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  1. K

    FOR SALE IN GA - Tesla Model X Onyx Black 22inch Turbine wheels

    New Tesla Model X 22" Turbine Wheels with Pirelli Tire for 3500.00 Brand New set of Tesla Model X 22" Turbine Wheels with Brand New Pirelli Scorpion tires. The tires also come with Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors (TPMS). The Wheels and tires are absolutely brand new and has never been installed...
  2. C

    New Arachnids Rims w/o tires

    New set of 21” staggered Arachnids Rims. Never mounted and come with new TPMS sensors, caps, lug covers and wheels locks. Moving soon and want to sell. Wheels located in West Los Angeles but I’m between LA and San Francisco all the time. Private message me $2000 obo.
  3. O

    lied to about super charging?

    I bought my 3rd model S this December. I was told several times during delivery that it only came with 3 years of super charging not lifetime like my others and that there was nothing that they could do about it. I ask them to send a request up the chain several times. Nothing. No with the new...
  4. H

    Free supercharging referrals

    Hi, I have a Model X which I got in 2017 and never gave out referrals. I just noticed that in my Supercharging section, it says "Also, up to five friends you refer will also receive free Supercharging." Does this mean 5 of them will get unlimited supercharing as my current Tesla Model X? And...
  5. Greg_NL

    Referral Code, too late or too soon?

    hi, I ordered my Model X a wile a go and I is scheduled to be delivered in the next 3 weeks. A friend of my gave me his Referral Code.. but how can I use it? Should I have used it in the ordering process? or can I use it once my car is delivered? thanks!
  6. W

    Any suggestions on Model S options?

    Hi there, I'm a newbie here but I have been a Tesla fanboy for a while. I heard that this forum is friendly and helpful, so here I am with a few questions. Thanks in advance and hopefully I can become a owner soon. Is Full Self-Driving Capability just a "software switch" and Enhanced...
  7. Bram Jeurissen


    Hoi, Hoop dat er hier iemand is die ervaring heeft met het referalprogramma. Ik heb mijn persoonlijke link (€1000,- korting) aan relaties gegeven. Vanuit mijn directe netwerk zijn er 3 Tesla's gekocht. Mijn code is ook 2 keer gebruikt door relaties van relaties. In het programma tot 16 oktober...