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regenerative braking

  1. GoHawks29

    Still New to Regenerative Braking, How Do I Time It At Fast Speeds (Highway Driving, Etc)?

    Hey everyone, Basically the title is my question. How do I figure out how to time regenerative braking in fast speed scenarios like a highway? I have a good grasp of the regenerative braking/letting go of the accelerator timing at lower speeds i.e 45 MPH areas and streetlight to streetlight...
  2. S

    Regenerative Braking Display/Performance

    For the 8 months or so of the four years I have owned my 2019 M2 SR+, I have experienced less regenerative braking and an energy bar display that no longer fills green left of the "D", regardless of temperatures, miles driven on the trip, whether I charged at home or at a supercharger. Is...
  3. J

    Regen issue?

    I have had my model 3 since March of last year. I live at 7000’ in Colorado and have started having issues with regenerative braking. It works leas than half the time. I spoke to the dealership and they simply said its functioning varies based on temperature. I asked at what temperature that it...
  4. P

    regenerated breaks when on Autopilot or Cruise control

    Does anyone know how if regenerated breaks is what Tesla uses when on Auto Pilot or Cruise Control? Reason why I ask is, I have noticed often time when I am on Autopilot or Cruise control and if the car needs to slow down due to traffic, my brake peddle gets automatically presses as if I am...
  5. terraform

    Winter preconditioning and max regenerative braking

    I live in Boston and lately I've been using Preconditioning and Scheduled Departure. However, I've noticed that my regen braking is still not 100% ready once I get in the car. I mean, I believe preconditioning helps a little bit--so instead of 8 dots, I will see 5 dots or something. Is this...
  6. dimitar.ns

    Vendor S3XY Buttons - Regenerative braking

    I would like to share more info about the Regen braking and its functionality with the S3XY Buttons. If you have any specific questions let me know, I would be happy to answer! Here's a list of a few scenarios when changing the Regen Braking with a S3XY Button can be quite useful: Heavy...
  7. E

    Is Regenerative braking a safety issue?

    Just got my first Tesla yesterday. Love the regenerative braking because in city driving it means I barely use my brake however I was concerned sitting in highway rush hour that it might be a safety issue that I don’t need to step on the brakes since the person behind me won’t see the brake...
  8. N

    Green/grey bar in cluster always full

    Hi all, been enjoying my 22 MS(LR) that I took delivery back in the end of April, done about 5600 miles and have some longer trips planned for the near future. Recently I have noticed that the bar at the bottom of the instrument cluster screen that indicates discharge and regeneration is...
  9. Spivas

    Motors making louder noise after a lot of slow regenerative braking.

    So we live near the Smoky Mountains which is the perfect place to take the Tesla for the day. There is a motor trail (Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail) behind the tourist trap city of Gatlinburg, TN. It's a 5.5 mile one way loop that winds drivers through the forest and I'd say has an elevation...
  10. K

    Home on a hill - regenerative braking

    We live at about 2,500 elevation and my wife works at sea level - so the M3LR is charged (currently limited at around 70%) when she leaves the house - going down the hill she'll get the reduced regen braking alert at some point. Battery is still only at the limited charge amount. Is there any...
  11. P

    Regenerative braking on icy roads need to turn off

    I need to have option to turn off regenerative braking specially in snow, I had too much problems with regenerative braking and In a few moments, the car loses control and slips , Does anyone have a way to turn it off or change to low ?
  12. R

    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    I have been driving my 2020 Y in upstate NY in the highways everyday to work. This is my second season driving in highways everyday to work. I have snow tires. But this year, my 2020 Y is beginning to wobble and slide even small amount of ice and snow intermittently. I checked my tires still...
  13. V

    Multiple errors on Screen

  14. N

    Regenerative break - please bring the control feature back

    We have been driving model S since 2013, and just received our 2022 model S, which is our 4th model S. Very loyal 😇. We find that driving the newest model is choppy, because Tesla secretly removed the ability to control regenerative breaking. Come on, Tesla!!! Let me decide for myself whether...
  15. Issaction

    Model S Refresh Regen in kW?

    Does anybody know the amount of regen it is capable of in kW? How aggressive does it feel compared to a 3 Performance with the highest regen setting of each? I am particularly interested in Long Range but would be interested to know if Plaid is capable of more.
  16. C

    Power steering issue

    I had an issue with my wipers not working. I ordered a used steering column controls setup from eBay. Installed with no problem and the wipers worked again. First use of car after installation and I have a power steering issue. It’s extremely difficult to turn the wheel to the left but no...
  17. C

    Power steering

    Had issue with wipers not working. Purchased used column controls off eBay. Removed steering wheel and installed. Wipers worked again but suddenly I have a power steering issue. It’s very difficult to only turn the wheel to the left. The right has no issue. Also the regenerative braking has...
  18. jpk195

    S 75 (RWD) uncorked regen

    I've been researching pre-owned model S, specifically 2017 75 RWD coming off lease that have the 4.xx 0-60 via a larger (performance?) rear motor. Can anyone comment on the regenerative braking for this specific setup? Other handing/driving experiences would also be great. Been searching for...
  19. jmatero

    Regenerative braking reduced warning

    This was brought up in another thread but got way off track. I'm coming from a Model 3 to Model Y and since the temps here started dropping (in San Jose area, daily temps under 65) I've been seeing a constant "Regenerative braking reduced" warning. Rarely if ever saw that in the M3 unless...
  20. David29

    Fall is here! Regen is already restricted...

