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  1. MontyFloyd

    Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act discussion, what benefit BEV's and Renewables will have

    Today (15 Nov 2021) the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will be signed into law. I am trying to parse out information in the law that focuses on renewable energy, charging network, and BEV. So much was added in and and taken out at last minuet not sure what is in there. Here is one site...
  2. TheTalkingMule

    Utilities Are Going To Zero

    Wanted to create a thread for tracking specifically US utilities as an investment. Here it is 2020 and we STILL hear "investors flock to utilities" as a safe haven during risk-off times. In 2011 German renewables installs really began to ramp, and all the utilities that relied on selling peak...
  3. mspohr

    Green New Deal

    Looks like this idea is gaining traction in Congress. The concept of a Green New Deal – a massive public works program aimed at reducing emissions in part through massive, rapid deployment of zero-carbon generation – is not new. The proposal has been in the public sphere since at least 2007...
  4. mspohr

    San Diego sets up Green Energy power company

    San Diego’s Power Move: City Takes on Utility Over Green Energy San Diego’s Power Move: City Takes on Utility Over Green Energy Frustrated with SDGEs slow progress on clean energy, the city is setting up it's own power company.
  5. TheTalkingMule

    Energy and Gaming

    What about a gaming interface for middle school kids to coordinate and optimize their local and regional energy infrastructure? Due to the public utility structure, the vast majority of data inputs are openly available. Utilities could be forced into facilitating direct link supply/demand data...