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  1. G

    About to buy my first Tesla. What shoud I look out for?

    It looks like I might be buying my first Tesla before the end of the year. My wife and I are interested in a new long-range Model Y to replace her Mazda CX-5. I wanted to ask you guys if there's anyting I need to look out for during the ordering/purchasing process. I'm already making plans...
  2. Tony_YYZ

    Model Y RWD now available. RWD+AWD now eligible for iZEV Rebate

    Just wanted to bring some attention to this new change in the Model Y offering. Tesla Canada is now offering a RWD option with 394kms of advertised range and a 0-100km/h of 6.9s. Both that new RWD variant and the LR AWD are now eligible for the federal iZEV incentive. The RWD option is only...
  3. M

    CVRP Y & 3 are eligible once again ( if you ordered after the 12th of Jan 2023 )

    As the title states, as of yesterday the CVRP has once again made the Tesla Model Y & 3 eligible for the California rebate for $2,000 https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/en/eligible-vehicles Sorry if repost, I didnt see it anywhere.
  4. C

    December proposed delivery date - any reason to delay delivery?

    We have a December expected delivery date for our Model Y 7 Seater, after we placed the reservation in the end of March. We are above the 300K AGI. Is there any tax benefit/credit/rebate or other benefit to delaying until Jan 2023? Would the car itself be any different if received in 2022 vs...
  5. pssturges

    Applying for NSW EV rebate

    Hi, Probably overthinking this or something. Picked up my M3RWD the other day so now applying for the $3000 NSW EV rebate. The process seems mostly pretty simple until it asks for “Copy of the proof of registration entitlement”. I’ve already provided rego papers at an earlier question, so...
  6. P

    Illinois rebate program

    Anyone submit their application for the 4k rebate in Illinois? What documentation did you use? I believe it requires: Copy of purchase agreement Proof of purchase Illinois vehicle registration W-9 I think the MVPA pages on vehicle configuration and final price sheet satisfy 1 and 2. Not...
  7. F

    2022 Models - VIN not found for CA clean rebate program

    Is anyone having issues trying to apply for the clean rebate program in California? My VIN still says not found under their website, neither on KBB, I checked with an auto shop, and the VIN doesn’t show up either because it’s too new. The systems haven’t updated. It’s almost 2022 though and...
  8. J

    Illinois Green Energy Bill - $4,000 Rebate - Good/Bad News

    It looks like Gov JB should sign the new Illinois Green Energy Bill. I looked over the couple pages about EV rebates and noticed a few things. Full Bill Text Download: https://ilga.gov/legislation/102/SB/10200SB2408lv.htm 1. The $4,000 rebate applies to vehicles sold after July 1, 2022...
  9. D

    CA rebate - maxed out!

    So I had no idea you can only get 2 rebates for the CA rebate since 2019...I got a model x and clarity, now when I try to apply for another one, it told me I am maxed out.... any idea if its too late to add my wife onto the car / loan? I just took the car on Thursday. thanks.
  10. Y_tho

    Maryland EVSE tax credit: funded again

    Just an FYI for those in Maryland purchasing a home charger: the Maryland 40% rebate has been funded again, as of July 8, 2020. The amount is 40% of the cost of charger + installation, capped at $700. I applied on Aug 6, and just received my approval notice ($700) today. More details...
  11. C

    Car Registration

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and my first post here. I've ordered model-y and due to income eligibility I don't seem to qualify for California CVRP rebate. Wondering whether it's ok to do registration on my friend's name who qualifies for CVRP rebate - $2500. 1. Will there be any...
  12. J

    NJ EV Vehicle Rebate Budget Cut

    Saw this news break on Friday. Have a Model 3 ordered currently, hoping to receive in the next week or two. Wondering if I will still be able to receive rebate (cuts begin in 2021 FY, or effective immediately? NJ Planned to Help People Buy Electric Cars With a $5,000 Rebate. Now, Not So Much |...
  13. t0ddly

    Consumers Energy (Michigan) cellular diagnostic connector rebate offer.

