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  1. E

    Charge cable release in app?

    Hi all. Only had my Model 3 for a week. Wondered if I can release charge cable without getting in the car first? Can this be done on the app? Thanks in advance
  2. HeyEph

    How do you manually release the doors of the Model Y?

    How do you manually release the doors?
  3. U

    Falcon wing door refuses to open

    Hi everyone, I’m new to these forums so please forgive if this has already been answered. We have had our 2017 MX100D since December 1, 2020 and have loved it! But the passenger side rear door has now decided it doesn‘t want to open - not with the fob, outside handle, inside button or center...
  4. H

    Any rumors on when MY RWD might be released in USA

    Hi all, I am one of those people that signed up for the MY RWD (I did not care about AWD and wanted the extra range). Anyway, the rumor mill has been pretty quiet on the potential release date since the company said it would release in “a few months”. back in July. Just wondering if I am...
  5. T

    Manual door release - OK to use? How to avoid?

    My passengers always seem to use the manual door release, although I have pointed out the correct button. Is there a problem with using the manual release, and if so how to direct them to the correct button?
  6. J

    Version 9 Documentation

    After the Version 9 install, the Owner's Manual and Release Notes are blank, and the browser is inoperative. I could find no description at all regarding the update, until I finally happened on this site - thought it might be helpful to others who may find themselves in the same situation...
  7. Superskillz

    How long do updates typically take to make it out to the full Model 3 base?

    I am a reasonably early VIN 11XXX but have not yet updated from version 2018.21.9. Anyone know when an update might be expected?
  8. efusco

    2012 Model S undrivable due to parking brack won't release

    Tried to drive my daughter to school and myself to work this morning in my 2012 Model S with 80,000+ miles and the parking brake would not release. I think it's just the right rear brake, but may have been more than that initially, but the other(s) broke free. I made multiple attempts to back...
  9. dndcruz

    Model 3 release candidate video in SLO Motion

    here's the model 3 release candidate video along with a slowed down clip , new front fascia looks improved , and looks like lighted have been slightly edited , but really can't tell.
  10. ChangeDriver

    Ideeën ter verbetering van Tesla Model S

    Steeds meer Tesla Model S worden afgeleverd, de ervaringen groeien en steeds meer mensen raken intensief betrokken bij de auto of TeslaMotors. Dit alles levert veel gebruikersinformatie op die nuttig kan zijn voor verbeteringen aan de Model S. Het verzamelen van behoeftes en wensen wordt vaak...