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residential solar

  1. Jason Bloomberg

    Residential Wind Power and Powerwall 2 integration

    Does anyone have a Powerwall 2 being fed by Skystream 3.7 (or any other) wind turbines as part of their own residential renewable energy system? We have a combination of wind turbines and solar PV with microinverters as part of our system.
  2. TheTalkingMule

    Tesla Standard Panel Install Pricing

    It was a major turning point when Tesla moved to set, online pricing for standard solar panels earlier this year. Seemed like the price varied from state to state based on interesting factors, but strangely pricing was locked in at a certain price per Watt regardless of array size. Obviously...
  3. TheTalkingMule

    Selling a Streamlined Residential Solar PPA

    Investors(TMC posters and otherwise) universally cheered the SolarCity/Tesla shift away from packaged PPA solar leases to outright sales as a logical move toward building shareholder value. While I appreciate the clear-as-day profitability that simple installations provide, I would argue that...