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  1. V

    How to escalate an issue to the executive team regarding my refund

    I purchased model Y Performance on 31st March 2023, due to some financial issue (from the Tesla side) I had to return the car after multiple follow-ups. I have been following up over email with the finance team (at the Fremont location), however, the team is not at all responding, I might have...
  2. U

    payment questions

    Do Canadian buyers have to pre-pay for the car prior to delivery, or can they just bring a bank draft on the same day? Also, since the deposit is "fully refundable" but new cars are no longer eligible for returns, does that mean any payment beyond the initial deposit is non-refundable?
  3. mhcrowder

    Thinking about giving up

    I'm thinking about getting my $2500 back and waiting awhile to see what happens. I'm tired of not getting any information. I originally ordered in January 2020 while there was still a $2500 refundable deposit being taken. I ordered a RWD / Red / WhiteInt / 19"Gemini. When the price dropped...
  4. K

    Unlimited Supercharging Refund

    Does tesla still do the 5k refund in exchange for removal of free supercharging? If so how do I go about doing this for my S 100D?
  5. B

    New Model 3 died in midtown Manhattan during rush hour

    Two days ago, my new Model 3 died in the middle of a busy street in midtown Manhattan during rush hour, tying up traffic for 45 minutes. I took delivery of my Model 3 one month ago (6/19). After two weeks and 300 miles, got the "replace 12v battery soon" message. Tesla replaced the battery...
  6. MuriLOCO

    Lost my Unlimited Free Supercharging

    Hi all, I have a Tesla Model 3 Performance which I purchased in 2018. I also got the Performance Package and Free Unlimited Supercharging with a Referral code. So, after the purchase the Performance Package was refunded, actually was a choice between getting Free Unlimited Supercharging or...
  7. I

    Post-delivery upgrades (FSD, acceleration boost) now refundable for 48 hours after purchase

    The upgrades screen in the app now has the following text: The upgrades page on the website has been updated with the relevant FAQ. Premium connectivity purchases are not eligible. Full FAQ entry: Curiously, there's no mention of upgrades purchased through the website. I don't have any...
  8. L

    Refund for Roadster 2020

    Hi all - I have owned 3 Teslas in total. I put down a chunk of change for a reservation on the new roadster, but have begun to second guess how soon it will be available. As such, I'd like to hold on to my money and have been trying to get it refunded. I have tried reaching out to customer...
  9. M

    Reservation Refund

    Hi everyone, complete newbie here looking for some advice from anyone who has recently cancelled a reservation spot on a Model 3. Cancelled mine on 2nd July, the 45 business days has now past. The option on the phone number is now just an automated message and no response to 4 days of emails...
  10. O

    Accidentally ordered M3. Tesla won't give me my $2500 back. Need advice.

    I was playing around with the M3 configuration tool and accidentally clicked on the button to purchase the car. Tesla charged me $2500 and sent me an email saying I made a reservation. I immediately sent an email to customer support requesting that the reservation be canceled. I received an...
  11. B

    Extremely long wait for Model S Extended Warranty refund

    I requested a refund of my ESA on 15 September and still have not received it. I have contacted Tesla customer service multiple times and each time I was told they would check and get back to me. Still no status. The local service manager contacted me and checked. She said that a check for...
  12. igotzzoom

    Deposit applicable to other/future model?

    I recently purchased a new home, something that wasn't on my radar when I put down my initial reservation deposit in 2016. I have been bombarded with emails and calls from Tesla representatives trying to get me into a Model 3, at least for a test drive. I have no doubt I'd love the car, but a...
  13. B

    Lied to in Writing about Reimbursement by Tesla -- Anyone Else?

    Friends, In the first 55 days of my new Model S ownership, Tesla had the car in its shop for 38 days over 3 different stays. I custom-ordered the vehicle with every option upgrade included. The loaded car's problems have included 12v battery being dead within 5 days and then somehow dead again...
  14. T

    Getting refund for roadster reservation

    Hi, Want to hear other's experience with getting roadster refubd. About three weeks ago I called and asked for my refund($50k: $5k through credit card, $45k through bank wiring), the person on the phone was very helpful. I got my $5k credit card refund within 2 days, but so far I still haven't...
  15. B

    Received check from Tesla with no explanation!

    I received a $48.57 check from Tesla Palo Alto today with no explanation of what it is for! I assume it is for something I overpaid for but you would think they would have included an explanation.
  16. T

    Refund processing for unused Service Maintenance Plan

    So, back in March I had an accident where the car was written off and requested for a refund of the never-used service maintenance contract (it was not part of the compensation when the car was written off). Tesla has been difficult to navigate to get to anyone who can help - they told me to go...
  17. caltrader

    M3 reservation refund on cancelled CC

    Last April I got impatient while waiting for M3's to ship so I decided to see what was available in the $60k used MS market. Alas, I bought a beautiful black on black S85 Signature with 18k miles for under $60k. I immediately requested a refund of my M3 reservation...now 7 weeks ago. I called...
  18. mhonig

    Registration Charge Rebate

    When I took delivery of my MS on October 6, 2016 in Tampa, there was a $500 registration charge. I inquired about the charge and was told by email from Cameron Watson, a delivery specialist, that they are not quite sure what the charge will be, so they overstate the amount and then refund the...