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resale value guarantee

  1. C

    Reintroduce 'Resale Value Guarantee' for Model S again?

    Hi, with the sale and delivery of the Model 3 hopefully beginning this year, I am wondering, if it would be a welcome decision of Tesla's to reintroduce 'guaranteed resale value' again. I have been browsing around a bit and picket up that some Model S owners and prospective buyers are...
  2. Tiger

    Test driven Model X 10/2016

    Hi! Here is a summary of my test drive of Model X in 10/2016: What was positive: + space (6 seats) + performance (P90D) + overall handling and comfort Miscellaneous observations: drove two days, 400 miles, measured (actual) range using Trip meter to find out actual range for my typical...
  3. R

    Dealers Price haggling vs Tesla's price fixing

    I am not sure how many have traded their Tesla MS or MX with tesla and bought another tesla. But it seems they charge premium + for their cars when selling them (no middle man and no body know how much they actually cost) and they give peanuts when you offer their own tesla for trade in.Its as...
  4. D

    Debating the Resale Value Guarantee

    We're a few months away from any owners taking advantage of the Resale Value Guarantee (RVG) that was first offered in March of 2013. With the impending purchase of our Sig X we have the option to finance through Tesla vs. a lower rate elsewhere. So my simple question is, what is the true real...