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  1. H

    Charging keeps restarting

    Hey Folks, Last night when I plugged in my mobile connector to my 2023 MYLR, I observed that the charging light turns on the blinking green as normal, however on screen the kms, amps and voltage tries to climb up, reaches around 14amps and then winds down to zero. This kept on happening...
  2. Z

    2018 M3 sudden loss of rear camera and quick restart

    Hey guys, in the last couple of days while driving I’ve noticed a sudden loss of the rear camera feed coupled with a quick restart shown here in the following video: Has anyone had such an issue? The car is 2018 LR M3 with 2.5HW
  3. mjbigelow

    Sonic Game Keeps Restarting

    For some reason, when my son plays Sonic, it restarts at a new level every 2 minutes. Anybody have the same issue? 2021 MY7LR - 2021.44.30.7
  4. K

    90 degree turn at higher speed makes MCU reboot

    Model X 75D (late 2017) with MCU2+FSD upgrade I noticed a pattern when the MCU goes black during driving.. today I got it two times.. and both at similar street situation. A 90 degree turn, at higher speed (maybe 30-35) and accelerating going out of the turn. Going out of the turn, the...
  5. O

    Software crash on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d)

    I am on v9.0 (2019.8.5 3aaa23d) 1) software crashed while driving earlier today. The car continued driving and responding to acceleration, brakes etc but it was a scary moment, the software restarted automatically 2) battery consumed far more than needed. I have an approx 10 miles round trip...
  6. vangogh

    Interesting Error Warning - Car may not Restart

    First time I've seen this error....Driving home from work, got the error and called the SC. They said it was likely nothing but to bring it in when I could so they could investigate. Since I was only 4 blocks away, I swung by and picked up a loaner. I'm glad I did. When they went to start...