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rear facing seats

  1. A

    Model S Long Range Plus 2020: Rear facing seats

    Hi all, I am looking for rear facing jump seats for my Model S Long Range Plus 2020. Pls let me know if you have these for sale. Also, any guidance on how I can install these would also be appreciated. Thanks! Ameya
  2. R

    7 Seat Model S with Free Supercharging + More for Sale

    Model S P90+ (see photos) was rebadged by Tesla after getting a battery upgrade because the 85 went out while under warranty. The rear facing seats fold flat if needed. Includes transferable, free supercharging for life which also includes exclusion from idle-time fees at superchargers. Also...
  3. M

    Rear facing seats in newer Model S Plaid?

    I've searched TSC and the net in general but couldn't find any confirmation if the rear-facing seats could be installed in the new Plaids. I find articles from 2019 about how the new Plaids will offer them, but I can't find any information or examples since. The cubby is still in the trunk...
  4. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Fully Loaded w/Lifetime Supercharging, Premium Connectivity, and Rear Jump Seats

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 · Driven 156,000 miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Has every single upgrade possible at the time Tech Package Ultra High Fidelity Sound package Has the...
  5. P

    For Sale: 2013 Model S P85 RWD, Black, Free Unlimited Supercharging, Chicago

    2013 Model S P85 RWD - Solid Black - FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING 62,500 miles (daily driver) Warranty expired (I bought it CPO on 12/2016, so warranty expired last December) Charges to 245 miles at 100% Solid black paint Black Performance interior (red piping) leather / Tan roof liner All...
  6. G

    WTB RFS Hip Strikers

    Looking to trade or buy gen 2 hip strikers for rear facing seats. I have Gen 1, they are too short.
  7. Vip

    Rear facing seats

    Anyone local or near Columbus Ohio looking for rear facing seats for their Model S? I have the seats in my car and would like to sell them as my kids have grown out of them. Thanks
  8. C

    Model S Rear Facing Jump Seats Third Row

    I have a set of never used rear facing jump seats out of my 2013 Model S. Nuts and bolts to install, but no reinforcement or mounting hardware other than what’s attached to the seats (meaning you will have to buy the parts at approx. $250 not including the reinforcement. I am in the East Bay...
  9. Felickz

    FS: Model S Rear Facing Seat Accessories

    Must have accessories for 3rd row passengers Model S All-Weather 3rd Row Footwell - $35 Model S Rear Liftgate Sunshade - $40 Also Available Model S RWD Front Trunk Cargo Net - 10$ 2 Evannex Coat Hooks - pre march 2015 Model S - OBO Model S old style fascia license plate holder - OBO 2 Model...
  10. jeremy0916

    Tesla Model S 2015 P90D Selling my rear facing seats

    Just bought this used car in immaculate condition with 23,000 miles on it. The rear facing seats are not really helpful to me as I don't have kids, if anything they are just additional weight. Looking to sell for $1k if there are any interested parties. I am located in the upstate of South...
  11. G

    Choosing NEW vs. CPO HELP!

    Long time lurker, first time poster: Have decided to purchase a Model S but am completely stuck between CPO and New. We are a "drive cars till they fall apart" family with 3 kids: 16, 13, 7. The appeal of the S is that we can fit 3 kids in the back seat without a hump and the big trunk space...
  12. Gurujeff03

    Model S, Rear Facing Seats RFS, Halogen headlights, Pano Roof Sun shade, 4 Baolong TPMS

    Item 1) Rear faciing seats: $1050 includes shipping to US 48 states only. Seats are in good condition please see the pictures. (no bumper support) Comes with brackets that are attached see pictures. Item 2) Pair of Xenon Headlights for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 model S. $650 includes...
  13. H

    '16 Model S 90D Rear Facing Seats 32K miles Blue $51K

    I'm looking to sell my 2016 Model S 90D for $51K * 32,429 miles (as of 12/2/19) * Rear-facing seats * Deep Blue Exterior / Grey next gen seats * Free, Lifetime, Transferable Supercharging * Smart Air Suspension * Subzero weather package * All Glass Panoramic roof with Sunroof * Ultra High...
  14. H

    '16 Model S 90D Rear Facing Seats 31K miles Blue $55K

    I'm looking to sell my 2016 Model S 90D for $55K * 31,614 miles (as of 11/9/19) * Rear-facing seats * Deep Blue Exterior / Grey next gen seats * Free, Lifetime, Transferable Supercharging * Smart Air Suspension * Subzero weather package * All Glass Panoramic roof with Sunroof * Ultra High...
  15. G

    Looking to buy Reat Facing Seats.

