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replace battery

  1. S

    Is there a 12V battery malfunction common denominator?

    I’m scheduled to pick up my Model 3 LR next week Sunday, Sep13th. In the 8 weeks of waiting, I’ve been trying to learn all I can from everyone’s experiences in hopes to develop good habits from the get go. One thing I was curious for those who have had their Model 3 for at least a year or two...
  2. CertLive

    My ongoing Model 3 troubles since day one!

    After one hell of a terrible experience with an Eniro 64kw new car failing me on a trip to france I dodged a bullet and rejected it. Long and agonising story short the car can go into a mode where it will not charge anywhere without alerting the user there is a problem and you can imagine...
  3. H

    What will you do as soon as you will need a battery replacement?

    Hello EV users or future EV users! Helectra is a project under development that treats recycling, reutilisation and second life issues of EV battery packs. Would you contribute by answering 10 hot questions as an EV user or a future EV user? 10 questions about your EV: what will you do as soon...
  4. B

    Charge port door needs replacing - contact Tesla service

    Anyone ever get this alarm? I am now charging the car and the port seems to be working fine!
  5. Micha

    Battery: Repair or Replace?

    I have my Roadster 1.5 in for the annual service and there is a issue with the battery requiring a sheet to be replaced. The best explanation I was given is the sheet has some resistance and it will eventually go bad and other sheets will eventually go bad as well. I haven't had any loss in...