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  1. D

    Sold 2021 Model 3 Performance, Red ext - white int, 31k miles, $28,900

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2021 Model 3 Performance, Red, 31k miles, $29,900. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. 2021 Model 3 Performance, Red ext - white int, 31k miles, $28,900

    For sale 2021 Model 3 Performance, Red ext - white int, 31k miles, $28,900

    2021 Model 3 Performance - $29,900 Original owner - only mature adult driven 290 - 295 range indicated at 100% charge 3D MAXpider floor and trunk mats (original mats included) Tesla wheel locks installed Homelink hardware purchased from and installed by Tesla Storage shelf and slot around...
  3. A

    Expired 2016.5 red Model S 75D for sale with FSD included [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2016.5 red Model S 75D for sale with FSD included. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. N


    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing TESLA POWERWALL 2 FOUNDERS SERIES RED FOR SALE- UNOPENED $8000. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. B

    Expired Tesla Model X Perform Ludicrous+ [7 Seat] [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Tesla Model X Perform Ludicrous+ [7 Seat]. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. J

    FS: 2021 Model S, Red with Cream Interior, FSD, 21" Arachnid Wheels, 15k miles, Under Warranty

    For sale is my 2021 Model S (newer refreshed model). Red with cream interior. Bought from Tesla and under warranty for another few years. Full Self Driving enabled. No accidents. 15k miles. Located in Houston, TX. For sale at $79.9k. This configuration for a new car goes for $114k through...
  7. N

    Preferred color combination among women

    Hi! I’m new to this community and wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were on color configuration amongst women Tesla owners. I don’t see too many posts from women and I’m having a hard time deciding between ordering the performance model Y in red or white, both with white interior. I love...
  8. R

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with FSD For Sale

    Up for sale is my immaculate 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with Full Self Driving! Below is the facebook marketplace listing. My Phone number is 248-974-9943 and my email is [email protected], feel free to reach out with any questions, offers, and trades...
  9. K

    Couple of Plaid photos in red for people still deciding on color and wheel sizes

    Figured I'd post this. I think some of the lines are more visible in white, but the red is a beautiful color. I was also a bit worried that the 20'' wheels would look small, but they are not bad. I plan on upgrading to a set of forged 22s anyway in the future. Hope this helps someone who is...
  10. I

    Model Y - Delivery Oct 13 - 15 - Bay Area (Fremont)

    We ordered the Model Y Long Range in May 2022 and delivery is scheduled this week Oct 13 - Oct 15. If anyone is interested in purchasing. Below is the order specs: Model Y Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Red Multi-Coat Paint 20’’ Induction Wheels Black and White Premium Interior Five Seat...
  11. Jett Black

    2021 Model S Long Range - Red Multi-Coat, FSD, XPEL PPF - $107k

    REPOST! I messed up the first post. Apparently I don't know what kind of car I have. So, let's try again! 2021 Model S Long Range FSD - $12000 Red Multi-Coat - $2500 21" Arachnid Wheels - $4500 Cream Interior - $2000 10,750 miles - Priceless XPEL PPF on hood, bumper, quarters and mirrors...
  12. H

    Selling two (2) Model Ys - 2021 - 5/7 seats

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  13. H

    Selling two Model Ys (5 seat and 7 seat) - 2021

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  14. Cyb_

    The Red Room (Superior Color ofc)

    I am trying to get an Idea of how many lovely Red orders are out there. Hoping this will also help me with my depressing refreshing haha. Currently set for a Jan 22 - Feb 17 EDD | RN1148 Red with White Interior Hopefully this can help us track how fast our rare Red color of choice is getting...
  15. adewinne

    2020 Model Y Performance +FSD

    I am selling our 2020 (August) Model Y Performance FSD with 7,500 miles / 12,500 km. Asking price is $70K USD / $90K CAD. Never smoked in. No dogs on seats. No accidents. Low km's. Perfect condition. We're located near Toronto, Canada. Reach out with [email protected] if you're interested...
  16. oggunderscore

