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  1. B

    Tesla model 3 loud Sound when rebooting

    So i just rebooted ny model 3 2020 for the firet time today by holden the 2 buttons on the stearing wheel But when it booted back up it made a VERY loud Sound like a rock hitting the car og something Is this normal? I was thinking it could be a relay to the HV battery or something
  2. M

    Rebooting issues with 2023.44.30?

    My 2023 3 Performance has been a reliable car... until recently... I believe I had a total of 1 black-screen in the almost 2 years of owning the car... Until now... First indication something something might be wrong was when I got into my car after work and the screen stayed black. I had to...
  3. 1

    Screen Rebooting - Black Screen with high pitched noise - Again and Again

    It happens when we slow down in traffic/come to a stop. Multiple times a day. Started 3 weeks ago. Today on the interstate with heavy traffic came to a standstill and had to reboot. Totally black screen with a deep drone sound. High pitched sound happens half the time, other times it is just...
  4. T

    2022 Model X - glitchy system

    Yesterday, for no particular reason I had both front screens go black - car has been stable since I've received it last year. I had left the car running the a/c on Dog Mode for about 5 minutes before returning (which I've done many times before). It took roughly 5 minutes to get the car to...
  5. D

    Frequency of reboot

    I have a 2017 Tesla MS 75D. I upgraded to the MCU2 about a year ago. It works much faster than the MCU1, particularly with navigation, and overall the performance is less glitchy. But, I still find that I have to reboot my MCU2, perhaps once every 2 weeks, for various reasons: 1) The center...
  6. lorentzd

    While driving: a system reboot occurred

    I see that other Tesla owners have encountered a reboot while driving. This reboot… my first, occurred yesterday afternoon while I was getting off of NJ route 47 south. What I found was interesting to me… the Model Y retained complete control over driving/steering and braking functionality. The...
  7. Scotty7

    Software downloads bugged - update notifications disappear when on wifi

    I've had a software update pending to 2021.24.4 since getting my Model 3 back from the service centre a week ago. It asks me to get on Wifi to download it. As soon as I get on wifi, all the relevant prompts to download it disappear and the car says I'm already up to date (it's the same behaviour...
  8. Fernand

    Model 3 No longer powers down to reboot?

    I used to do a full reboot after some upgrades by putting my phone in airplane mode, and sitting calmly in the car after tapping "power off" on-screen. You could hear mirrors fold, everything gradually power off, then contactors clunk release after about 2 minutes. After waiting another minute...
  9. B

    Unknown characters in Google Map address causing Tesla to crash infinitely (WARNING: don't try this)

    WARNING: This may put your car in infinite crash->reboot cycle and requires a factory reset. Proceed at your own risk. If Tesla can not display certain characters (perhaps due to font not available) it will crash. This happens in Google Map navigation as well as contact names in the Phonebook...
  10. marlonetorres

    Don't know what else to do, frozen screen, unresponsive scroll wheels

    Just bought a used 2017 Model X. Everything was fine for a couple days until the screen froze up. Tried rebooting with the scroll wheels but those no longer work as well and the horn stopped working. To make it worse, since its still in the process of being registered in my name which DMV says...
  11. MX75D

    MCU2 Upgrade - Backgammon not working

    I know this is trivial compared to almost any other issue, but when charging I would always play Backgammon. Earlier this year I had my HW3 and MCU2 upgrade completed and other issues aside that were fixed, my Backgammon doesn't work. When I select the game and press the button to play, the...
  12. David29

    Instrument cluster failing to start on 2015 Model S

    In the past week or so, i have had 3 instances in which I have gotten into the car to find the instrument cluster off, and it does not seem to start. With the Coronavirus restrictions, I have not been using the car every day, so that may be a factor. But I don't recall a case in the past when...
  13. mrfra62

    Schermen lopen vast gevolgd door spontane reboot

    Toen ik van wintersport terugkwam deed zich het volgende voor. Terwijl ik ca 130 reed op de Duitse autobahn zijn op verschillende tijdstippen beide schermen vastgelopen (geen reactie meer op aanraken touchscreen en screen voor bestuurder geen veranderende snelheid of lijnen van autopilot die in...
  14. D

    Hard reboot erases keys?

    When pressing both scroll wheels and break car does a hard reboot. Does it remove the existing key cards?
  15. DucaTinus

    Geeft jullie ZAPPI v2 bij laden van model 3 ook storingen?

    ZAPPI V2 en Tesla Model 3 laden: Wie heeft ook een zappi 2 icm een tesla model 3 en heeft geen last van deze storingen Ik heb nu een maand de zappi 2. 1e zappi V2 is omgeruild omdat er een storing in zat. Zag er ook uit als een showroom model maar dat terzijde. Mijn 2e ZAPPI was wel nieuw...
  16. pacman65

    How often do you reboot ?

    Just wondering how often people are needing to reboot. So far ( 1 month, 3000 miles) I've needed it twice. Both times on Version: 2019.32.2.2 1) Total sound failure. Ernie went completely quiet on me. No noise when indicating, no radio. Pulled over, gave the two finger salute...
  17. S

    New Tesla Model 3 -keeps rebooting screen

    Hello everyone I am new to the Tesla family and loved it first few days! however on the 5th day or so I noticed the screen kept rebooting (with screen going black and reappearing with the Tesla logo). tried restarting it but no luck on fixing the issue. I noticed it happening more when...
  18. MountainPass

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  19. L

    Screen reboot in loop, lemon?