    Im Interested in the rear facing seat set for the Model S, Does anyone have a set of rear facing seats, hardware, brackets, reinforcements, trim pieces for sale? Im located in Las Vegas and I would be willing to drive to ca, as, or UT to swap trim pieces if requested.
  16. R

    Swap Gen2 rear facing jump seat striker for Gen1 - San Diego

    I just bought RFS (rear facing seats) from a 2016 MS but the strikers that came with them are sticking out too much. If anybody is getting their newer MS retrofitted with older RFS and wants to exchange their Gen1 strikers for my Gen2 strikers, ping me. I am located in San Diego.
  17. L

    Rear facing seats for sale

    I recently purchased a used model S with rear facing seats that I don’t need (see picture). They look brand new, I don’t believe they were ever used - up for sale if anyone is interested. Asking $950 obo. Located in Sanford, NC and prefer local pickup if possible.
  18. L

    Hint: rear facing seat fans

    Hi. My kids get got in the back rear facing seats in the summer. I ran a 12 V lighter socket back there from the front one by tucking a cable under the carpet and seat. It looks great and doesn't get kicked. Then bought 2 fans that rotate and have 2 speeds on one pedestal. I screwed a plastic...
  19. J

    Rear facing seats - extra stoelen (Model S)

    Hallo, Wegens aanstaande gezinsuitbreiding ben ik op zoek naar een set 'rear facing seats' voor in de Model S. Ondertussen heb ik een handleiding gevonden hoe ik deze (met wat hulp van de dealer) kan inbouwen, echter zijn de stoelen niet zelf bij Tesla te bestellen. Is er iemand van wie ik...
  20. A

    Not Available P85DL Loaded

    2015 P85DL Pearl White over Tan Black Alcantara Headliner Interior and Exterior are pristine 55k Miles - Remaining Batt/Drive Warranty Black Arachnids New Michelin Pilot Super Sports Ceramic Coat Clear bra front 1/3rd Ceramic Tint AutoPilot 1 Tan Leather Next Gen (Front/Rear) Black...
  21. S

    2013 model s with rear facing seats!

    Excellent condition Pearl white 2013 model s 60kw. 66,100 miles. Tech package. Free super charging. Tan leather interior. Rear facing jump seats. Glass Pano roof. Two sets of wheels and tires for northern Ohio seasonal weather. Looking for $33k. Message me if you are serious and I will send pics.
  22. G

    Modele S : Sièges dos a la route et places assises sur la carte grise

    Bonjour, J'ai un model S P85+ de 2014 avec l'option sièges dos à la route. La carte grise indique en section S.1 : 5 places assises... Est-ce normal, et si oui, quelle explication donner en cas de contrôle de la route (et avec potentiellement 6 ou 7 personnes dans le vehicule).
  23. T

    I can help install rear facing seat in north California

    Hey guys, so I installed the rear facing seat (jumper seats) myself on my 2014 model s. As I went through all the pain and learning, I hope that it would be useful somewhere else. Let me know if you need help on that and I can help you source necessary parts and do the labor.
  24. 2012MS85

    WTB: Rear Facing Seat

    I used this TMC forum last month to find my dream TESLA - a 2012 P85 in Sig Red with every option except RFS. I fly to Seattle in two days to pick her up and Supercharge home to Iowa. So I'll ask, "Does anyone with RFS want to sell?" All early TESLAs in 2012 came with the reinforced bumper...
  25. J

    Seat protectors for rear facing kid seats?

