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  1. P

    Another Tesla S restoration

    Hey all! So I have been watching Rich's rebuid of a Tesla and I myself am inspired to try to do the same thing! I am interested in restoring a salavaged tesla S. Much like Rich, I am gunning for a car that was flooded. Mainly because I am a hardware guy (electrical) and I do not have the skills...
  2. U


    I have been looking at Teslas for 8 mo’s and am getting ready to order a Model 3 AWD, non FSD. Ordered the wall charger, got an estimate from a trusted electrical company that does commercial and residential and has installed public chargers at local stores. Our breaker panel is full, so they...
  3. Lex_MIT

    Arguing Machines: Tesla Autopilot vs Neural Network

    Here's our video of the arguing machines concept applied to Tesla Autopilot "arguing" with an end-to-end neural network. Disagreement is used to predict challenging situations. It's a simple but powerful method for human supervision of black box AI systems: Paper is available here...
  4. M

    Road Transport Services Survey

    Hi everyone, I’m a MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy student at the University of Leeds. I am conducting research on consumer preferences towards current and future modes of road transport services for my master's dissertation, in collaboration with Leeds University Business School...
  5. S

    Onderzoek: Ervaringen met autonome voertuigen

    Beste gebruikers, Voor mijn afstudeeronderzoek aan de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven ben ik op zoek naar de ervaringen van eigenaren en bestuurders van auto's met (semi-)zelfrijdende capaciteiten. Uw ervaringen en inzichten zijn van grote waarde voor mij, en het invullen van deze enquête...
  6. S

    Tesla Motors Survey for Saint Louis University Research project

    Hey everybody, I'm writing a research paper for a marketing class at Saint Louis University and I created this survey to collect some data on Tesla. If you could take it, it would really help me out with my project. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes at the most! LINK: Tesla Questionnaire...
  7. Clprenz

    Model S Owners Survey

    Hello Owners! This isn't deja vu, about three years ago I conducted Model S owners surveys and received well over 300 responses that provided interesting data into who really owned Tesla Model S's. That data was both shared and used by financial analysts and Tesla themselves. Survey Link So...
  8. Rownolds

    Where will we get ALL that electricity whan most cars are electric?

    I know we all hope and expect that in a decade or two the majority of the developed world's fleet of passenger cars will be electric. This will require a big increase in electrical generation, and despite all of our high hopes for renewable source, at this point it looks like a very large part...