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referral code

  1. T

    Idea for Tesla Referral Code Generator

    Hi all, So I noticed there’s a huge thread on here where people just post their referral codes in hopes someone will randomly use theirs. Of course, probably the most typical way people find referral codes is from a friend or someone online who posts useful forum posts, YouTube videos, etc. I...
  2. Teflan

    How to Apply Referral Code after order placed

    Hi All, Newbie here. Does anyone know how I can apply a referral code once the order has been placed? I placed my order original order on 08/01 but decided to upgrade to 20" so the order date was reset to 08/08. Note: I didn't know about the referral system until after placing the initial...
  3. P

    How should Tesla change the referral program?

    The Tesla referral program seems super stale. I got ~10 referrals back in 2017/2018, but the free supercharging just isn’t super compelling now and I am not actively referring people. Sure I still love Tesla and talk about my car, but back in 2017/2018, I was doing a lot to try and get people to...
  4. Electric Steve

    Can't apply referral code to existing Model Y order

    To be eligible for referral benefits, orders of Model S, Model X and Model 3 must be placed on or after Oct 1, 2019, and orders of Model Y must be placed on or after June 9, 2020. Awards will be provided to eligible customers after delivery. Orders of Cybertruck and used Tesla vehicles are not...
  5. F

    Thank you Paul in March

    A belated thank you to Paul for using my code. Hope you are enjoying your car and got your miles. Best wishes, Fiona
  6. T

    Tesla Referral Code Please [the one and only UK thread]

    Moderator comment - thread merged from various threads requesting Tesla referral codes. If you wish to use a Tesla referral code, either request here that someone sends you their code or, if someone has been helpful to you, you will normally find a referral code/link in that users user profile...
  7. Cwmwd

    Referral requests

    I've not been able to find an existing thread for this, if there already is one then might be worth a sticky to make it easier to find? The idea is if you are looking for a referral for something (Tesla order, Energy company switch, Charge point install, Accessories, Stats collection software...
  8. 2

    Is happy customer a priority at Tesla?

    I think not. I traded in my MS after spoken with the rep at a showroom. I gave her my referral code to obtain my 1000 supercharge hour and proceeded placing my order for a 2019 M3. After delivery and I looked high and low and found nowhere I got the 1000 free charging miles. I emailed "Customer...
  9. C

    Change/customize Referral Code

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change or customize your referral code? I am thinking about posting my code in a community that I am in but I do not want my real name to be public. Thanks in advance!
  10. J

    Anyone else having problems getting their free supercharging miles applied?

    Bought a M3 a few months ago during their 5,000 supercharging miles incentive. I used a valid referral, however I cannot find anyone that's able to help get them applied. I keep getting the run around and nobody seems to be able to help. This is beyond frustrating and getting ridiculous. Has...
  11. C

    Tesla Referral Miles

    Has any Tesla Owners been screwed out of tiger referral miles? Both more friend that referred me and I have been screwed out of 6000 charging miles because rewards said I did not use the link to make my purchase which is not true. After we contacted the real wards team they came up with the...
  12. djp

    Tesla Referral Program

    One of Elon's "secret weapons" to boost sales has been announced. Who's getting the first free Model X? Musk Offers Model S Referral Program as Tesla’s First Incentive - Bloomberg Business
  13. C

    Referral based on order or delivery?

    Hey all, I ordered my SR+ on May 1st (Midnight Silver, Aero Wheels, FSD. Purchased in Washington State) and am still waiting for a VIN and delivery date. I used a friend's referral code on this order. Given that I don't have a VIN or delivery date yet, it seems likely I won't take delivery...
  14. ceejay44

    what happened to referrals (in Canada)?

    I no longer can see my referral code in My Account on the Tesla site... what happened to referrals? And no one asked me if I wanted to use a referral code when I purchased... does Tesla actually want this used? P.s. I'm in BC, Canada, and maybe that has something to do with it??
  15. willow_hiller

    Tesla Referral Links Tracking Spreadsheet

    Hey all, Inspired by some of the order tracking spreadsheets, I thought we might be able to make the referral-from-a-stranger process more fair and streamlined. Have a referral link to submit? The form is here: TMC Referral Roulette Need a referral link and don't have a Tesla owning friend...
  16. W

    The referral code is BACK!!!

    Was at a supercharger today and checked on my phone for the charge level. All of a sudden, I saw a new screen with a referral code on it. I guess Elon must've figured out that it's way cheaper to use us to get people to buy Tesla cars than through their stores. Oh happy days!!!
  17. Siggy101

    FS: 21" Arachnids to your local Service Centre in EMEA

    I have a referral award pending for a new set of Arachnids. You can pick the service centre that they should be delivered to, anywhere in EMEA. €3,500 gets you a brand new set, delivered to your choice of Tesla Service Centre and fitted by Tesla. Obviously, they have the TPMS and a nice new set...
  18. 2012MS85

    Only $40,600 trade-in value on my one-month-new 3 w/ 1,400 miles!

    I took delivery of my perfect blue/white MR 3 w/ EAP on Dec 14, 2018. It was built the week beforehand and it’s flawless. Monroney was $54,700. Anyone buying the exact same 3 today gets half the tax credit, but also Tesla’s $2k price cut, for a net price of $48,950 plus tax/title/license/etc...
  19. T

    Referral code add tool for EU orders

    This tool allows a referral code to be added to an EU order. But I'm unable to confirm if this tool works or not, can anyone test it? You can add your own referral code to your EU order. Just add your RN number & Referral code in the fields and click the button. If you've already paid for...
  20. G

    Anyone want to offer me a referral for a new Model S?

    I'm just about to place an order for a new model S and was wondering if any of you good people would like to offer me a referral code? I figured that someone else may as well benefit from my purchase and i wouldn't mind a few months of free supercharging! Anyone want to add another referral to...
  21. I

    Tesla Model S for Kids Referral Code

    Hello Tesla FamBam, I have a referral code for the Tesla Model S for Kids available which I do not intend to use. I am asking $400. Looking at the RadioFlyer website, if you place your order by Dec 3rd, you should get the Kids Car by Dec. 24th. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!
  22. Amit519

    6 months of free supercharging with any Tesla order

    The referral program was updated again tonight to include 6 months of free Supercharging for ANY Tesla order placed between Sept 19 and Oct 19. This includes the new midrange M3, long range M3, Model S and Model X. Wow! Feel free to DM me if you would like to use my code (against TMC rules to...
  23. M

    Referral codes

    I’m ordering a model x tomorrow and wondered if anyone would be willing to give me their free Wall charger for me using their code. Also wondering if I can only use a code that’s been used less than 5 times to get fee unlimited supercharging. Thanks!