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  1. P

    Unable to use sentry remote viewer despite having necessary hardware and software

    Hi I haven't seen this asked and answered elsewhere but apologies if I have missed it. I have a Model S with AP2.5 hardware running 2021.40.6 My mobile app is IOS version 4.3.0 I have a premium connectivity subscription but I cannot use sentry mode remote viewer. I'm aware that this needs...
  2. BZM3

    AT&T Issues with Tesla App

    I have seen a few threads that make note of a potential connection, but haven't found a specific thread to this (post link if I am wrong). There seems to be a common issue recently in that AT&T users are unable to connect to their car through the Tesla app through cell service (not wifi). The...
  3. S

    Tesla Destination charging availability?

    Hey folks, Like with the Superchargers, is there a Tesla or 3rd party app/website in which you can remotely check whether a Tesla Destination Charger is available & not in use?
  4. P

    New Ownership Impressions and Advice

    I love the car, it's faster than expected. Solidly built. Intuitive, if you play with the menu screen while it's parked first. Definitely needs a home charging station installed (at least a 240V plug). Here's a detailed review after picking up the 2018 Model 3, and the first 300 miles driven...
  5. T

    Security Suggestion

    I love the valet mode that requires security code to change. I would suggest that a security option be made for the remote access off/on. That way no one could shut off the remote access button without the security code. Great for theft prevention. Am I missing anything with this idea?
  6. fasteddie7

    Spouse/partner multiple Tesla app access

    My wife and I are preparing to purchase our second Tesla. My question is for those who have multiple Tesla's: both will be in my name financially, do I create her a "my Tesla" account or do I just use mine and have her logged in on her phone? It is there a setting other than swiping back and...
  7. torcator

    Wouldn't be great if you could start a software update from the app?

    So, the other day, I was at the office, around 10 AM and got this cool notifications telling me that the new software was already download to the car and it was ready to update it. Unfortunately I had a busy day so I couldn't go to the car and execute the update. As you know usually software...
  8. TR5642

    Telsa App and preconditioning car issues

    There are two ways to precondition a Model S that I know of: 1) Predictive mode where you set it to guess 2) Turn on the HVAC via the app This is nice, but I cannot find any way to remotely activate the window defrosters/defoggers. I can warm/cool the cabin but unless it's been on a long time...