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  1. I

    Model Y Came With Scratched/Etched Paint, What are my options?

    Hello! I took delivery of my Model Y on February 21st 2022. It’s black and had 15 miles on the ODOM. When we arrived at the showroom the car was being wiped down and the whole showroom was huddled around the car, they then pull it into the maintenance/detail area and started trying to buff out a...
  2. T

    Rim repair and repaint

    Good Morning, I'm mulling over getting my current rims cleaned up a bit from some curb rash. I'm wondering if anyone in the GTA has someone who they'd recommend. Part of it may be to also get them painted in a different shade. Any ideas as to the rough costs? TIA
  3. E

    Tesla Service Paint Repair/Repaint Experiences...Please Share

    Hey all, So I took delivery of my Model 3 a few days ago, and noticed a speck of what may be dust/dirt UNDER my red paint. The delivery specialist took a picture and logged it so that I can take it in to service and likely repaint the trunk. Now that I've had more time to look at the car, I...
  4. G

    Has anyone had their Model 3 damaged at Burbank Service Center? What happened?

    I recently took my M3 for service at the Burbank SC, and when I picked it up, it had damage (curb rash) on the passenger rear rim, and a scratches on the rear bumper. Now the bumper on my 1900 mile Model 3 has to be repainted. Very frustrating, but has anyone had to deal with something similar...
  5. NoMoGas

    Obtaining Signature Red paint, is it possible?

    I am just about set to order a P85+ but am hung up bad on the color. The color I REALLY want is the Signature red, but is isn't available. Is there an aftermarket alternative or even a paint code that I could get and, as much as I'd hate to do it, re-paint my brand new car? Any advice greatly...