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remote charging

  1. G

    Darwin to Sydney road trip

    Hey, its all about to start again with the drive back to Sydney from Darwin. See earlier thread about getting to Darwin from Sydney here: Sydney to Darwin road trip Here is a teaser...
  2. A

    Remote Private Driveway Car Charging - Assistance with a Solution?

    Hi all, First post here. I have searched to see if others have faced similar issues but I couldn't find similar and up-to-date advice. I have a terrace property (freehold) located onto a private car parking forecourt area (owned by a different party) with garages and carparking spaces. My...
  3. G

    Sydney to Darwin road trip

    Tomorrow morning, up early before the sparrows have even thought about starting to fart, I will be setting off on a road trip to Darwin from Sydney. I'm going to keep a video blog on a you-tube channel I've created and (hopefully) post every day. Now, manage your expectations, I'm no Ray Martin...
  4. MacPaul

    Moral Maze

    Hypothetically speaking, if you were to still have app access to your car as the lease company had failed to remove your account and you noticed that the car had been sat with the battery charged to 100% for 2 days at the auction company.
  5. K

    Lowering Charge Remotely

    Hey everyone! I’m a newb. First post This question has probably come up before so apologies in advance. I’m currently on vacation for 1 week. The day I left I took a road trip that required a full charge. With everything I’ve heard about never leaving the battery at 100 unless when absolutely...
  6. intrepidtoo

    North America Circumnavigation Road Trip

    Having recently completed a 50,000km road trip through 30 countries from Australia to the UK, we’re now planning the next stage of the journey, a 6 month circumnavigation of North America, this time in an EV. Starting out from LA in April we plan to drive north as far as we can, to Alaska if...
  7. RichardMcN

    Sylvia Round Australia in Bluey !

    Hey everybody, Sylvia @wilsilly has just started out on her clockwise Round Australia trip from near Gladstone Qld. This will be the first test of the almost-complete Round Australia Charging Route ! An all female trip with 7 fly-in fly-out changes of road crew ! ! Sylvia will be at St...
  8. Blue heaven

    Perth to Adelaide revisited

    Of course if anyone wants to cross Australia quickly and safely the best option is a commercial aircraft, but then then again there are some who claim electric cars are no good for Australia unless they can cross the Nullarbor in 3 days during summer with the aircon working hard, the fact is 80%...
  9. Dylanpete

    Tesla adventure in Outback Queensland and North-QLD

    Earlier this year Richard McNeall posted an appeal via the AEVA Australian Electric Vehicle Association forums checking which Tesla owners had an interest to drive around Australia and help to establish a charging route, promoting the installation of 3 phase 32 Amp charging points at regular...
  10. RichardMcN

    Red Centre Adventure !

    A new adventure for Tessie ! It was very exciting to see @Rich Bentley 's Tesla Owners invite to Alice Springs for the festival season ... Even better, Richard B has been working like a demon organising charging sites between Adelaide and Alice, All I have needed to do is wrap up the...
  11. Blue heaven

    News from Western Australia

    News from Western Australia As many would know the WA South West have had in place for the past two years the excellent RAC electric highway, a series of DC charge stations that puts about 85% of the states population within 100kms of a fast charger, this covers thereabouts 10% of the states...
  12. RichardMcN

    Round Australia List! (put your name down if keen / serious)

    I was excited when, at the TOCA Bowral meetup, about a dozen people put their hands up when asked if they were seriously thinking of driving their Tesla round Australia. Gaps in the charging route seemed to be the only real obstacle. Now there is serious momentum for creating a full Round...
  13. RichardMcN

    Anticlockwise Adventure!

    Now I've had Tessie for 7 weeks it's time for a big adventure! This Sunday, John (friend) and I are heading up to Cairns and Darwin and, IF (big if) we still get on, and we haven't hit too many roos and we're still on time, we'll press on down the coast to Perth, taking advantage of Blue...
  14. Blue heaven

    Outback mystery tour

    Time for a roadtrip.
  15. RichardMcN

    Jeff round Australia

    This Plugshare comment might be of interest:
  16. MDK

    Perth to Brisbane

    Nullis Arbor, unum Tesla (zero trees, one Tesla) In a few days techno-phile and I are heading off on a big adventure! We aim to drive from Perth to Adelaide in 6 days, charging on 3-phase power along the way. techno-phile has done the legwork contacting various businesses and roadhouses...