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rearview camera

  1. BZM3

    Rearview Camera Framerate Issues

    Just took delivery of my SR+ M3 about a week ago. I have noticed that the rear view camera image has terrible frame rate. so much to the point that it is difficult to backup with full confidence i wont back into a wall or something becuase the image is freezing. Anyone else having a similar...
  2. D

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    I like to keep the rear view camera always on the top half of my screen when driving. It seems like this is no longer allowed with v9.0. I can’t seem to get anything but the map on the top portion of the screen. Has anyone figured out to have something other than the map on the upper...
  3. WindyCity

    Caution: Backup Warning System Imperfect, Hood Design Creates Optical Illusion

    Hi. I took possession of my P85D at the end of January. I've already scraped it three times while parking, despite moving slowly and being extra careful. Here's how it happened. I was relying on two occasions on the rearview camera and the sonar and radar alert system. These normally work...