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  1. Nmtdriver

    Inflation Reduction Act - Tax Rebates on Home Upgrades

    I'm trying to figure out what kind of tax breaks come with this bill for folks like us. I'm going to have to update this as we learn more... I think this is the best summary: The Electric Explainer: Key programs in the Inflation Reduction Act and what they mean for Americans Some key points...
  2. J

    Va rebates?

    So i just ordered a MY. This is my first EV. Does VA offer an type of rebates or incentives for buying EV? Just don’t want to miss out on anything. Thabks
  3. C

    Car Registration

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and my first post here. I've ordered model-y and due to income eligibility I don't seem to qualify for California CVRP rebate. Wondering whether it's ok to do registration on my friend's name who qualifies for CVRP rebate - $2500. 1. Will there be any...
  4. K

    Do the CPO cars on, specifically model 3, go on sale

    They have a bunch of SR+ cars on their website. It's cheaper to buy a new one because of the rebates, not to mention you get a new car Im wondering at the end of the quarter if they discount these?
  5. T

    Charger installation rebate still available?

    Sorry if this is somewhere else already but does anyone know if the charger installation rebate is still available? I live in Toronto. I couldn't find an updated thread for this and I know some rebates were clawed back in 2019. I'm trying to decide if it's worth putting in the full out wall...
  6. B

    BC EV Charger Program

    First post - new Model 3 owner living in Vancouver, BC. For those in BC you may be aware of the recently announced government / BC hydro rebate programe for installing a L2 charger. Tesla was not an approved charging station - I followed up on this and just received the following reply: Thank...
  7. E

    Car maker cheats on emissions, car maker pays the price, people still single out Tesla

    Are Electric Cars Only for the Rich? Sacramento Is Challenging That Notion To be totally fair, I see some of the points made in the article (and fully support its broader inclusive spirit). However, my point is that Tesla is not the only one making cars at the said price points, considering...
  8. S

    California rebate eligibility (tax help question)

    Hello folks. I finally took the plunge and got myself a Model 3, it arrived before Christmas and the CA licence plate have been issued. Now i'm looking at applying for rebates. For eligibility, the California rebate guideline stated: (Income Eligibility) "On IRS Form 1040: Sum of lines...
  9. M

    New York State Rebate

    Hey, if you live in NY State and have taken delivery on a Model 3, can you share your experience with the NY Rebate? I received an invitation to configure last week and eagerly started the process, but when I got to the pricing summary it was only showing a $500 rebate. According to the...
  10. LineofSight

    JEA now offering a $1000 incentive for plug-in electric vehicle purchases

    For any of you JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) customers in north Florida, JEA is now offering a rebate on plug-in electric vehicles. It is $1000 for cars with a battery of 15kw or higher...