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  1. T

    Has anyone has FSD removed for an extended period of time, like a week?

    Has anyone has FSD removed for an extended period of time, like a week? I was told by Tesla service once we are granted FSD it would not be taken away. I will sell the car if FSD is removed and I will never buy another Tesla. I own a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D with upgraded self driving computer...
  2. L

    Model Y Center Console Sliding Tray Jammed

    Ugh. I bought one of those sliding trays for my center console and now a pen or something has jammed the tray it in the shut position. I've tried countless tools but the angle is too odd and I can't release it. Does anyone know if it's possible to pull off the top of the forward center...
  3. P

    Tesla Y Paint Protection Film removal

    I'd like to buy Tesla Paint Protection Film for the rear doors of my new Tesla Y. I actually have a PPF appointment to body wrap the whole car booked, but it's a month away and I want to be able to drive the car without the risk of getting stone chips until then. Can anyone tell me if it would...
  4. MattAndLou

    Door Ding Repair on Front Fender - Southern CA

    Hey All, Took delivery of my Performance 3 on 12/28/19.... and already had someone ding my fender. WTF!! Have been sick to my stomach over it because doesn't even have a 1000mi or plates. Did some searching on here and found that pointless dent removal is actually pretty robust. Started...
  5. C

    Anyone got experience on detaching undercarriage off bumper?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of removing the last (rearmost) piece of the undercarriage panel, I've got all the bolts and retention clips removed, but not sure how to detach the panel itself off the bumper. All other panels are off, just missing this last one. Has anyone done this before? If...
  6. G

    Removal of the liftgate without removing the glass

    Hi, my first post. I bought a used Model S P85 in February and LOVE it. Then I did the unthinkable and jammed the liftgate between the garage door and the doorframe and "accordianed" the liftgate and broke the glass. The nausea is just wearing off now, two weeks later. Wait...no it isn't. I...
  7. T

    Removing Phone Tray Question

    I have a rattle coming from my center console and am 99% sure it is coming from the phone tray. I removed the two charging cables from the phone tray and that helped immensely, but there is still a rattle coming from the actual tray itself. Is it possible to just remove the tray altogether as I...
  8. R

    3rd Row Seats Inoperable when 2nd Row seats are removed

    I'm working on a project to remove the 2nd row in my 6 seat config Model X. I removed the 2nd row seats only to find that the 3rd row would no longer operate. No actuator sound at all. Just dead. I checked all the connectors for the 3rd row and all were connected. I set the 2nd row chairs...
  9. Padelford

    Removing front wheel arch trim

    The black trim around my right front wheel arch doesn’t fit right at the rear end of the arc next to the passenger door. Does anyone have experience taking the trim off? There is a tab that slots into the black plastic trim that runs under the passenger side doors, but I can’t see any clips...
  10. benjiejr

    Unwrapping the Tesla

    After almost 2.5 years of being wrapped in blue satin chrome, removing the wrap from the Tesla and returning it back to white. The wrap did a great job of protecting the paint. Stay tuned for the next wrap...
  11. JChris

    Removal of Front Emblem and Rear Hatch Chrome Trim

    Need some help with the removal of the front emblem (which, according to pics I've seen, is attached to a plastic piece) and also the rear hatch chrome trim. Can anyone share if it can be done fairly easily or pass on any info?? Thanks ahead of time!
  12. S

    Number of Clips for Front Door Panels?

    Hey, I think that my panel clips need to be replaced. Anyone know how many there are on each side of the front doors? I'm just going to order new clips myself and do it as process looks easy with proper tools. I'd rather order parts before pulling the door off. Thanks!
  13. Jean-Claude

    Vendor [Video] How to remove clear bra from a car

    Have you ever wondered what goes into safely removing clear bra from a car? While the car in the video is a Porsche, the methods used are just as legit for a Tesla. Understanding what goes into safely removing clear bra helps the DIY'er as well as owner taking his car someone to have this...
  14. D

    Rear Facing Seats Installation/Removal Procedure

    I was wondering if anyone has a procedure to remove or install the Rear Facing Seats (RFS) in a Model S that is configured already for RFS? By request, we pulled out the seats of a friends car so he could use the additional storage space. We unscrewing the two bolts that anchor the bottom of...