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  1. D

    Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive Reservation for Sale - SoCal

    I have a Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive reservation for sale. Delivery date will be very soon if we can complete the registration with your information before Dec 17th -Pearl White Paint -18" Aero Wheels -All Black Partial Premium Interior -Autopilot Subtotal: $46,990 Destination Fee: $1,200
  2. ECCtechguy

    Gray Model Y LR Reservation Sale Available NJ

    Hi everyone, I of course took over a MY performance this week and receive notification today, That my MY long range has come in. I’m not looking for anything crazy just trying to see if anyone would like the reservation. It has arrived in Paramus New Jersey pretty much a standard gray on black...
  3. J

    MX LR/Plaid Reservation

    Selling my reservation for $6K. Pick up near Bay Area. Car is black and black, no FSD, 20" wheels and no FSD. You can still change the color or other details. Will be handing over my account that doesn't have any other Tesla. LR price is 104990 and plaid is 126490 without any options. My...
  4. T

    Model x reservation for sale

    Hi, I have a pre price hike Model X for sale. It is currently configured to LR but can be modified to any combination or even Plaid. Shows EDD of late October to early December. I have heard plaid will be a lot earlier. Long range base is 104,990 vs 120,990 (today's price). DM me for details...
  5. S

    London / UK MYLR reservation sell (beige June price increase, delivery Q4 2022)

    Hi , anyone is interested taking over my order for MYLR Sep - Nov 2022 delivery? Change of plans on my side, want to see if anyone wants to take the advantage of this pre price increase price before I call to cancel it. PM me, thanks!
  6. K

    Looking to buy a Model 3 Reservation Anywhere near Los Angeles (within 200 miles)

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a testa model 3 reservation SR/LR delivery date within this couple of weeks. email me if you are interested to sell: [email protected] I will be almost online 24/7 it would be best if we could meet in person to make sure everything works smoothly...
  7. J

    Selling my MYLR reservation

    Hello, We are selling our MY LR (sadly). We did the reservation in of November 2021. The total price for the MY is ~61 K (not including the additional charges) If interested, pls feel free to message me Thanks,
  8. D

    Deep in the rabbit hole of reservations. Need advice

    I ordered a MYLR in early Jan with 20 inch induction wheels for 62k (4K less than current pricing ). I have the option of adding FSD for 10k. My EDD has just kept getting pushed out since the placed the order. I added FSD a couple of days ago and it didn’t really move the needle. I have no car...
  9. RealBLN

    22 Model X LR Reservation Swap for Plaid

    Hi All, Trying to gauge interest and see if anyone is interested in trading for my 22 MX LR, 6 seater (reservation was Locked prior to price increase) for a Plaid reservation. At first thought, I didn't think the speed would be necessary as I have a family but am now interested in the Plaid...
  10. P

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Hey all, Looking to possibly purchase/transfer a reservation from another user here. He is in California and I am in New York. Does anybody know if and how this is an option for us? Would I have to pay Tesla to transfer it? Would it lush the EDD back to Aug (its coming up now)? Any information...
  11. D

    Can Cybertruck Reservation be transferred?

    Hi, I have a day 1 CyberTruck reservation. Checked the reservation number and it looks like its around the 1st 7K reservations. Looking to swap for a Model Y LR reservation (Devlivery between April - June 2022)
  12. S

    Want to buy Tesla model Y LR reservation in WA or OR

    Hi 👋 I’m looking to take over any model y reservations. I’m flexible with configurations. Just NOT looking for these - FSD Seven seater Performance
  13. D

    Looking for Model Y reservation ( Southern California )

    Hi, I am interested in buying your Model Y reservation if you decided to wait.
  14. A

    Selling 2022 MY LR White on White - CA Reservation (Immediate pickup)

    Selling a reservation for a 2022 VIN Model Y LR 5 seater Pearl White with White interior. It's located in CA and is on the ground for Immediate pickup. Delivery location and everything has not been set yet so it can be shipped anywhere as well. (FSD can be removed). Looking for $500.
  15. P

    Deadline on completing a reservation?

    Hey folks, If you you have a reservation for the Cybertruck, and then the model you reserved becomes available to configure / purchase, does anybody know if there is a deadline for how long you have to complete the purchase process? I.e. Does your reservation expire?
  16. M

    Reservation Refund

    Hi everyone, complete newbie here looking for some advice from anyone who has recently cancelled a reservation spot on a Model 3. Cancelled mine on 2nd July, the 45 business days has now past. The option on the phone number is now just an automated message and no response to 4 days of emails...
  17. A

    Service Temporarily Unavailable?

