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resale value

  1. K

    Does a Model 3 first production with low VIN (#567) increase value?

    As mentioned in the title, I am wondering if there is any increased value now or long term to Tesla fans for a model from the first 600x units produced in initial production. At the time I was a SpaceX employee and received priority for my reservation, picking up my 2017 Model 3, VIN 567, in...
  2. M

    3 -> Y, need advice re Model 3/s value

    We have decided a Y would better fit our needs and I wanted to tap your collective wisdom with regard to how best to trade up. In particular, the resale value has me thinking I must be missing something significant — the Kelly Blue Book value on it hasn’t fallen much from the new price and even...
  3. heysteveh

    Will My New Model 3 Be Worth The Same As A Honda Civic In 6 Years?

    I just sold my 2013 Mercedes C250 Sedan and bought a new Model 3 SR+ last week. My Mercedes was 6 years old and originally stickered at $42,935. I sold it for $10,000. This got me to thinking so I decided to compare the value of my 6 year-old Mercedes with a 6 year-old Honda Civic EX-L Sedan...
  4. S

    Model X Resale Value with XPEL Wrap & Modifications

    I’m looking to get my 2018 Model X wrapped with an XPEL stealth coat. I’m also looking to get a chrome delete done, light ceramic coat on top of the wrap, and possible powder coat the wheels & paint the calipers. Quite a bit of customization and I wanted to know if anyone has done the same. If...
  5. igotzzoom

    Article on EV Batteries from Autoweek: FUD or Valid Points?

    When I started reading this, I thought for sure it was a ICE-apologist hit piece on EVs, and without a doubt, the author takes a dim view of EVs. However, he does bring up some interesting and valid points. I think by necessity there will need to be the option to swap out or upgrade batteries in...
  6. J

    Is it possible to transfer "autopilot" from one vehicle to another?

    Two questions: 1. If I buy a model s now and pay for autopilot (AP2), and I decide to buy another one (assuming its also AP2) a few years later, can I transfer the autopilot from the first car to the second one so that the newer one has autopilot (without paying extra for it) and the older one...
  7. C

    Reintroduce 'Resale Value Guarantee' for Model S again?

    Hi, with the sale and delivery of the Model 3 hopefully beginning this year, I am wondering, if it would be a welcome decision of Tesla's to reintroduce 'guaranteed resale value' again. I have been browsing around a bit and picket up that some Model S owners and prospective buyers are...
  8. S

    Owning an M3 "for free?"

    For people who will get their cars the earliest, is it possible that I could buy the M3 (for say $45k), have it for a year, take the tax credits (-$10k in my state) and then sell it after a year for roughly the $35k total that I spent after the tax rebate? Since the tax credits will be much...
  9. T

    How much more damage will Remarketing do to Tesla sales before they figure it out?!?

    I have to vent; please forgive the length of this rant but I can't stand it when otherwise smart people do stupid things. As TSLA stockholders and big time supporters of Tesla's goal of accelerating the transition to sustainable transport, we buy a lot of Teslas. Thus far, we've purchased five...

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