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regen recover charge hill

  1. M

    Tesla Semi Round Trip Efficiency is 95% on Mountain Passes (Napkin Physics)

    Here is more, and this is so insane that I am still looking for the flaw :-) https://kilowatt.page/tesla-semi-regen-roundtrip-efficiency-is-95-percent/ Based on the 500 mile energy graph, the Semi regen efficiency is insane. Roundtrip efficiency is ~95%, and one way is ~97%. Battery size is...
  2. J

    Test Drive/Regen Braking Impression

    Greetings! I finally took a test drive in a Model 3 recently. I look forward to ordering one soon. I was initially surprised by the aggressiveness of the regen braking. Even at the lower setting, I thought it was too much. However, I understand the purpose (I believe) and that is to slow...
  3. J

    Regenerative charging and life on a hill.

    Let’s say your home, work, shopping, and entertainment destinations are all located at some point along a more or less straight sloping road. Let’s say the slope is a generally monotonic 10% grade more or less. The distance between destinations is not so important, but let’s say between 5 and 50...
  4. CoastalCruiser

    How Much Charge Does Regen Braking Put Back in the Battery?

    I'm sure this question has been posed many times. In googling for an answer I found a thread on Reddit that provides some good info, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I am interested in getting an idea of the recovery rate in say the following scenario: You are driving up a 1 mile long hill...