    Hi All I have a Tesla wall charger for my Model 3 that does not qualify for a utility rebate due to the fact that the utility cannot talk to it. Consumers sent me an alternative offer that hooks a module - FleetCarma C2 to the diagnostic connector. Install video if interested This would...
  14. C141medic

    Big news for NJ buyers

    This is phenomenal if you live in NJ and purchase a Tesla. Not only does NJ not charge sales tax for EV’s, they’re now offering up to a 5K rebate of $25 for each mile of range up to a maximum of 5K. With $5,000 rebate and tax exemption, New Jersey poised to become electric vehicle leader
  15. C

    BC hydro EV charger rebate

    Does anyone know if the Tesla HPWC qualifies for the bc hydro ev charger incentive? EV Charger Rebate for B.C. Homes | BC Hydro Wondering if anyone has taken advantage of this yet.
  16. jaffy23`

    CT rebate - upcoming changes to CHEAPR

    Some big changes coming to the CHEAPR rebate program on Oct 15th. Time to get your order in! Drop to $1500 (from $2000) BEVs that can do 200 miles Eligible MSRP reduction to $42k (so no more LR AWD). DEEP: CHEAPR - FAQ
  17. M

    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    Check out this new program started today! You can get $700 towards your residential EV Charger Installation. www.bchydro.com/evcharger Province is offering $350 and BC Hydro is matching the rebate for a limited time for a total of $700. Incentives for multi-unit residential are also available.
  18. tbwnm

    Optimizing CVRP and Federal Tax Credit and other rebates available in California

    I intend to purchase a new Model 3 for our daughter and would appreciate guidance on the optimum scenario to take advantage of the above. Given her current income bracket, she would be eligible for the $2,500 CVRP (in addition to $2,000 low income CVRP). However, I would be able to benefit from...
  19. Gwgan

    Maine EV rebate

    $2.5M from VW settlement can now be spent on EV purchases in Maine. $2000 for the private buyer, more for special groups. Only 240 mile range Model 3 qualifies among the Teslas. (wish they included dual-motor but RWD is fine for most). A form must be filed within 30 days of purchase to get the...
  20. S

    Rebate False Information by Tesla Reps (Sales, Finance and Delivery)

    Hi, I recently leased a Tesla Model 3 for 24 months lease term. Before going for 24 months lease, whoever I spoke at Tesla told, 24 months lease is eligible for CA State Rebate. Based on the confidence with which Tesla Reps spoke, I didn't even bothered to verify it. Last Sunday, I started...
  21. Silvwarrior

    MidAmerican Energy Iowa $500 rebate

    MidAmerican Energy looks to have a new rebate for electric vehicles in Iowa. Electric Vehicle Rebate $500 rebate if you buy till the end of the year.
  22. B

    NYS Rebate for non-residents

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a M3 AWD soon and was wondering if anyone had experience taking delivery of a M3 in NY while registering it in a different state, mainly curious about the EV rebate of 2k and whether its applied at purchase for non-NY residents or not? If anyone has any...
  23. O

    Tax Credit for the customer or Tesla?

    Guys I'm confused. I thought Elon said the price of the car wouldn't change with or without a tax credit. As far a I can see, anyone who listened to that got taken for a ride and had to pay extra taxes, insurance, registration. I bought a Mid range in Dec and since that time. It worth about 60...
  24. T

    Federal Electric Car Rebate And Colour Choice

    For the Model 3 Standard Plus the price shows as $54,900. With the limit on the EV credit being $55,000, would any colour choice other than black put the car over the $55,000 limit and not eligible for the rebate?
  25. MtlDan

    Any other CDN SR+ purchasers post-budget and pre-surprise $5K rebate? (March 19 - April 30)

    Anyone negotiate a pre $5K rebate discount or upgrade from Tesla to not delay purchase, or a post sales compensation of some kind? Seems latter is very rare. I didn't see the May 1st rebate coming and guess I should have. My story is that on March 23rd a Tesla sales staff member told me...
  26. C

    SCAQMD Residential Charger Rebate $250

    I think this is for California residents only, not sure, but you may have something similar in your state. Wondering if anyone recently had successfully claimed the $250 cash incentive for installing a Level 2 charging station at home? I just saw this at the AQMD website and it looks like...
  27. friday80s

    PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate Check Bounced

    The $800 Clean Fuel Rebate I cashed the other day for my Model 3 was returned for reason "Refer to Maker". I guess I'm not surprised as they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection however my bank is charging me $12 for the returned check. I wish PG&E would have informed me they wouldn't be...
  28. V

    Chargerpoint Charger qualifies for a rebate?

    Hi, I am considering buying a Chargepoint charger. My company Southern California Edison offers a rebate up to $1,500 on installation of a Level II Charger but a separate meter needs to be installed as well and this cost is covered by a rebate as well. What is not covered is the cost of the...
  29. lukex4

    Federal EV incentive announced soon?

