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red light

  1. B

    Red light on charge port after extended plug in session

    I assume I am like a lot of folks and have been leaving my car plugged in and charging more than usual without using it much. IE it is plugged in for several days at a time between uses. Twice in the last month it has displayed a steady red light. There is no indication on the displays inside...
  2. W

    Can Tesla's Actually See Stop Signs?

    I didn't see much testing on Tesla's stop sign and stop light detection so I decided to do a video on it with my son. Please give him some support! To answer the question, NO there is no actual camera stop sign detection (check video at 1:30 mark) only stop sign detection based off of GPS...
  3. fasteddie7

    New "hold" feature on ap1 and the future

    I had the opportunity to experience the new "hold" feature on my ap1 S while waiting at an exceptionally long light, and it got me thinking: considering the mobile eye cameras can recognize stop signs and I believe the color red, along with gps data, perhaps the new hold feature will be used...