    I was somewhat surprised but not startled to see that my regenerative braking was restricted this morning. Although the air temperature was in the 60s when I left for a short drive about 10:30 AM, the overnight low in my parking lot had been 46F according to my recording thermometer. Hard to...
  21. C

    Maybe a dump question, but it's physics

    I'm interested in the efficiency of the Tesla M3 regeneration system. So, I wonder if anyone has done a test, say, like Pike's Peak or Mt Washington. I envision recording the battery charge at the bottom, then driving to the top and noting how much was consumed in the climb. Then, going down...
  22. B

    Model Y Owner for 24 Minutes

    After months of anticipation, I picked up my Model Y today in Northern Virginia. The car was absolutely beautiful and the walkthrough (from a distance) was very helpful. At the conclusion of the process, they help you set up your phone as your key and send you on your way. As I drove off the...
  23. P

    Uneven Re-gen Braking Feel on P3D+

    Hi all, I saw a recent post on "braking feel of the Model 3" and this is a bit on the other side of braking on the Model 3, the re-gen braking. I had two very different cars before my P3D+, a 335i and an eGolf. The regen braking on the eGolf was predictable, you could predict where it would...
  24. J

    Some general confusion / frustration with reduced regenerative braking

    2020 Model 3 Performance, recently switched back to 20" stock wheels from winter setup. Anyway, the weather has been getting warmer where I live, and I've been looking forward to being able to finally have some full regenerative braking capability. However, as shown in this photo, even during...
  25. F

    "Regenerative braking has been improved" on "Legacy" 2015 S70D thoughts

    I thought improved regen was only going to be for Raven/M3 when I saw it somewhere in update notes on Electrek. But It seems I did get "something" on my 2015 Model S70D(Instrument cluster prompted of improved Regen). Didn't think any of us "Legacy" car owners were ever going to get anything of...
  26. DaddyCool

    Thought I'd give 100% charge a go on CCS

    A wee bit of work is needed on their algorithm (I get it's dynamic environment but still...) the last 5mins took 25 minutes as it slowed the rate down from 40kW to 2kW. At 100% it recalculated 5 mins due twice for 15mins. With retrospect it's obvious but at 100% you have no regeneration braking...
  27. C

    Cold weather inflatable bed auxillary battery heater

    I have seen several threads on the effects of cold weather on battery dynamics and had an idea: If I were faced with severe cold weather and wanted to maximize both the longevity of the battery and availability of regenerative braking the goal would be to maintain the optimum battery temperature...
  28. I

    Regenerative Braking

    Does regen braking occur when the foot comes completely off the accelerator throttle or when the foot depresses the brake pedal?
  29. Mata Hari

    Battery range questions...

    I placed a deposit on the Cyber... I am currently driving a Volvo hybrid. I am considering buying an S or 3 until the cyber truck is available. I admit to having range anxiety, and owning an older 60 is out of the question, but a 75 or 85 might be possible… Here’s the question… I live in a...
  30. J

    Test Drive/Regen Braking Impression

    Greetings! I finally took a test drive in a Model 3 recently. I look forward to ordering one soon. I was initially surprised by the aggressiveness of the regen braking. Even at the lower setting, I thought it was too much. However, I understand the purpose (I believe) and that is to slow...
  31. CharlieLab

    Raven regen poor in cooler weather

    I have a 2019 Raven MX performance and now the weather is getting cooler I’ve noticed regen is incredibly weak. Almost non existent with temps around 50oF. My previous MX regen was way stronger and I wouldn’t get the dashed yellow lines until temps into the 30s. Anyone seen the same issue?
  32. T

    Regen braking dramatically reduced.

