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regen dots

  1. P

    Increased battery SOC and limited regen braking/regen dots

    Does anyone know at what SOC the regen braking is limited, and the car starts displaying the dots on the left hand side? I normally charge my 2021 M3P overnight to 55% SOC, as advised on this forum, and even in cold weather I haven't noticed the regen being limited or noticed any dots being...
  2. dimitar.ns

    Vendor S3XY Buttons - Regenerative braking

    I would like to share more info about the Regen braking and its functionality with the S3XY Buttons. If you have any specific questions let me know, I would be happy to answer! Here's a list of a few scenarios when changing the Regen Braking with a S3XY Button can be quite useful: Heavy...
  3. R

    Loud Regen Braking Noise (Cold Battery)

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what your experiences are with regen braking noise in your Model Y? I have always felt mine was louder than normal, but now that's it's cold out, I've noticed that it produces a high pitched squealing sound when slowing down, especially at higher speeds. Since...
  4. M

    How to interpret the Regen Dots

    There are a lot of folks that are new to Tesla’s with the big Q4 wave of Model 3 owners. It was clear early in the Q4 that many people were learning (as was I) and didn’t even know what “Regen Dots” were or what dots they did see on the screen even meant at first. I think most everyone by now...