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  1. R

    Quarter Panel Dent - Out of Pocket options?

    Still dealing with feeling like an idiot as I backed my corner of my 2013 Model S into a corner of a truck. The truck sustained no damage as the car was just creeping in reverse, but my car unfortunately has significant damage. Given this is an older car, it's not that important that the car is...
  2. Padelford

    Front door body seal has split - how difficult is remove & replacement?

    I discovered that the driver front door seal on the body has split at the bottom. How difficult is this deal to replace? I’ve tried calling two Tesla SC’s parts departments and left messages. No response. I’m not very happy that I have to actually visit one to get part info.
  3. Daniel LO

    "The bms have detected isolation failures conditions on multiple drive cycles"

    Hi, I have a Model S 85 2014. Nothing changed on the car, all original. While on a long road trip (UK to Spain) the car gave me different error messages (picture below). A bit of drama, but I was able to take it to the nearest Tesla Service Centre in Barcelona, Spain. Tesla UK told me the main...
  4. C

    Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display

    Selling one Pre-Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display. Requires Model S or X (sorry, these are the only models I work with) $2,000 for complete pre-configured plug-and-play CID LCD Screen in good working condition (no goo bubbles) LTE Cellular Module with SIM Root Password...
  5. A

    2022 Model S Windshield Replacement

    Hi All, I had an appointment for windshield replacement on my 2022 model S at Tesla service center in Mt Kisco, NY for yesterday. I went there and had to reschedule the appointment for next week since the glass technician called in sick. But today, I got a call from Tesla service saying...
  6. A

    2022 LR Battery Replacement

    I hit an object on the road which broke through the front skid plate and ripped away the battery coolant hose from the battery case. Towed it in to service center after getting low coolant message and they are saying entire battery pack has to be replaced. The estimate that they sent me lists...
  7. M

    Replacement tires for 2021 SR+

    I went into my Discount Tire to get my tires rotated (as I have been doing frequently). They had informed me that they don't need to rotate them and would recommend getting new tires. I just got the car 1 year ago and have only put 22k miles on the stock tires. They suggested 2 tires. The...
  8. M

    List of Available Wheel Replacements for Yoke

    The goal of this page is to detail the available wheel replacements for the yoke currently offered in Model S and Model S vehicles. This was not created as a place to debate people's opinions on the subject, but only as a resource for people looking to find more information on possible yoke...
  9. V

    Repair or replace front driver side panel?

    While backing up in the garage, side panel got a large dent near driver side camera. can it be repaired? no paint scratches. No damage to door, dent occurred only to the panel behind the camera, wondering if it can be repaired or the panel must be replaced, if panel must be replaced, how much it...
  10. Devin94539

    Model 3 OEM Hood w/Carbon Fiber Wrap

    White OEM Hood in great condition with Textured Vinyl Carbon Fiber wrap. Wrap can be removed if desired. Fits 2018-2020 model 3. If you need an oem hood, here is your chance at much less than OEM prices. I spent $400 to get the textured carbon fiber vinyl wrap installed about 7 months ago...
  11. D

    Can a battery coolant heater replacement cause coolant leak?

    Hi all, I had to have my battery coolant heater replaced in February for my 2015 Model S when I received error messages that said "vehicle may not restart" and "acceleration and speed reduced". During this service appointment, they also seem to have topped off the coolant (the coolant is listed...
  12. Z

    Retrofitting European spec modem for US Model 3

    Hi, I’ve purchased an imported 2018 US Model 3 with HW2.5 and EAP here in Jordan (P.S: we can only order S&X officially from Tesla Jordan, M3 still not available for ordering) I’ve had the car for nearly a year now and it’s been flawless apart from couple of error messages like the visuals...
  13. W

    Air Filter location for replacement? MODEL Y

    Hi. I open the side panel at passenger seat to replace the ac filter. But I couldn't find it. It doesn't look as same as model 3. There are many videos from YouTube for only model 3. Not Y. Do you know where it is located? hope anyone can explain what to do in the picture. It smells very bad... :(
  14. E

    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    I've been scanning Google generally and TMC in particular to see whether or not I'm the only one encountering this issue. I had my MCU (AP 2.0) upgraded when I brought my MX in for the FSD computer upgrade in the middle of June. Everything went fine, my settings were even largely preserved...
  15. D

    2015 Repair Risks

    Moderator note: This thread is a combination of three threads started on the same topic. I am original owner of a P85D built in early 2015. While it is a fabulous car ,I am thinking about its future. What big repairs are likely? I have had all the handles replaced with an updated generation...
  16. iamvince

    Tesla Charging $2200 for MCU1 replacement

    My 2013 Model S VIN 13xxx MCU went dead. I was hoping to purchase MCU2, but Tesla Service Center Santa Clara is saying my VIN is too old to take MCU2 replacement, so they're charging $2200 for MCU1. Anyone know about the VIN cut off for MCU2? According to the article, they said: "All remaining...
  17. S

    Model S Aftermarket CV Axles - Success!

