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  1. CertLive

    Model 3 Customer cannon fodder & the right to full refund Dekra Report

    Its been a rather frustrating time owning a model 3. It was meant to be part of an enjoyable YouTube series which ended in me personally not wanting to poster something of bad quality. Yes I held back. I have documented here the cluster of a pickup experience with pictures and video in another...
  2. W

    3 Days Rule - Tesla QA not doing their job

    I have owned a Model S and a Model X, and I can share that my experiences have been vastly different so far. My Model S experience (started Nov 2015 in Southern California) was amazing. My Model X experience (December 2018 in Boston Area) has been horrific. I am only going to talk about one...
  3. D

    Powerlens (Tor Hydro) Update w/EV

    Toronto Hydro seems to have quietly added an EV option to their "Home Assessment". If you go in and tell them you have an EV, how many km you drive and what portion of your charging is at home then they will adjust the reporting in PowerLens to include the EV as part of your projected usage.
  4. W

    Historical Charging Usage Report?

    Hello everyone, I am not a Tesla owner (yet), but have a mid 2018 delivery estimate on a model 3. My question is whether there is the ability (through the car interface, the mobile app interface, or through a web login) to report on historical charging usage (I did a search in the forums but...
  5. tescroft

    12'000 km with my Model X 75D - my experiences

    Hi folks I bought my Model X in April 2016, got it delivered in September 2016 and drove 12'000 km since then. I like to share my experiences with this car so far. Car configuration Model X75D, 2016, 6 seater, without premium package, with Autopilot V1, towing package, titanium silver, tan...
  6. slyastro

    REPORT: 110 000 KM with my Tesla Model S!

    Hello everyone! That's exact, I'm exactly at 110 000 KM! My car is better than when it was brand new (thanks to firmware updates and outstanding after sales service -- Montréal). Only major problem is the Drive Unit replacement (but at no cost since it's covered within the infinite warranty...