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  1. D

    Tesla Service Opinions

    Just got a model 3 and had some issues. I took it to a service center and had a pretty big discrepancy with management and they declined to escalate my situation above that location. Dont understand why they are allowed to chose where my complaint escalates to when i am the customer. Very...
  2. J

    2018 Model S 75D extended warranty / repair costs

    Hi all! 4 year warranty expires in a couple weeks. I’m in canada and the car has 74,000km (about 46,000 miles) and got offered the following prices for Extended Service Agreement. 4 year - $7645 CAD + tax = $8638 CAD 2 year - $4160 CAD + tax = $4700 CAD In my opinion this is quite pricy...
  3. 0

    Got rear-ended at red light while in FSD. Does anyone know if I’ll lose access if (for ex) they have to replace bumped (and calibrate sensors)?

    You can see video of the crash on this thread I put on Twitter. I couldn’t find USB so just recorded the dashcam playing in the car. It drives as if nothing happened (no warnings, noises, etc.) and FSD is still working normally. Trunk functions normally as well. I’m just wondering if the...
  4. G

    Tesla technicians unable to diagnose electrical problem in 2018 Model S

    We purchased our Model S from Tesla; it appears it was being used as a test drive model. We love the car. However a few months ago the car was putting up multiple errors on the dashboard and the car would not stop. I called Tesla customer service and the car had to be towed into he service...
  5. P

    Model X Reliability

    Debates are raging about the accuracy of third-party assessments of the Model X's reliability. Please share your firsthand experience here. If you are not a current or prior Model X owner, please do not respond.
  6. D

    2013 Model S DU replacement. Extra charges

    Hello, recently purchased a 2013 Model S 85. The car has a clean title and still under warranty. After purchasing I started to notice the quite common milling noise caused by a faulty drive unit. After taking it to the service center they plan on replacing the drive unit under warranty...
  7. M

    Recommendations on repairs outside of Tesla

    Hello... I have been living with a rattle and squeak in my M3 for almost a year now and Tesla Service has been pointless on tracking this down and fixing it. We did a "ride along" and they were able to verify the sound immediately so they took it for service, twice. Now they tell me that this is...
  8. O

    Repair back glass edge chip

    I have a chip in the back glass of my Model 3 on the edge. I am looking for any experience with repairing the edge chip without replacing the entire back glass. My M3 LR AWD is from Nov 2018, and has the glass that reflects multicolor beads when wet - and do not want to replace with glass that...
  9. D

    2015 Repair Risks

    Moderator note: This thread is a combination of three threads started on the same topic. I am original owner of a P85D built in early 2015. While it is a fabulous car ,I am thinking about its future. What big repairs are likely? I have had all the handles replaced with an updated generation...
  10. N

    [need advice] used model S purchase

    I'm new to this forum. Please be kind if I make an inappropriate question. I have purchased a USED 2016 (mid-year) Model S 75. Free lifetime supercharging. When I went to pick up the vehicle the car had about 1800 more miles then the screenshot I took of the purchase online. The car also...
  11. K

    Used Long Term Suggestions

    Hi guys, long time Tesla fan and hopefully will be a Tesla Owner soon. My plan in to buy a used Model S somewhere in the neighborhood of $30k and I'm looking for suggestions about what to look for (feature wise, warranty wise) to maximize the possibility of having a fun, but reliable long term...
  12. M

    Purchase Extended Warranty or Not???

    I purchased my 2018 MS 100D on December 21, 2018. So, if I understand this correctly, I have until May 21, 2019 to purchase the Tesla extended warranty at a $500 savings. I don't want to throw away money, but I also don't want my MS to turn into a money pit after 50,000 miles. I've been very...
  13. S

    Model 3: parts and repairs

    I had a minor accident. I got my estimate and insurance approval... everything was set to go, except Tesla is 1-3 weeks out on availability of a replacement door panel. Plus, they don't deliver, so my repair facility has to pick it up themselves.
  14. A

    Would you still buy an X?

    Forum Members, I'm seeking some advice/recommendations. After ordering a inventory Model X and preparing to pick it up, I received a call cancelling the pickup the day before. After speaking with several representatives I found out the car was damaged and needed repairs. The problem I discovered...
  15. emechanic

    New member with big plans... I hope.

