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  1. R

    Rear windscreen gap

    I just noticed that I have a gap in the rear windscreen on the left side of the car. I attached the left side vs the right side(No gap). Is this normal? Should I schedule a service? Is this covered under warranty?
  2. Ostrichsak

    **SOLD** Tesla Model S Rear Cup Holder EVamped Carbon Fiber Ludicrous Version

    Like new rear center console cup holder for 2012-2020 Tesla Model S cars. This is a rare carbon fiber version they made briefly. The base version of this is $450 new (see image) and this was limited time run and no longer available that was $500 plus tax/shipping. Total paid for this was close...
  3. D

    Water leak at chrome trim above rear door

    I’ve a water leak on my MS 2016 that I’ve not seen on the forum. I get a large water ingress during rain in the area of the chrome trim above the rear right door. It’s not the window/seals because if I tape off the top of the chrome trim and dump water on the car I don’t get any water leaking...
  4. B

    FS Model Y Performance OEM Rear Spoiler

    MYP OEM Spoiler for sale. Took out from 2022 MYP @ ~ 100miles No Scratch in Like New condition All you need is double side automotive 3M tape Asking $300 in person pickup in TX DFW area.
  5. D

    2013 Model S 85 quick clicking from rear when put in drive and reverse

    2013 Tesla Model S 85 with 45,740 miles. Drive unit was replaced under manufacturers warranty October 2021. It started making this noise last night when I was backing into my driveway, I heard a loud thud as i started up the hill so I got out to check and make sure I didn't hit something and...
  6. C

    Rear driver side door not opening

    Hi guys - This week the rear driver side door on our MY developed an issue. 3 out of 4 times it does not open from the outside anymore. It still opens every time with the inside button. It is very cold (down to -10F at night) here right now and the car is parked outside but non of the other...
  7. heytae

    Viability of rotating MX tires/wheels after this easy hack/mod?

    If there is enough interest in this mod/hack, I'll investigate its viability sooner than later. I'd like to solve the mystery once and for all, so that I, as well as others, know whether the MX wheels/tires can be rotated successfully via this method or not. I posted the following in another...
  8. U

    Model 3 Black Gen 2 Seats (Front, Passenger & Rear) - $800

    Selling Tesla Model 3 Gen 2 black leather seats. coming off of vehicle with 15k miles. Asking for $800 for all.
  9. BennyMountfort

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    How many of you have accidentally done something stupid to your pride and joy? Would love to see to make me feel better. Today I 'bumped' my laptop on the glass near the boot and because this glass is so stressed I now have to replace the whole panel! Anyway show me yours!! IMG_5869 by...
  10. T

    Backing up protection

    Does tesla provide a feature i can turn on to prevent backing up collision protection? I cant find anything that talks about that after searching and searching. this morning i backed into a car as i pulled out of my drive way. There was no beep or alert whatsoever. Completely my fault. Im...
  11. C

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

    I have a gloss carbon fiber rear spoiler for sale that fits all Model 3 vehicles. $350 shipped in the US (lower 48 states) or $300 if picked up locally in either Kings Mountain, NC 28086 or Charlotte, NC 28206. I purchased two of these thinking that I would paint one to match the color of my...
  12. P

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    hi friends, yesterday i was just waiting (stopped) on the highway to exit onto a ramp, and this van hits me at i don't know... 40-60mph? you can see in the attached pic the damage the van suffered during the crash my car suffered some damage, maybe 6inches of dent in the back? (pretty big area...
  13. D

    WARP... but not drive

    The journey into model 3 corks and failures continue. This time it's the rear window. GLASS WARPS WHEN DEFROSTER IS ON AROUND THE LOCATION OF WIRES during negative temps outside. The view gets pretty distorted... doubled/tripled... Wow Tesla, great way to cut corners! No wonder people report...
  14. sniperside

    New Tesla Model S 3rd Row trunk mat for Rear Facing Jumper Seat (RFS)

    I bought a rear Tesla cargo mat when i purchase my new model S. It also came with this mat that is used for model S tesla with the rear 3rd row rear facing jumper seat. Located in Raleigh, NC Tesla sells for $70 + tax Footwell 3rd row trunk Model S All-Weather 3rd Row Footwell $50 shipped
  15. BromerS90D