    I currently have this screen when I go to view my reservation, it has been like this since Thursday. I noticed some other members got their order summary pages back a few days ago after receiving this message, so, I'm not sure if they are rolling out slowly or if it's just an Ontario, Canada...
  18. @

    Model 3 Cold Shoulder (?): Day 1 Reservation, Signature S Owner

    Bare with me on this one; I am at a loss, and would like some suggestions on where to go from here. On my way to the Sales & Service Center for my Model 3 delivery (mid Feb), I was called by my delivery rep to say that they couldn’t deliver the vehicle; the issue was apparently with a brake...
  19. P

    Transferring Model 3 Reservation Step by Step

    My friend is willing to transfer his reservation for me. I was hoping that someone who has done this before can break down the steps to me so that I can guide him through the process. He is already doing a huge favor for me so I don't want any hiccups for him during the transfer. Thank you!
  20. igotzzoom

    Losing enthusiasm for Model 3

    I know I'm probably going to get plenty of blowback on this post, but I don't really care. I admit that I was very excited and passionate when I originally put in my deposit online night of the reveal in 2016. That was now nearly two years ago. Since then, GM has brought a full-fledged...
  21. igotzzoom

    Think I've figured out when I'm going to get my Model 3.

    I think I now have a better idea of when I'm going to get my Model 3. By my calculations, it will probably be around February of next year. I'm going by the stated production targets of 1,000 units a week starting in July, ramping up to 5,000 a week by the end of 2017. I erred somewhat on the...
  22. X

    One Tesla Model X Signature Reservation Remains

    Innumerable TV reports, motor vehicle articles, and Tesla Forum posts state that all Tesla Model X Signatures were delivered long ago. However, all were wrong. I hold the sole remaining Tesla Model X Signature reservation and am deciding whether to configure and purchase it, before the end of...
  23. MrBoylan

    No, you *can't* reserve 20 Model 3s...

    I hate to even mention this article as it's just another hit piece on Tesla (and I won't link to it), but one of the Seeking Alpha bears recently claimed to have successfully reserved 20 Model 3s, just by filling out the form multiple times. And he claims that this throws into question the whole...
  24. V

    How to Cancel Model 3 Reservation?

    Does anyone know how to cancel a Model 3 reservation? I accidentally reserved two on launch day because the site was getting pounded and it kept telling me my reservation was failing. Finally I succeeded but apparently two of them went through. I tried contacting Tesla through email (never...
  25. T3SLA_LIFE

    Official Tesla Model 3 Update Email and FAQ

    Thank you for reserving your Model 3. With your reservation, you are part of an exciting moment in history. In the first 24 hours Model 3 received over 180,000 reservations, setting the record for the highest single-day sales of any product of any kind ever in world history. More importantly...
  26. igotzzoom

    Will Reservation for 3 be Transferable to Y?

    Based on others' past experiences with the S and X, is there a good likelihood the reservation deposit for the 3 would be transferable to the Y or another future model? I'm in the third stage of grief (acceptance) that the 3 has a conventional trunk and not a liftback, and may go through with a...
  27. Clprenz

    Tesla Motors: The First Automaker to Crowdfund Development Accidentally

    I just posted this on Medium... Tesla Motors: The First Automaker to Crowdfund Development Accidentally Congrats to everyone who helped this happen! Can't wait for ours!
  28. L

    Canceling Order, New Reservation

    Today was to be my order's confirmation date but after speaking with my delivery specialist, I was informed that I could not request my Model X be delivered at a general time frame towards the end of the year. You CAN do this with a Model S order by pushing the delivery back as much as 6 months...
  29. igotzzoom

    Model 3 Online Orders 4/1 at 12:00:01 AM?

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be so "hard core" as to reserve in-person on 3/31, but am considering staying up past midnight to put in an online order early. Based on past experience with the S and X, do the online order banks usually open at midnight, or later in the day? Thanks in advance.
  30. henderrj

    Generating Model S sales through Model 3 Reservations

    Given that many people, who could afford to do so, do not buy a Model S due to a visceral rejection of any display of luxury, and given that they will be enticed to order a Model 3, could a large portion of these people be lured into a temporary purchase of a Model S while waiting for the 3 to...
  31. D

    Model 3 Reservation Guess Lottery

    Like so many others out there, getting super stoked for March. Model 3 release, cat ski trip, and oh yeah, having a baby :biggrin:. But we all want to know how many reservations there are going to be!! I doubt they'll have a hit counter on their web site, so we'll have to have another thread...
  32. DrivingTheFuture

    Beside myself with Excitement! After 2 Yrs Hard Work I've sold my wife on the X!

    I can't stop smiling, this weekend we plan to reserve the Model X. She finally said YES! Just had to share. This is the most excited I've been since she said YES to marrying me at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I had to go through so much to get to this point... (her wasting 37 grand on a...
  33. D

    San Jose Mercury News journalist looking to talk to female Model X reservation holder

    Hello All - I am working on a story about women who have reserved a Model X. I have covered Tesla for five years at the San Jose Mercury News; some of you on the forums met me at TESLIVE in Milpitas. Happy to chat on or off record; I will fact check any comments or quotes for accuracy...
  34. S

    Tesla Model S Demand in China is Huge

    According to my research the demand for the Model S in China is huge, and now I received confirmation from a Tesla store employee. Tesla to ship 15,000 cars to China next year and there is a waiting list already? You can find my entire article here...