My 2021 Tesla Model Y got rear ended pretty bad by a Chevy Silverado. The trunk and bumper are completely damaged and the trunk won’t even close. The other person was at fault and I have the footage from all the cams saved as well. The other person shared their insurance for filing the claim...
  10. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  11. azpyroguy

    Rear-ended @ 70+ mph in my Model S

    Last night I was rear-ended by a HOV Lane Cheater. She hit me at over 70mph. I was traveling at 58 mph, and then slowed to 43 before impact. As you can see in the video she came in HOT, and didn't even attempt to break, we estimated her speed to be in excess of 70mph. The only...
  12. pdxgibby

    POLL: Have you been rear-ended in your Tesla?

    I got my first Tesla in 2015. Since then I have been rear-ended once and had a number of close calls, but never had that problem in my first 25 years of driving. I've gotten very good a single-pedal driving and I've observed that it is possible to reduce speed from 40 mph to 5 mph in a Tesla...
  13. Sooby@sdsu

    Rear-ended with happy ending

    Life can be stranger than fiction - we always heard this, but it does not happen to us personally. Or so I thought until a couple of days ago. I was driving to the local YMCA (where I swim everyday) on my way to school. As I took the off-ramp from the freeway, I had to take manual control of...