    So as my profile states I am a mechanic by trade and a business owner by choice. I am interested in converting one of my BMW/MINI repair shops into a Tesla service shop. Why? Because I believe in Tesla and I have a child and I want to leave something other than a polluted mess of a planet for...
  16. N

    Annual service before or after insurance authorized repair?

    My Tesla Model 3 was recently rear ended. The damage appears cosmetic from estimator's view, but the rear bumper and assembly needs to be replaced. We are still waiting for parts to arrive to do the repair - repairs being done an authorized repair shop (body repair, so Tesla service wont do...
  17. N

    Annual service before or after insurance authorized repair?

    My Tesla Model 3 was recently rear ended. The damage appears cosmetic from estimator's assessment, and the rear bumper and assembly needs to be replaced. We are still waiting for parts to arrive to do the repair - repairs being done an authorized repair shop (body repair, so Tesla service wont...
  18. fallen888

    Windshield Damage

    So this just happened. :( Have you ever had to replace a windshield? Did you go to Tesla service center or a 3rd party shop? Did you file an insurance claim? If so, did your premium go up afterwards? I have Geico.
  19. D

    How reliable is your Model S?

    Hi, I've never owned a Tesla before. I've been leasing BMWs for the past 10+ years and just recently, became interested in purchasing a used/CPO Tesla Model S. Before I even think about purchasing a Model S, I wanted to get some real feedback on the reliability of this car. So, to you MS...
  20. W

    Water Repair Checklist?

    So this was sitting on the dashboard of my Model 3. Took a picture of it on the Tesla lot. Was told of a delivery delay pertaining to some “minor cosmetic” issues. Delivery specialist says paint chip on trunk and it needs to go to body shop. But this water repair checklist has got me nervous...
  21. M

    Repairing a salvage Tesla Model S P85D

    So this is a first time post for me. I've read others experience with salvage Tesla's and wanted to see if the community has some input or guidance. I purchased a loaded 2014 P85D from a salvage insurance auction. The car runs and drives but has the rear smashed. I live in Orange county and...
  22. E

    Disappointment with Tesla service HK

    I'm writing a post here to express my disappointment and frustration about my recent unpleasant experience with Tesla Service HK. My car, which is a 2016 Model S, was towed to the Tesla service center as advised after warning messages "power reduced" and "low vehicle coolant" showed up in the...
  23. C

    Help with School Project

    Hello everyone I am doing a school project on Tesla and I was wondering if yall could help me out by filling out a short survey. Tesla Owners Survey All responses will greatly help me out in furthering my research paper and your information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  24. scotty2541

    Anyone know how to replace the Cabin Blower?

    My cabin blower just died. No air flowing. There are no warnings on the screen, and the fuse is fine. I turn on the AC and I can hear the compressor spin up, then shut down after 20-30 seconds because there is no air moving across the coils. So, unless this is a "marketing" tool, as it...
  25. Mark77a

    Technician "Tesla want to support loyal Roadster owners" - low cost ESS repairs etc

    I've just come back to UK from USA where I had an in depth chat with a very knowledgeable Roadster Technician at the large Dana Beach, Florida, Service centre. I camped it up about how few Roadsters there are in UK, and how we'd come a long way (for a brit) .. ended up spending 30+mins chatting...
  26. F

    Can you recommend a Body Shop in Cleveland, Ohio

    Had a little run in with my garage. There is a certified Tesla Body Shop is in Columbus. Anybody happy with somebody in Cleveland area? Thanks in advance.
  27. D

    My Tesla Model S P85 Accident - Is it REPAIRABLE or TOTALED?

    The thing that Tesla doesn't tell you when buying their vehicle is that it can only be repaired by a Tesla authorized repair shop. Tesla does not sell parts to the public (ie, other non-authoized Tesla repair shops). I did not know this until I was notified by both my insurance and my...
  28. P

    Repairs to aluminum body work?

    Does anyone yet have issue with body work yet. Will regular body shops be able to repair or does tesla service center do the work? How are insurance premiums out there as well
  29. S

    12V battery issues (error messages/car charging problems)

    We got our Model S exactly four weeks ago to the day. Today we got a warning signal that read "12V battery needs servicing" and below that "Replace 12V battery soon". Has anyone else gotten this warning? Can I drive the car with this warning on? I'm not sure what even runs on the 12V...