    For Sale: 19" Sport Rims Gen 1 2019 Model w/ TPMS & Tires & Center Caps

    Hello there! I bought a set of 18 Aeros in glossy black, so I no longer find a need in these. Washed them weekly with a wheel brush. I, unfortunately, had a lot of mistakes in parking lots and caused rashes on most of them. One is in flawless condition, two of them have minor rashes, and the...
  17. D

    Hello from the UK

    Hey, this is my first post but have been reading loads on the site over the last couple of months. I picked up my Model 3 LR last week and I've got to say, it is easily one of the best cars I've ever driven! I decided to go for red with the black and white interior & 19" sports wheels and I'm...
  18. P

    Which video is more similar to Tesla's red in real life?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently deciding between red and white for a M3P and I came across two videos of red Model 3s where the red kind of looks a bit different (I guess the videos' color grading was different). I was wondering if anyone knew which one was more representative of the M3 in real life...
  19. R

    [WTS] 2020 Model 3 Performance Stealth FSD (Bend/Bay Area)

    New remote work policy means this baby is on the block. Too many cars in the garage. No mods or custom work. excellent condition and well-cared for. Asking $50k delivered anywhere between Bend, OR and the Bay Area. Fire away with any questions! Specs: 2020 All-Wheel Drive Performance 9000 miles...
  20. P

    Red M3P, or White + Red PPF?

    What would y'all do? Get the white M3P and put the $2k towards some red paint protection film? Or just get the red M3P and do a clear front + side skirt PPF? (Or just stick with white + front and side PPF) I currently have a white on order, but I just saw this video of the red M3P and dang it...
  21. Mickie

    Gauging Interest: NIB Founder's Powerwall/ Gateway/ etc. Chicago area

    Hey all. I'm thinking I may not install in current home, so, I may sell. If I were to sell, and albeit not a sticking point, I'd prefer local pickup, probably with wire transfer or bank to bank. Can IM me if you prefer discretion. Thanks.
  22. A

    Anyone waiting on Red Model Y performance with white interior?

    I ordered my red with white interior Model Y on August 18 and have been waiting since. No updates form tesla other than 2-4 week delivery estimate text message on Aug 25. No VIN yet and my manage order page has no delivery estimate. I talked to my local SC and tesla chat and both told me that...
  23. W

    2015 Tesla S P85D fully load Warranty until 2023

    Fully loaded 2015 P85D, 77500Miles. Please refer to the windows sticker for package info. Lifetime supercharge of course. Extended warranty (transferrable) until March, 2023 or 100,050 Miles. Super clean, non-smoker owned. great condition, more than 2 years warranty left. Serious buyer only...
  24. M

    2015 Red Model S85 for sale - Southern California

    Moving and reluctantly need to find my beloved "Scarlett" a new home. Here are the specifics: 2015 Red S, only 47,172 miles, always been garaged and home-charged, and in great condition. Upgraded with autopilot and tech package. One of the last model years with retractable moon roof...
  25. kimbahpnam

    2020 Model 3 LR AWD Red / Seattle Area

    Went from ‘17 MS 75 to this 2020 Model 3 LR AWD and looking to go to a Model Y primarily for the extra space. 7.5k miles. Took delivery in December. Haven’t thought of an exact price yet. Just wanted to get this up. Some small mods installed. Nothing that can’t be removed if necessary. Battery...
  26. ClarkJoeKent

    GEORGIA: Red Model 3 Long Range RWD w/ EAP & Lifetime Connectivity

    Our family is growing and we made the tough decision to let go of our beloved Model 3. This vehicle is unique in that Tesla no longer produces this configuration: long range rear wheel drive. It is one of the most efficient models in their lineup at 325 miles of range on a single charge. Mileage...
  27. L

    Ebay Front Spoiler help

    Hello I need some help to get some feedback and experience about the following specific ebay front spoiler Front Bumper Lip Spoiler ABS Carbon Fiber Style For Tesla Model 3 Sedan 2016-18 | eBay Gloss Black Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Splitter Cover For Tesla Model 3 | eBay I had search and...
  28. MightyHawk

    Pearl White with Red Accents?