    An article from La Presse (in French) (Google translate) states that Ottawa wants to offer a financial help for EV buyers. An announcement should be coming soon told Catherine McKenna at the Montreal Electric Vehicule Show. No detail yet on what exactly that means: is it a rebate, a tax...
  30. L

    PGE Rebate increasing to $800 from Jan 1st 2019

    It seems the PGE electric vehicle rebate is increasing from $500 to $800 on Jan 1st 2019. I just logged in to start the process for my 3 and the site very conveniently tells you that they recommend to you wait until Jan 1st otherwise you'll get the $500. Well that helps offset a little of the...
  31. A

    California rebate $2,500 + HOV sticker: Link to most recent CA law?

    Can you fine folks help me understand what is the most current law for CRVP + HOV combined? Link 1: Terms and Conditions (site: Cleanvehiclerebate.org)- the limits are $150,000 for single filers, $204,000 for head-of-household filers, or $300,000 for joint filers Link 2: Bill Text - AB-1964...
  32. L

    Order placed, wait to register?

    Hey everyone, Just received the configuration invite and placed my order yesterday. Exciting times. Had a question for you fine folk. My situation is that I'm buying the car to share with a friend. I'm resident in Quebec and my friend is resident in Ontario. Both provinces have a rebate...
  33. Pkmmte

    Tesla Wall Connector - LADWP Rebate Without Installation?

    The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has an EVSE rebate in which they reimburse up to $500 of the equipment cost. This rebate is supposedly expiring at the end of this month. Now, I'm currently living in an apartment so I can't install it there. However, every few weeks, I let my...
  34. N

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Hi all, Like others in Ontario, I'm hoping to co-ordinate my Model 3 purchase to take maximum advantage of all four Ontario EV incentives (i.e. rebate for vehicle, rebate for charger and installation, no PST/GST and free home charging for four years. The window for this may be narrow as some...
  35. Tony_YYZ

    CEV for BC list updated to include Model 3 LR. $5k rebate

  36. singleview

    What's the deal with the state/federal incentives?

    Hi folks. Got my Model S a bit over a year ago. I believe we are eligible for $7,500 income tax credit (federal) as well as $1,750 (PA State rebate, first 250 applicants). I submitted these when I filed my taxes last year. I did get the $1,750 from the PA State, but have not heard back at all...
  37. e-FTW

    Kerbal Space Program is on sale (-40%) for two more days on Steam

    Figured this audience might want to know this, if not already running KSP. Feel free to punt to Off Topic. Am definitely jumping on this. 40% is nothing to sneeze at, and this is on the Steam store, not some random third-party site. I've never run Steam, so wonder how well it will run on macOS...
  38. J

    Oregon EV Tax Rebate

    I'm hoping someone here might have some knowledge about this. Oregon just signed into law a transportation bill that includes a tax rebate for electric vehicles effective the beginning of the year, 2018. The rebate is up to $2,500. I'm trying to find out in what scenarios this new rebate can be...
  39. KBurbridge14

    Business purchase and the $7500 FEDERAL tax credit

    (Please only reply if you can speak with authority, or personal experience, on this topic. Thank you.) My business purchased an X in September of 2016. The vehicle is in the business's name and qualifies for the Hummer Deduction--so on that issue I'm good. I've looked at IRS form 8936 in an...
  40. Trev Page

    MTO Discussion Paper on Electric Vehicle Incentive Initiatives under the Climate Change Action Plan

    This just popped up. Ken and I were discussion it during our show recording today but Ontarians should consult this and send in their feedback ASAP before it expires November 14 2016!!! Let's keep the rebates going and keep them fair...
  41. F

    Conundrum: Ontario's Electric vehicle charging incentive program

    The Ministry is providing up to $1,000 in rebates to install a charger in your home. This is great for so many reasons, and the process of filling out the forms seems simple enough. Kudos Canada. The catch is you actually have to have already purchased an EV to apply for the Charging Incentive...
  42. F

    Could Tesla do this?

    In order to maximize rebates, could Tesla at the 5 month mark after hitting their 200,000th car, give all remaining M3 owners an option to finance the car (through them or otherwise) prior to taking delivery? We would configure the car and technically 'buy' it prior to the 6 month period so...
  43. F

    EV Charging Incentive Program

    Ontario is showing its support for electric vehicles (EVs) by offering up to $1,000 to help you purchase and install charging stations for home or business use. Find out whether you're eligible and how to apply for a rebate. Worth a look at Electric vehicle charging incentive program
  44. iKhalid

    Suggestion for Hydro Companies (This might benefit you)

    Hello Canadians, I sent Hydro Ottawa a message using their contact form. Basically I was suggesting to have a rebate program for EV owners similar to what they are currently offering for new homes for their efficient appliances. I mentioned that electric vehicles are normally charged during...