    So my S90DL was making some clunking noises from the front under hard acceleration and while turning, I got under the car and noticed the CV boot was torn, all the grease slung out, and was certainly the issue cause of the noise. Tesla took the car and diagnosed the same thing, but said CV...
  18. T

    2013 S 85 Charge Port Replacement Tips?

    Hi all, The charge port on my 2013 Model S 85 has a few issues and the service center said that the port and door should be replaced. Unfortunately they quoted ~$900 to do the work, whereas used charge ports and doors are about $75 on eBay. It doesn't look like a lot of work, and the port is...
  19. V

    12V battery replacement, whos had to do one?

    Just curious, who all has had a 12V failure on your MX? Did you have any other electronics installed? Dashcam? Ive got a blackvue DR900 installed with the trailer hitch method. Just curious how common of a problem is this
  20. D

    Recalibration after windshield replacement

    Hi All! Had a rock chip crack my windshield in April, couple weeks after getting my TM3, today it finally spidered and got a pretty lengthy crack. I already found a Tesla certified Glass guy in the Bay Area to do the replacement, he actually advised me to wait for it to crack more to replace...
  21. Tech_Guy

    Does Airbag Recall / Replacement require software update?

    Like the subject says.... Does Airbag Recall / Replacement require software update? I've been holding on to 8.1 and would rather not be forced to 9.0 Hoping someone who's had this replacement done can answer this question from their experience...
  22. C

    Model 3 Replacement Wiper Blades

    Bosch Replacement Wiper Blades for the Model 3 available at O'Reilly Auto Parts Front Left: 26 inch blade Front Right: 19 inch blade Bosch Spectrum DirectFit Beam Wiper Blades Description: Bosch Spectrum DirectFit™ Beam matches the same blade technology and connection fitment to deliver...
  23. Axael

    Advice on ICU / MCU issues (S90D 2017)

    Hey all, I own a S90D from early 2017. I began having issues a few months ago when the sides of my MCU screen started to show a yellow shadow (apparently, a common problem on cars produced in this timeframe). A few weeks ago, I began driving and saw that my airbag light on the ICU was lit...
  24. C

    Car Needs Service - Steering Assist Reduced

    My M3 only drive 1500+ mile, i got my first alert on the morning. the monitor shows Car Needs Service - Steering Assist Reduced tried the reboot, went out and back in. come back to the car a few hours later, and it still shows on next day. driving is fine, no strange feel i can tell. but still...
  25. EvolutionTeʂla

    Weird front license plate frame/bracket. Replacements?

    After only 5 months, my plastic Tesla license plate frames are already degrading so I bought a couple of nice chrome metal license plate frames for my Model S the other day. The rear one fits fine but I didn't notice that the OEM front frame is quite different with only two top holes and three...
  26. C

    Cold Weather Got Me Thinking ahead about Battery Replacement

    Let me start with I love my Telsa. I have not illusions about the battery lasting forever. I have seen a regular and expected degradation of the battery over its life and that to date has not concerned me. With that out of the way, this recent cold snap (-4 degrees F) stole 10 miles from my...
  27. fasteddie7

    Wow, I can blow through tires

    What on Earth am I doing wrong? I drive around 25,000 miles a year. I have done two "annual" service appointments so far this year, and both times I had to replace my tires. Is this normal? I purchased the good year 19s both times. Should I be buying a different tire or is there no way to avoid...
  28. T

    Onboard Charger Died

    I know theres other threads but I didnt see more recent ones regarding cost discussing onboard charger failures. Car went out of warranty in March and they wouldnt let me buy the extended warranty when I purchased ~2 years ago because I purchased preowned private party. The good news is...
  29. G

    HPWC "tripping" red

    I have a 3 year old HPWC, er wall connector and it's worked fine for all this time. Suddenly it is often failing. Insert cable into car ... RED. Have to reset the button to the right side of unit. History: Installed in prior garage for 2 years. Fine. Disconnected. Moved to new garage...
  30. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance: Flagship Fascia System

    Stand apart at the Supercharger with this complete redesign of the front fascia of your Model S! The Unplugged Performance Flagship Front Fascia (Front Bumper) is designed a complete replacement for the entire front bumper assembly on your 2012-2016.5 Tesla Model S. Included in this system are...
  31. Gabzqc

    Nordic Brakes System for Model S

    Was browsing one of many blogs on Model S and Tesla that I follow, this chap from Norway has been upgraded to a special Nordic Brakes System free of charge... "Tesla Motors had developed a special cold climate braking system (also called Nordic brakes system), which is needed in Norway of...