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  1. B

    VCFRONT_a180 Electrical system power reduced

    2022 Model 3 Long Range (less than 4,000 miles) got bricked last week after supercharging. It's currently at the service center, but they've been "diagnosing" for a week now and they can't figure out what's wrong. Here is my perspective leading up to the error, bricking, and eventual tow to...
  2. jmatero

    Regenerative braking reduced warning

    This was brought up in another thread but got way off track. I'm coming from a Model 3 to Model Y and since the temps here started dropping (in San Jose area, daily temps under 65) I've been seeing a constant "Regenerative braking reduced" warning. Rarely if ever saw that in the M3 unless...
  3. T

    Reduced supercharge speed on 100D?

    The reduced supercharge speed on 90D's has been discussed for quite a while. Is anyone aware of 100D is affected as well? The 100D is less than 2 years on the market so probably not too many cars out there with heavy supercharging like 200 times. The 90D with 86kWh battery has a high charging...
  4. jpwe10

    Charging Speed Reduced on Level 2 Public Chargers

    I've charged twice at two different public charging stations, one Chargepoint and another at a BP. Both times the car gave me a message that the charge speed was reduced because of "faulty wiring or extension cord". I was getting about 13-16 miles of range per hour versus the 30 or so I should...