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  1. nilesborg

    2022 "Refreshed" "Refresh" Model S Headlights, Taillights Charge Port, Plaid Badge in the Flesh

    Was at the Tesla dealership the other day - saw a few Model S refresh refreshes sporting the new headlight and taillight designs, in case anyone hasn't seen them IRL yet and wants to take a closer look! Photo dump below... 2021 refresh owners, whatcha all think; are we jealous or like whatevs...
  2. jebinc

    Model 3 trade to Refreshed Model S poll….

    I have a June 2019 model 3 Dual motor with FSD and acceleration boost. I really love the car. Was thinking about trading it for a MS Plaid. Tesla offered $51,800 for the 3. That plus another $100,000 would get the Plaid. I like the nimbleness and tossability of the 3 and am afraid the Plaid will...
  3. professortech

    $499 OBO - Model S Bumper For Sale (2017)

    I have a fully PPF wrapped Front Bumper from my Pearl White Model S for sale. It’s a late 2017, which is the refreshed front bumper (without the nose cone). The bumper is fully wrapped in Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF. The wrap is also coated with 5 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H nanoceramic coating. Why...
  4. S

    Need help locating fuse - 2017 refreshed Model S

    We went to take out our dashcam's memory card last night to check on some activity outside our house (car parked in driveway so nice security camera of sorts) and my husband went to power it down first before removing as per directions and he said all the lights on the camera went out and he...