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  1. N

    Careful Where Park

    Careful Where Park! A big PSA & FYI! For any drivers up in Scotland. Yes my model 3 will easily fit underneath, but what happens when it doesn't want start and can't get it out? Well, Tesla will obviously sent a contractor recovery person out, when they start scratching their head on how to...
  2. N

    HuffPost article mentions challenges to Tesla microgrids in Puerto Rico.

    This article grabs attention using Tesla in the headline, but is really about the challenges of introducing tech in our own Third World territory. On Puerto Rico’s 'Forgotten Island,' Tesla's Busted Solar Panels Tell A Cautionary Tale
  3. nowtleft

    Roadside Assistance AFTER warranty...

    I have just added 2 years extra warranty at £1600 (not cheap!) but Tesla does not offer extended roadside assistance as part of the warranty OR as charges for extra. This is crazy as in the UK oyr "normal" roadside assistance would not carry a spare wheel or know much about Tesla cars. I asked...