    Picking up my model 3 in a few days, very excited. One of my kids is still rear facing, and likes to kick the seat's back, sometimes getting dirt etc on it. Because the seats will be white, does anyone have recommendations on a cover I can use to protect the seat?
  26. N

    2013 Tesla Model S 60 - $47,990 - Toronto - Dual Chargers - Seats 7!

    2013 Tesla Model S 60 - $47,990 - Toronto - Dual Chargers - Seats 7! Colour: Silver Mileage: 113,000 km Extras: Dual chargers, air suspension, folding kids seats with tinted back window, 19-inch wheels, rear wheel drive, comes with complete set of winter tires on rims. My kids have grown up so...
  27. MelaniainLA

    refresh Model S with rear-facing seats: where to put the stroller?

    We have a 2017 refresh Model S with the smaller frunk and the rear facing seats in the trunk. It was great for our one 2 year old as it liberated our entire second row. Last week, we had a new baby who goes in the middle seat in an UppaBaby Mesa. We have an UppaBaby Cruz stroller to which the...
  28. briancul67

    Model S Rear Facing Seats 3rd Row Jump Seats Kids Seats - SEATTLE

    I have a set of Rear Facing Seats for sale. They are in great condition and have very little use. I do not have the brackets or bumper reinforcement. Price is $1,200 for local pickup in Seattle. I can pack and ship on the train to any Amtrak station in the country for $100 or via UPS ground...
  29. F

    2013 P85 with Rear Facing Seats and Full Warranty

    Private message or call/text me if seriously interested only. Feel free to call/text me anytime. Asking for $48,900 obo which is about Kelly Blue Book value (see screenshot). Go to this link below to see 40+ PICTURES that I just took of the Tesla MS P85: iCloud Photo Sharing If this ad...
  30. H

    What is it with all these rear-end accidents? Here's my footage.

    I was in stop and go traffic last week on the freeway. Autopilot stopped but the Ford F250 box van behind me didn't quite make it. Luckily I had a front and rear dashcam...or so I thought. I offered it to the police officer. He said, "I don't need it." I told the insurance adjuster of the...
  31. M

    Rear Facing Seats FOR SALE

    Please contact me about the 3rd row Model S children's seats. Maka at TheBeeGoddess.com mobile 605 430 7139 Cheers, Maka
  32. N

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous with Rear Facing Seats Fully Loaded White

    Options Rear Facing Seats Premium Upgrades 21" Grey Turbine Wheels HiFi Audio Grey Next Gen Seats Autopilot 1.0 Pearl White multicoat Smart AIr suspension CF spoiler Obeche wood gloss decor All glass pano roof Supercharger enabled The car is eligible for the extended warranty. It is a one...
  33. H

    Anyone been rear-ended in a vehicle with rear facing jumpseats?

    Just curious how the reinforced bumper holds up and if the hatch is able to be opened.
  34. playoutside

    For sale or for trade: Rear Facing Seats

    Hey members, I am about to pick my CPO 2015 Model S. It has rear facing seats which I do not need. My CPO advisor has assured me that they will be in excellent condition. I should be picking up the car in 10 days. I'm interested in selling the seats but I would prefer to trade for 21"...
  35. H

    My Rear Jumpseat Cooling Solution

    Now that summer is nearing, I thought I'd share with you what I used all last summer for cooling my rear jump seats. First things first, make sure that the a/c setting is either on fresh air or biohazard mode NOT re-circulation. Even though you can turn up the fan to 11 on re-circulation, the...
  36. N

    2015 Red P85D Fully Loaded Except Ludicrous 18k miles - 88k

    I am selling a 2015 Model S Red Multicoat Paint 21" Grey Turbine Wheels All Glass Pano Roof Tan Next Generation Seats Alcantara Headliner Obeche wood Matte accents Tech Package with Autopilot Ultra High Fidelity Sound Premium Interior and Lighting Rear Facing Seats Carbon Fiber Spoiler Smart Air...
  37. T

    Looking for 2013 CPO S60 under 40K

    Looking for a 2013 Model S60 with Rear facing seats/Tech Package under $40k with decent miles. Let me know if anyone is interested to sell. I'm on the east coast. Thanks!
  38. S