    Normally when I was able to drive almost completely with one pedal and only at stop lights would I have to add the brake when under 10 mph to come to a full stop, but lately after V10 my car's regen braking has gone to almost nothing until I get down to about 20 mph then it kicks in and I have...
  33. MichaelP90DL

    Regenerative Braking: Standard Mode Quit Working

    I have my car set to Standard for regen braking. This morning, I unplugged the cable, planted my foot on the brake, flipped into drive and took off. A surprise happened as I approached a stop sign: The car barely slowed. Hit the brake. I checked the driving screen and standard regen braking was...
  34. S

    Regen Braking klunk from front left wheel

    I have a new to me 2016 S75D. It's a lease return purchased directly from Tesla and I love it. One issue I've noticed is that if I take my foot off the gas and let the regenerative braking kick in, there is a brief but obvious klunk from the front left wheel area. Car has a 4 year, 50K full...
  35. S

    New Feature Request: full regenerative breaking when pressing the break slightly

    I was surprised today when I played with my drive settings to find that switching regenerative breaking from low to standard actually affected more than just the pedals. I would have expected low to mean that if coasts better and standard to be more of a one pedal driving experience. I...
  36. mrfra62

    Strange icon on dashboard / warning sign regenerative braking

    Sometimes I get a weird warning icon when regenerative braking; see attached image. I have called support and they said there was nothing wrong with my car, so I dont have to be concerned about that warning. However, a warning is still a warning and if not inportant why give warning ? So can...
  37. Tshaffertodd

    Where are the brake regerators

    waiting on my model s to be delivered via home delivery in 14 days! I stopped by the service center to just be close to new Tesla’s today. Tons more 3’s and a few more s’s than usual and a huge amount of trade ins on the lot now. Looking closely at the recently delivered s’s I don’t see any...
  38. P

    New Ownership Impressions and Advice

    I love the car, it's faster than expected. Solidly built. Intuitive, if you play with the menu screen while it's parked first. Definitely needs a home charging station installed (at least a 240V plug). Here's a detailed review after picking up the 2018 Model 3, and the first 300 miles driven...
  39. beths11

    Regenerative Breaking Limited at Moderate Temperature ( 68 F)

    2016, X 75 with 20" tires, starting charge usually around 70 - 80 %. I have a route which I have been travelling for the last 6 months. I have an 8 mile drive from my house to the golf course which is level except for one hill at the very beginning/end of the trip (at my house). I am a...
  40. plasmo

    Change in regen braking in v8.1 17.34?

    I just got the 17.34 update installed. Has anyone noticed less of a slow down (almost none!) when lifting your foot off the accelerator pedal (normal regenerative braking on)? I almost got too close to the car ahead of me at the stop sign today and noticed this change immediately since the...
  41. T

    Regen Braking Not Working

    I charged my battery to 100% for a road trip, and randomly my regen braking stopped working for an hour or two. When I'd let off the gas, it would coast like an ICE car, and no brake lights would come on. Has anyone else experienced this?
  42. David29

    Did the Bolt ruin it for me? At least a little?

    Recently I drove a Chevy Bolt at an EV event. Just a short drive, a couple of miles on local roads, nothing dramatic. But the regenerative brakes were surprisingly powerful. They could and did bring the car to a complete stop. At the time, I questioned the salesman how they did it -- whether...
  43. G

    Regenerative braking not working in cold?

    Anyone else experiencing regen brake not working in the cold? I'm here in Texas and it gets no where near as cold as up north and I find it surprising that regen brake isn't kicking in till i hit about 20-30 mph. Thoughts?
  44. Haxster

    Tesla Model S 90D first week (Dec. 18-25, 2016) impressions (a long post)

    Forward: I was expecting a lot from the car and have not been disappointed. I’ve been lusting after one since I saw an early prototype in Menlo Park. What follows are stream of consciousness thoughts (in no particular order). Pleasant surprises: Automatic location-based garage door open and...
  45. Tesl@ Bargain

    Regenerative Braking with 100% Charged Software-Limited 60 kWh Battery

    In this video I am demonstrating regenerative braking with a 100% charged battery in our new Tesla Model S 60 (applies to a Tesla Model X 60D as well), which is one of the advantages of having a 75 kWh battery software-limited to 60 kWh. This clearly confirms that regular charging and...
  46. Ohji

    Regenerative braking and charging limit

    I have tried to find the answer to this question all over, and I can't quite figure it out, so I apologize if this has been answered before... I live at the top of a fairly steep hill that is about 1000 feet above sea level. I pretty much lose the entire 1000 feet over the first mile of my...
  47. Lucent

    Regenerative brake settings and lead feet

    I test drove (and ordered) a 90D and commented on how little the car would coast with my foot off the gas. The salesperson directed me to the regenerative brake settings and I changed it to low. She said with this setting, the brakes wear out much faster (believable) and total mileage is...
  48. J

    Regenerative Braking Safety Issue

    I have been trying to get a response from Tesla about this issue since January 2015. I have called my service adviser many times and have written multiple times to ElonMuskOffice. The issue concerns a safety issue regarding the Model S regenerative braking system performance on ice. The...
  49. MrJones390

    Why don't regen brakes stop the car completely?

    I haven't been able to find the answer to this. Would be nice to roll to a complete stop for true one-pedal driving. Does anyone know why we still need to use the brakes for complete stops?
  50. Yonki

    Regen FAQ?

    This seems to be the subforum where regeneration is discussed most frequently. I see anecdotes and references to people having done regen experiments, etc. Does anyone know if there is a central repository for regen information? I was initially just curious as to what % of braking energy is...

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