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rear view camera

  1. C

    Another Tesla design FIX, Rear view camera and rain

    So I got frustrated from the rain dripping on the rear view camera and decided to fix Tesla design, Arts and crafts came to mind so here we go... I had some molded plastic sitting around, those are some plastic beads that melts in boiling water which you can mold to your liking. I molded a top...
  2. B

    roadster 2010 rear view camera installation

    Hi everyone, I am the owner of the silly black spider themed Roadster 2010 in the Cayman Islands of all places and would love some advice from the community as to the installation of a rear view camera to be tied to an aftermarket fold up full touch screen 1 DIN radio replacement AND a full...
  3. I

    Rear view mirror constantly dirty

    My rear view camera is constantly getting dirty. It seems like any kind of rain or snow will cause dirty water spots to dry up on the lens causing a very suboptimal view. I am constantly getting out and wiping it with my thumb. Is the placement of the camera that bad or am I just unlucky? Any...
  4. N

    rear view camera not working

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and just got my new model 3 delivered about 3 weeks ago. So far I have been very happy with car with one exception : the rear view camera. I know there are a few posts on this forum and the now read-only Tesla one, but I don't see a lot of recent complaints...
  5. D

    Model 3 Hack: View the rear view camera while driving (and still keep the navigation in view)

    Here's a hack I came up with to be able to view the rear view camera while still keeping the nav screen in view on the Model 3. You can make a better version yourself very easily with stuff lying around the house
  6. Tam

    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Model S and X have rectangular lifting pads with 3 holes and they are located on the outer edge. Model 3 Jack Points look different (triangular with 1 hole?) and they are not located anywhere near the outer edge but rather more inward. Would anyone please take a picture because the drawing is...
  7. B

    Replacing rear view camera... need help

    Anybody know how to remove the camera from the tailgate? Do you need to get the chrome trim piece of also? I have removed all the screws but it is not loose so it needs to be pried of, but I want to know where I should put the force when getting it off.
  8. S

    2018 Model S - Rearview Camera Issue

    Hi All, I've been experiencing issues with my 2018 Model S 75D rearview camera over the past several months. Sometimes the camera will work fine for several days, than others, randomly the camera will just show as a blank black screen, then the next time I start the car, camera is back to...
  9. BearBu

    Video conversion board (for rearview camera) extension to Dashcam / DVR

    This conversion board is to tap the video signal from the rearview camera and then convert to the analog high definition (AHD) signal @720p30 for Dashcam / DVR application (something like blackvue)
  10. G

    Rear view camera bug - please be aware

    I usually have the rear-view camera constantly running on the upper half of my screen and use it as my main rear view display while driving since the actual rear view mirror has pretty obstructed view. Love the wide-angle view from the camera and how it picks up the blind spots well. Couple...
  11. 787steve

    Is rear view camera adjustable?

    When my Model S was delivered last fall, the rear view camera seemed properly aligned. But recently I have noticed that when backing into a parking spot with camera looking square to curb, I get out to find car is not squarely in the space. The front driver's side corner is much closer to...
  12. 787steve

    Traffic Cone symbol?

    Newbie question. What brings up the traffic cone symbol in top left corner of rear view camera display? I'm guessing the parking sensors are sensing picking up something but it isn't close enough to give range. Tapping it brings up overhead car display , but it doesn't show any sensing clouds
  13. volkerbradley

    Rain on rear view camera

    Has anyone solved the problem of obscured vision when there is rain on the rear view camera?