    FS - Tesla Rear Console: Black & Obeche Gloss

    OEM rear console in perfect condition. Includes original box. $425 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego.
  16. N

    Rear Wheel Well Liner

    Anyone have the same issue i have here (my model 3 that i have just gotten delivery of less then 2 weeks ago), i just noticed the liner on the driver side rear toward the bumpers sonar sensor isn't lined up. It's exposed like the liner was bad. The passenger side is perfect and covers the...
  17. tiltmode43

    Is There a Definitive Answer? 20" Sport Wheel Includes Rear Upper Fore Links / Control Arms

    As you may already know, the 20" Sport wheel option seen here -> Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package includes the following: 4 x 20X8.5J Sport wheels 4 x 235/35/20 – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x Tesla logo Sport wheel center caps 2 x rear upper fore links I...
  18. ForeverFree

    Model S Rear Hatch Sunshade -- Like New, $55 OBO

    $90 new in Tesla Store. Please reply or PM if interested.
  19. J

    How the heck do you fold the Model X rear sunscreen?

    I got it open, and installed it. It just cuts off too much visibility out the back - I'd rather put up with the bright light and heat, and be able to see. So I want to put the screen back into its carrier bag - what's the secret?
  20. S

    Saw this mod today and did initial double take

    Driving through a parking lot this morning and always looking for Teslas parked or on the road. Kind of like to get a feel for how many of each model I see out there in my area. Did a double take on this one.
  21. R

    P85 19" wheel width and max tire width?

    Anyone know how wide the wheels are on a 2013 P85 19" stock wheel? What is the widest tire I can install for the rears? I currently have 255/45 tires which fit, but I'm considering putting some 265/45 tires on the rear for better traction. Still getting some slip with max acceleration from full...
  22. JohnnyG

    21" Grey Turbine (21x9)

    I'm in need of one 21x9 grey turbine. That's one of the rear wheels on a staggered setup. I would consider a pair, a full set, or even an odd number set for the right price. I don't need tires or TPMS sensors, however I would consider a complete setup, again for the right price.
  23. Raincloud

    Orientation for rear Blackvue dash camera

    Just wondering if someone can give feedback on the rear dash camera. My install, for rear view camera, on the Blackvue app shows the left image as right and the right as left. In other words, it is exact opposite of what Tesla rearview camera shows. Before I take this up with the installer, I...
  24. B

    Sealant seepage on rear of car?

    I have just noticed some black stuff in the gap above the chrome plastic on the rear of the car in the gap between the plastic and the painted trunk. The car is about 10 months old and this just appeared. At first I thought I had picked up some dirt but the stuff is really tough like a sealant...
  25. Hubris

    New Rear Brake Calipers For non-Performance Model S and X

    New Model S and X are now being delivered with a different rear brake setup for non performance cars. (60/75/90kW cars) Performance trim cars retain the previous design. Highlights Single Piston rear brake caliper now replacing 4 piston rear caliper for non performance models Integrated...
  26. SharonB

    Back Up Camera Foggy

    My backup camera is all foggy. I had my car professionally detailed last week and I think that's when it started....I thought it needed to be cleaned and nope, something is definitely wrong inside the camera.....it's foggy inside and now the picture is really bad. This isn't good as my car is...
  27. ken830

    I Made a Video Demo of Folding and Unfolding of the Rear Facing Child Seats

    Before deciding on the seats, we had to see it in person. Some people may not have access to a Model S with the seats, so a video demo is helpful. Tesla recently posted a CG version to illustrate the folding/unfolding, but I think a live video gives buyers a better feel. And since I couldn't...
  28. NotMandatory

    Removing/Installing the Rear License Plate

    I thought I would post this since I hadn't seen anything covering it for others. When our MS 85 arrived (mid-May 2013), we didn't have plates yet (since we ordered new custom plates). As a result, we had the nifty "TESLA" placard mounted in the rear plasti/chrome Tesla license plate cover. So...
  29. D

    Updated - Interior Lighting

    There have been a number of rumors about it so I emailed my wonderful rep with questions about a couple changes in the Specs page since March. There is now no longer any mention of rear seat LED reading lights or LED illuminated mirrors on the sun visors. Here is his response in its entirety...

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