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rear seats

  1. B

    How to get comfortable with 3 adults on the rear seat

    We travel with a family of five in our Model 3. There is enough room to fit 5 with luggage but I find it hard to find a comfortable position on the rear seat as it seems designed for two. If you sit on the outside your back is not supported evenly as you end up on the side support. In the middle...
  2. GedMelbAU

    Rear seat squeak - tucking in a blanket stops the squeak

    I have a 2020 Model 3. In the past couple of years the car has developed a squeak in the rear seat. I have discovered that if I put a blanket or towel between the seat cushion and the back cushion of the rear seat the squeak goes away. I think the issue is the seat material rubbing between...
  3. M

    Measurements of rear seats

    Hi guys We are currently driving a Model 3 LR. Since we expect our third child next spring we are currently looking for a new vehicle to make sure we have enough cargo space and can fit 3 childs on the rear seats. Since I primary use the car alone and only for holidays with all 3 kids and my...
  4. enolam

    Model 3 REAR SEAT air bags

    Can someone please explain what airbags the Model 3 has and how it may affect a dog in the back seat. When I first put her in... there was an image on my screen where I could "X out" or what I thought was turn off air bags? I can't figure out how to get back to that... I have no idea how to...
  5. U

    Model Y rear/second row seat depth

    Test drove the Y the other day but forgot to measure the rear/second row seat depth (side seats). Does anyone have the measurement? Wanted to make sure our child seat base fits on it, since we noticed the depth of the Model Y rear/second row seats were less than the Model 3 :)
  6. S

    Model 3 rear seat comfort for adults on long journey.

    Hi all was interested to gather some opinions as I'm currently looking at a model 3 but with only 30 minute test drive it's hard to gauge rear seat comfort. I would like to gauge if owners think that 4 adults approximately average build and height. Say 5,8 to 5,11 would be comfortable on a long...
  7. helvio

    Folding Seats / Bags on Backseats = Annoying Seatbelt Notification!

    I'm pretty sure this also applies to Model 3s, not sure about S/X. When you get that notification card saying there's someone not wearing the seat belt on the rear seats, especially when you fold the rear seats for a larger trunk or some object is on the seat, I just recently discovered you can...
  8. S

    Model 3 squeak rear seat

    My right had drive Model 3 squeaks when the car is on an uneven road or any situation that causes the chassis to flex. Annoying when you are on the phone with no other sound. The only way to stop the squeak is to undo the wide or 60 side of the 60/40 rear seat and leave it forward. You then...
  9. MrTemple

    Rear Seat Area Dimensions for Dog Car Conversion

    Hi there! I've got my MY on order, and I'm wondering about my dog-car conversion. I converted the back of my 2007 Outback, to a flat dog bed by filling the footwells with little benches, then putting some foam across to make a flat bed from door to door. Put a seat cover underneath to protect...
  10. D

    Swapping executive rear seats for bench style

    I bought a used 2015 Model S P85D with the Executive Rear seats and those seats don't really fit my needs. That is to say having 3 seats in the back is much more important than having 2 extra comfortable ones. Anyway I'm looking at this set of ebay items as it seems like everything I need to...
  11. M

    Trouble removing rear seat: missing lever

    I bought a nice set of seat covers, and I went to install it today. However, I can't seem to remove the rear seat! The lever on the driver's side was easy to find and release, but there was no equivalent lever on the passenger's side. It looks like the same white clip is there, but instead of...
  12. DeedWest

    2014 Model S 85 - Dolphin Gray - One Owner - 60K Miles - $32,000

    On behalf of a very close friend, I am facilitating the sale of this gorgeous, one-owner 2014 Model S. It has been family-owned, driven locally, and meticulously maintained by both Tesla and myself (thanks to our group Tesla car washing sessions). The owner has just taken delivery of a beautiful...
  13. D

    Model S Rear Seats - Flat Bench or Raised Middle?

    In my ongoing search for a used Tesla, I notice that in the later version (post Nov 17 I think) they changed the layout of the rear bench seat. Its moved from what I describe as a flat bench seat, to a more twin bucket with raised centre seat. So wondered from those who have / live with these...
  14. iwannam3

    Why, why no Wi-Fi?

    Why is Wi_Fi not enabled along with the rear seat heating? If the hardware exists why is it taking months to enable? The S and X have Wi-Fi I assume they are porting existing software to the 3. The CPU & OS was decided long ago and the rest of the car wasn't required before they started work...
  15. Model 3 Rear Child Seat Anchor Points

    Model 3 Rear Child Seat Anchor Points

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=73&v=6DS1zhV-In0 Frame grab from Tudor Melville video titles "First look at the Model 3 7/21/2017"
  16. Raindog1

    Sub Zero controls

    Does the MS or MX have the controls available to the rear passengers to control their heated seats? Or, is it up to the driver to adjust heat for the rear passengers? Just curious as I'm thinking of having this as an option. Thanks.