    I will soon be taking delivery of a Pearl White Model 3 with 19" wheels, and I am already thinking about enhancements. I will be moving towards a "stormtrooper" look with tinted windows and black powdercoated wheels. But I was also wondering if selective use of red accents would also look...
  29. T

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (“unicorn”) - Red MC

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (yes, a “unicorn”) - Red MC 67,480 miles Fully warrantied to 2/15/2021 or 82,036 mi (was sold as a CPO in 2017, when Tesla performed full reconditioning.) Motor / battery warranty to 12/19/2022 Service records available. Charges to 257 mi at 100% Autopilot...
  30. A

    WTB: Silver or Red Center Wheel Caps for Model S - need full set of 4

    I am located in Toronto, Canada and just got new wheels without center caps. I need another set of silver ones and am open to both new and excellent used condition. Red accents or stickers are a bonus!
  31. Rojer Lockless

    I think I just bought a Model 3 LR FSD

    So, After lurking here for about 6 months waiting for prices to go down today I was surfing auto trader nation wide and came across a Red M3 Single motor long range with with a small ding in 1 panel. Called the guy up and made an offer and now after securing a loan looks like I'll be flying 4...
  32. R

    Oem 19 inch slipstream rims powdercoated for sale perfect condition!

    Hey guys anyone interest for perfect condition 19-inch OEM rims only? I am located in Chicago, and these rims are power coated a very classy red color, that draws a lot of good looks. The only reason I am getting rid of it is to try out another color. Thanks! Asking $900 Will add close up pics...
  33. K

    2016 Model S 90D 55K miles

    Looking to upgrade. Have rare Dec 2016 S with Autopilot 2.0, Unlimited Free Supercharging & ventilated seats. Red with tan interior. Fully loaded with all upgrades except FSD. No accidents. Mainly interstate miles. Suntek cover to bumpers, full hood, side mirrors & fenders. Had Modesta quartz...
  34. UkrHog

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD EA Full Frontal PPF

    Autotrader - page unavailable 2018 LR Rear Wheel Drive Model 3, Black Premium Leather and Enhanced Autopilot. 325 mile range and under 12,000 miles driven. Excellent condition with tinted widows, full frontal PPF and ceramic coating applied (pain protection film) on the car (a $2400 value). Non...
  35. M

    2013 Red Tesla Model S - 60kWh - 35K mi - North Carolina

    As the title says, I have a 2013 Model S for sale. 60 kWh battery, 34.1K miles right now, great condition. No crashes, only repair was one door handle that Tesla Rangers fixed. Free supercharging included and transferable. Charger included, adapter included. I'm based in Chapel Hill, North...
  36. Qbenjamin

    Tesla OEM Red Calipers

    I have a full set of brake calipers that were removed from a 2016 Model S. They were powder coated (holds up better than paint) to match the same red as the P model vehicles. I have sold 2 sets of these calipers in the past, so let me know if you need a reference, but the pics should answer...
  37. RTU

    FS: 2013 Red Model S 40, 55k miles

    2013 Model S with the 40 kWh battery and 130 mile range. Tesla can "unlock" the battery for $2500 to give it 200 mile range, but we never needed or wanted that. Red with tan leather interior and Tech package. Original owner, no accidents, no issues. The only reason it is for sale is due to...
  38. ForeverFree

    Paint Quality -- Progress ... or Regress?

