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  1. E

    Rear Ended Damage. Is it totaled?

    I got rear ended a couple days ago, how does the damage look? How much do you think it will be? or will it be totaled?
  2. M

    Is my 2022 Model Y totaled?

    Hey guys, My 2022 Model Y go read-ended yesterday. It is about 1 year old with 15k miles. Immediately after the crash, it gave me many warning signs and I couldn’t even drive it off to the side of the road because the car wouldn’t let me. Then it shut off about 15 mins later even though I had...
  3. R

    My 2018 model 3 got rear ended today - car won't go into drive

    My car got rear ended today on the highway. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But my car got really rattled - besides the damage to the back. It refused to switch to "Drive" and by the time it was towed away, it's battery (the 12V one) was dead. It doesn't turn on at all now. I've scheduled an...
  4. K

    Our Model Y got rear-ended.

    Got bumped by a distracted driver yesterday and the tailgate is dented. :( Looks like the rear bumper is also dislodged and/or broke the clips as well. See photos below. Will this be an easy fix(PDR) or does it require replacing the tailgate and bumper? The other party has GEICO and will be...
  5. T

    Backing up protection

    Does tesla provide a feature i can turn on to prevent backing up collision protection? I cant find anything that talks about that after searching and searching. this morning i backed into a car as i pulled out of my drive way. There was no beep or alert whatsoever. Completely my fault. Im...
  6. N

    Tesla got rear ended, still driveable

    I was stopped in traffic behind a line of cars waiting for the car in front to make a left turn. All of a sudden BOOM. The rear bumper flew right off and landed on top of the vehicle that hit me, which was this one: Yep, that's right. A squad car complete with steel cattle pusher thing...