    My car was delivered end of May 2018, touch screen rebooted the second day when I was driving. Ever since then, it reboot itself randomly on daily basis. Last August went to SC and the lead technician told me it's well known software issue, next firmware update would fix it. it did so for a...
  20. S

    Had a SR+ for 7 days, returned it!

    Yup, I had a SR+ for 7 days, and just returned it. Ok here’s the story (signed up just to post this): Ordered a black on black SR+ a week ago and took delivery last Friday Delivery wasn’t super smooth: was told to show up a Burbank at 11am, did the orientation with 7 other M3 owners and...
  21. F

    When scheduled charging keeps you from charging...

    Hello all, new here, and this is my first thread post. We got out CPO- MS85 about 4 weeks ago, and my wife loves it, as it is her daily commuter to help make her 50-mile one-way trek more bearable (HOV plate). Anyway, 2 weeks ago I was goingge in the car from a spring training game and the...
  22. Eevee

    Lost Connectivity

    Last weekend I seemed to have lost internet connectivity in my Model S. I have not tried to reboot yet (I forget how to do it). What could cause this?
  23. M

    Model S Reboot Loop?

    Hey folks, I have a new (~2k miles, but older firmware) Model S 75D loaner right now that seems to be stuck in an MCU reboot loop - the screen comes on for about long enough to load the maps (maybe 4-5 seconds), then goes black, kills audio/climate/etc, I see Tesla logo, then the screen loads...
  24. markn455

    MCU on Mid 2014 MS Replaced

    The MCU on my mid 2014 had to be replaced. It all started with the screen going black. The first couple of times a reboot resolved the issue. After about the 3rd time of this, the MCU would no longer reboot. No, AC, or control of anything. The app could not access the car either. The SC said...
  25. arubinst

    Reboot loop

    I've had my X100D for 5 days. Since then, I have rebooted the car 4 times. Three of those 4, the car went into a loop where the IC screen would flash the Tesla logo and then come up for maybe 5 seconds and then reboot again. The MCU remained black the whole time. I made a small video today...
  26. C

    Main screen need reboot everytime

    My Model X updated the firmware last week, and from that moment, everytime when I start the car I have to push the two buttons to reboot the main screen, EVERYTIME, no except. does anyone has the same problem?
  27. A

    Screen replaced...new one reboots at least once a day

    Had my screen replaced a couple weeks ago (Yellow banding) and now the center screen reboots at least once a day (Goes dark, logo show up a minute later and it reboots). Driver display is unaffected. they said they replaced the MCU AND the screen but im pretty sure the service advisor had no...
  28. Padelford

    Heard at the Service Center . . .

    I had experienced MCU reboot problems during our recent 5600 mile trip to Ohio and back, and the service center told me the following tips that I'd not heard before: * Don't let the trip odometers go above 2000 miles, since the software uses these values to calculate performance parameters...
  29. O

    Tesla MS will not respond to any reboot sequence

    My three week old Tesla MS will not respond to any reboot sequence. I tried the following: 1. Hold down both scroll wheels for 15 seconds and longer 2. Hold down buttons above scroll wheels for 15 seconds and longer 3. Hold brake pedal down and repeat 1. and 2. 4. Hold brake pedal down and...
  30. RobertSeattle

    How common is a unexpected reboot of the touchscreen?

    (I am brand New X owner.) Put in a destination for Navigation. Started driving but when I look down the touchscreen was black. (Everything else worked fine.) About a minute later the display came back to exactly where it was before. Just curious about how common this is.
  31. Discoducky

    Homelink locks 17" and reboots when arriving back at home

    This has happened 3 times and I'm wondering if others have experienced it. Expected: Upon arriving home, homelink opens the garage door based on GPS Issue: Sometimes, upon arriving home, homelink shows grey (instead of green) and does NOT do the proximity countdown. Then the 17" locks and...
  32. Skotty

    How To Reboot Screens

    I know this has been covered many times before, but it's scattered across random threads and is actually really hard to find. I spent some time searching, looking through the wiki posts, and a few other places, and actually haven't found a proper hit yet. So assuming I'm not just missing...
  33. M

    Pickup and Hiccups - Anyone else had these issues?

    I just got my new Model S85 on 9/11/14 (two weeks late due to the factory shut down) and there still seem to be issues with the quality control. I drove the car 18 miles and it started sounding like I had run over a 10-gallon plastic jug and it was bouncing under the car. I pulled off the...
  34. tliving

    Reboot Frequency?

    I've had my car exactly 2 weeks and have had to reboot the 17" twice: #1: 4/5 seat heaters weren't functioning. Later on I found the browser wasn't opening web sites. A reboot of 17" fixed both issues (service scheduled a visit but never recommended a reboot for some reason). #2: "Bluetooth...
  35. tliving

    Reboot on 5.9 changed?

    Hi folks, I had an issue (browser wasn't working) so I wanted to restart just my 17". The forums/help things I read said this: "SCREEN REBOOT (Main Display): Hold down the middle steering wheel buttons on both sides for a few seconds to reboot the main display. SCREEN REBOOT (Driver’s...
  36. SamGarber

    Turn signal sound does not work while main (17inch) display is rebooting

    So I had the pleasure of rebooting the display today while driving due to Slacker being stuck and not doing anything. I had to turn right before, and my turn signal was going when I rebooted. I normally rely on the sound to tell me it is still engaged, but since the display took like 30...
  37. steve841

    How to reboot the screens & customize the dash

    Of course I was playing with the dash display and ... Now I lost the power stats on the right side. How the heck do I get it back? I can add it on the left side, but no option for the right side.