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rejected delivery

  1. T

    Advise On Order Hold Please

    Hello Everyone , First Time Tesla Buyer Here. I Was Suppose To Take Delivery On My New Model Y 7 Seater On September 22nd. Ended Up Having To Reject Tesla Due To Poor Quality Issues. The Tesla Employee Put My Order On Hold Until October 1st. From What I Understand I Was Told The Hold Is So The...
  2. Mm2021

    Refusing/ Declining Delivery

    Hi All, Just curious to know- those of you who refused a delivery after inspection based on say build quality issues did Tesla present any problems on your refusal? What happened next? Did the same car get fixed before you accepted delivery or did you get allocated a new car? How long did you...
  3. Petrocelli

    What happens if you reject a Tesla at delivery?

    I intend to order a Tesla M3 in November. I had a thought today about inspection on delivery. I called a used car inspector, and was thinking of having him come out and inspect the new car. (He will do it for $135.) I thought it would be good to have a pro look at the car rather than me...
  4. T

    Had M3 home delivered, but not happy with paint and interior flaws

    I just took delivery of my Model 3 SR black/black w/ AP this weekend. There is no delivery or service center close to where I live, so I had to get the car delivered to me. The car is a dream to drive, but I'm not happy with the finish on the paint and there are pieces of trim on the interior...
  5. Glamisduner

    Well, I Rejected my White P3D-

    I was so excited to pickup the car! First delivery was canceled middle of last month. Then I received a text saying it would be delivered before the end of September. So I wasn't holding my breath for the new delivery date today, but it actually did happen, I took off work early, and there was...