    A disturbing data point to share here. (And, for calibration purposes, I'm a fervent Tesla and Model 3 fan.) Here in the San Fernando Valley (LA area, CA), we're lucky to have a premier PPF and coatings wizard, Anthony Alvarado. He's corrected and coated our 2015 Model S, our 2017 Model 3...
  39. C

    2 Model 3 Reservations Delivery issues

    Hi, I reserved 2 Models 3's in line on the first day. and configured both cars on different dates. I am located in Toronto, Canada Config 1 May 28th Red, LR Config 2 May 30th Midnight Silver, LR I received the VIN and took delivery for Config 2 within 2 weeks..... BUT Config 1 I am still...
  40. hsull8915

    2010 Roadster 2.0 - Radiant Red - 14,600 miles - WARRANTY - $57,000

    Howdy... As it nears the delivery of my Model X, I'm hoping to speed up the sale of my gorgeous 2010 Roadster. Most important to note - the Power Electronics Module failed due to the previous generation dual fan setup on 2.0/2.5 cars, and was replaced in September 2017. The service center...
  41. fasteddie7

    Can I mess up my HPWC?

    my car is in for service and I have a loaner for the night. When I got home I plugged the loaner in and the “unable to charge” close port and press the brake message popped up. It’s still charging and I need it to charge to make it back to the service center tomorrow. Can anything negative...
  42. R

    2016 Model S P90D For Sale

    Moving to a location that won't have the ability to install a home charger My loss is your gain. Best car I have ever owned. Located in Boston, MA area AWD One Owner Clean CarFax smoke-free Late 2016 build with the new front end design Red Multi-coat Paint sunroof 21" grey turbine wheels Tan...
  43. R

    Tesla Rims 19 inch gloss red for sale

    Tesla Stock OEM 19 inch slipstream rims more pictures can be sent just message me rims are in perfect condition and have never been curbed or have any sort of scratch. No Tires included just the rims. Prefer local pick up
  44. N

    2015 P85D Fully Loaded without Ludicrous Red / Tan

    I couldn't figure out how to change the title of my other post so I am reposting. Price is 82k. Title in hand, car is ready to go. I am selling a 2015 Model S Red Multicoat Paint 21" Grey Turbine Wheels All Glass Pano Roof Tan Next Generation Seats Alcantara Headliner Obeche wood Matte...
  45. N

    2015 Red P85D Fully Loaded Except Ludicrous 18k miles - 88k

    I am selling a 2015 Model S Red Multicoat Paint 21" Grey Turbine Wheels All Glass Pano Roof Tan Next Generation Seats Alcantara Headliner Obeche wood Matte accents Tech Package with Autopilot Ultra High Fidelity Sound Premium Interior and Lighting Rear Facing Seats Carbon Fiber Spoiler Smart Air...
  46. S

    Richmond, VA 2016 AP2 Tesla Model S75D 8k Miles For Sale

    got in December 2016. Want to get a P100D now....love it...but need to sell this one. Need a number in the 80k range. Will attach pics shortly. Perfect condition.
  47. Haxster

    Auto Insurance Car Color Profiling

    Tesla Auto Insurance Car Color Profiling and Key Risk Factors USII Confidential. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE COLOR: Profile - Risks Red: Aggressive - Higher accident rates and tickets Black: Gangsta - Bullet hole damage Dark Grey: Asphalt camouflage - Frontal collisions from other drivers not seeing...
  48. plasmo

    The Red Rain effect on the UV windshield is beautiful

    The Red Rain effect on the UV windshield is beautiful...
  49. R

    2013 Model S 85. Red. Only 22,500 Miles. $59,999 San Diego

    VIN: 5YJSA1CNXDFP22408 Built Oct 2013 85 kWh Battery, Red Multi-Coat Paint, Panoramic Roof, Limited Edition Tesla 19” Aerodynamic Wheels, Black Nappa Leather Seats, Carbon Fiber Interior, Parking Sensors, Tech Package, Supercharger Enabled, Parcel Shelf, One non-smoking owner. All records...
  50. I

    WTB: Tesla Model S 85 2013 or 2014

    Looking to buy Model S with the following specs - Red Exterior - Black Seats (open to other color but black is prefered) - 85 - Pano roof - Under 40K miles The rest options are a plus. I am based out of New York so preferably cars close by but open to other options. Will pay cash or open to...