    Model S Rear Facing Seat Cooling

    So we are quickly approaching year 3 of Model S ownership and it's always been a goal to try and make the rear facing seats as comfortable/useful as possible even in the hot summers. One would think that Tesla does not care for the well-being of it's 3rd row passengers when you look at how...
  39. T

    Yet Another Cooling Solution for the Rear Facing Seats - Evapolar

    So I was scouring through all the information out there about cooling the kiddos in the rear-facing jump seats, even thinking of engineering something when I came across Evapolar... World's first personal air conditioner I'm not sure of it's effectiveness but I may give it a shot. It's...
  40. M

    Model S85D Pano, 3rd Row, rare Titanium color with 19" rims

    I am in Atlanta, Georgia. We have really enjoyed the car and need to sell it in order to move to a house in downtown Atlanta. It has no problems, no dings, no body scratches, and only one small scratch on the edge of one rim. It has the stock, 5-spoke 19" rims, always garaged, pano roof...
  41. M

    WTB Rear Facing Seats

    Looking to buy a used Telsa (that has the hardware necessary for installing rear facing seats). Please let me know if you have some that you would part with and what price. Thanks
  42. Sean Mitchell

    Looking for rear facing seat (jump seats) crash test safety data

    I'm doing some research on the safety of the rear facing jump seats that Tesla offers in their Model S and came across your work - well done. Surprisingly, I'm having a very, very difficult time finding any supporting data on the safety of the rear facing seat (jump seats). It doesn't appear...
  43. A

    2013 P85 - Black/Black - 51k Miles - Warranty until 2020

    Hello, I am putting some feelers out there since I am considering selling my car. I purchased it as a CPO in August 2016. I bought the car with 46,500 miles and I have since then put on about 6k miles. The total mileage is at 51k miles and I add about 20 a day. The car has warranty until...
  44. O

    2015 Model S Black 85D, 11k miles, $80k

    Model S 85D All-Wheel Drive Obsidian Black Metallic Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 19" Wheels Black Next Generation Seats Piano Black Décor Matching Yacht Floor Black Alcantara Headliner Supercharger Enabled Autopilot Convenience Features Premium Interior and Lighting Smart Air Suspension...
  45. B

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with 36k Miles for 66,000 (Brown)

    Model S P85+ in Littleton Colorado 36,000 Miles Includes Rear Facing Seats Sound Studio Package Tech Package Obeche Wood Matte Décor Grey Performance Interior All Glass Panoramic Roof Performance Plus Package Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brown Metallic Paint (Now Discontinued by Tesla)
  46. B

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with 36k Miles for 67,000 (Brown)

    Model S P85+ in Littleton Colorado 36,000 Miles Includes Rear Facing Seats Sound Studio Package Tech Package Obeche Wood Matte Décor Grey Performance Interior All Glass Panoramic Roof Performance Plus Package Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brown Metallic Paint (Now Discontinued by Tesla) Interior and...
  47. A

    2013 Blue Metallic TESLA Model S P85 42k miles Rear Facing Seats

    PRICE: 62K Location: Los Angeles, CA (San Fernando Valley) I prefer to sell to a local buyer For Sale: Loaded 85 Performance Model S with 42k miles. This is my daily driver so the mileage will change. Best car I ever drove and I drove a lot of cars. My family is growing so I have a Model X...
  48. H

    Rear facing child seats in 2nd Row

    I know a few people were curious to know how a rearfacing child carseat would fit in the second row of the Model X. I tried both of our convertible car seats and they both fit. We have a Clek Foonf as our main car seat and a Cosco Scenera NEXT as our travel car seat. The Clek took up much...
  49. F

    Te koop gezocht: 3e zitrij

    Hoi, redelijk nieuw hier alhoewel ik een tesla rijder ben van eerste uur... tweeling op komst (onverwachts uiteraard :crying:) Wie weet of verkoopt er een 3e zitrij voor mijn Model S P85?
  50. D

    Rear Facing Seats Installation/Removal Procedure

    I was wondering if anyone has a procedure to remove or install the Rear Facing Seats (RFS) in a Model S that is configured already for RFS? By request, we pulled out the seats of a friends car so he could use the additional storage space. We unscrewing the two bolts that anchor the bottom of...