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  1. fastp3d

    Modded up and laying down records!

    Proud to announce another track record! I'm stoked how the car is handling and looking forward to my next track event in two weeks at Buttonwillow.
  2. willow_hiller

    What's your SR/+ single-charge distance record?

    My wife and I just took a 1,300 mile road-trip to Montreal, and our last leg was relatively efficient. There's been news floating around that the SR+ has a real-world maximum range of under 200 miles, so I thought I'd start this thread to see how far y'all are making it. Here's our trip details...
  3. nasatech

    Vendor 30k Milestone in Norway :)

    Today, December 12th 2018, Tesla number 30.000 was registered in Norway. Will be very interesting to see the numbers 1 year from now. After the delivery of Model 3 starts in February/March. Tesla Registration Stats You can also look at the total number of EVs (not plug-ins) registered in...
  4. A

    Hello from Coastal Belgium that bought his first Tesla

    Hi There, Received this week my first Tesla I've bought after being friends for over 10 years now with Carl Reese, 'the World Record holder in autopilot driving and Tesla charging records and many motorcycle records. I live in Belgium (coastal side) near Ostend, (small town called Gistel), and...
  5. DrivingTheFuture

    DEMOLISHED old EV Cannonball Coast to Coast record in Model S 85D!

    We set out to raise awareness about human trafficking in my friends 2015 Model S 85D and to our surprise beat the previous record by over 3 hours. We managed to do it in 51 Hrs 47 Mins! Feel free to ask questions about our trip here and also check out the video documenting the whole thing...
  6. J

    One crazy trip and a new world record!

    One crazy trip and a new world record! | Silver Lining What happens if you put 2 crazy Tesla guys together with an idea to do something fun? You get a new world record! So, a couple of months ago, before I got my P100D delivered, I was already playing with the idea to break the world record...
  7. C

    New Tesla 1/4 Mile Record - 10.638 @ 124.65mph

    I've been watching videos of the P85D, P90D and P100D over the years and test drove a P85D and a P90D. I finally pulled the trigger after they came out with the P100D and picked one up last month. Tesla made such an amazing car to drive every day. I've owned several high performance cars in...
  8. Fritts

    All 50 States in an electric car

    Does anyone recommend a blog website? I'd like to start a blog. In 2014, Lita and I became the first to drive everwhere in the US in an electric car. In 2015, Peter from Hawaii and his dog, Iceman, became the second. Now, it's 2016, and to the best of my knowledge, no one else has picked up the...
  9. SpiceWare

    Texas set a wind energy record last month

    Texas Sets New All-Time Wind Energy Record - Scientific American Blog Network Nice!
  10. Maarten ST

    Range Record Tesla Model S in Europe

    August 20th 2013, 22:00 hours. Four well-prepared students from Eindhoven University of Technology are ready to start the Athlon Real Long Distance Record with the Tesla Model S Performance with a 85 kWh battery. The objective of the record attempt is to show the possible range when only minor...