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  1. D

    Used Model S - Depreciation estimate?

    I'm looking to buy a used Tesla Model S 2014 or 2015 for about $50,000. How much would I be able to sell the car for in 3 years? Let's say the car would be 6-7 years old when I sell it, with less than 90,000 miles and in very good condition. My personal estimate is $25,000. [The reason I...
  2. Science fan

    Improvements? Bring 'em on!

    My S70 was delivered just four months ago and I am happy with AP 1.0. Of course, newer is better, but the folks who got lucky by ordering just in time to receive AP 2.0 will be missing other, key improvements that will be taking place over the course of the coming months and years. They paid...
  3. George Parrott

    S85 resale valuations distorted by Tesla model coding protocol

    Tesla S85 Owners expecting to Sell/Trade Soon….Be WARNED! As the owner of VIN 9649 Tesla Model S85 (NOT P85), I am getting my car advertised to sell prior to delivery of my P85D next month, and I have just discovered a MAJOR identification disaster that Tesla has inadvertently imposed upon us...