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release notes

  1. joexn

    2022.28.1 — Official Release Notes and Discussion

    Release notes for update 2022.28.1 are now available. Featuring status bar, alternative routes, theater mode improvements & more. This update is also rolling out rapidly in several countries.
  2. joexn

    2022.28 - Release Notes, Upcoming (& Leaked) Features

    So version 2022.28 has been floating round, with more recently, 2022.28.1 being spotted on employee vehicles in Europe and the US. This update is expected to bring enhancements including: Minimising Tesla Theatre and Alternate Routes. Unconfirmed Release Notes: Tesla Update 2022.28.1 -...
  3. M

    Voice Commands After Update

    After the latest update redesigned the screen, I have been unable to find the microphone icon. How do we do voice commands now? Why do we have to sit in our car to read the release notes or wait for someone to post a video showing us what has changed? Why doesn’t Tesla make the release notes...
  4. Daniellane

    Latest Firmware Release Notes

    Seems like whenever a new firmware update is released I am searching to find the latest release notes. Usually a laborious task searching through posts based on threads containing the firmware update version. Starting this thread that I’m just calling “Latest Firmware Release Notes”. Hoping...
  5. M

    Tesla App Functionality

    Hello everyone, I've had my Tesla 3 for 5 days now, and am loving it. I'm still learning functionality and have a couple of questions: Is there a way to read software update notes on the mobile app, or is the only option to sit in the car and read them on the screen? What about the Trip...
  6. M

    Release notes in App

    It would be very helpful if the release notes were available in the Tesla mobile app. Shouldn't be difficult!
  7. T

    No release notes

    For the last 3 or 4 updates, I have gotten no release notes. When I open the release notes on my Model S screen, I just get a blank white rectangle. Is this normal or is something wrong? My last few updates were 2019.32.11, 2019.32.2.2, 2019.28.X, 2019.24.X
  8. f205v

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    2019.8.1 7ee0493 just popped up on TeslaFi.com on Model 3 AP2.5 Someone here on the forum?
  9. J

    Version 9 Documentation

    After the Version 9 install, the Owner's Manual and Release Notes are blank, and the browser is inoperative. I could find no description at all regarding the update, until I finally happened on this site - thought it might be helpful to others who may find themselves in the same situation...
  10. J

    Blank Screen for Release Notes

    After the V9 update today, when I try to access the release notes, the screen is blank. I tried rebooting MCU, but to no avail. Any remedy for this? Any other source for the notes?
  11. Padelford

    Three software updates with same release notes - ???

    We took delivery of our 2017 Model X 100 D about two weeks ago, and in that time there have been three notifications of software updates. I've tied the vehicle to our home wifi network for the updates. Each update appears to have been successful. I'm puzzled that after each software update, I...
  12. B

    Release notes for all firmware releases

    Is there an archive of release notes for previous software updates? I want to get an idea of what sort of improvements Tesla has made over time with their over the air updates.
  13. BizJet

    Is there a Comprehensive Log (i.e. ChangeLog) of Feature Updates?

    Does anyone know whether someone' (in the forum or elsewhere) has been keeping a complete cumulative log of software update release notes as new releases become available? Is there a way to "look back" at past release notes, or is only the most recent release visible? Also, is the onboard...
  14. M

    release notes

    Has anyone tried to access the release notes on the Tesla website? I can't find 'em anywhere! Seems like a no brainer to me. And am I the only one who thinks that the site is really lame for such an amazingly advanced company?! What do other owners do if you want to read the release notes...