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  1. S

    Possible to retrofit ultrasonic sensors to non-USS/HW4 Model X to enable the fully-automatic front doors?

    Long story short, I had a very unfortunate incident where I sustained front-end damage to my two month old Model X LR. However, luckily no structural components were damaged. I spent a while digging deep into the car to find every little part that is damaged, and besides the front bumper and...
  2. B

    USS Parking sensors retrofit?

    I'm desperately thinking about retrofitting USS parking sensors into my Berlin-made Model Y. I heard some rumors that all is missing is 12x parking sensor with it's retainer and 2 wiring harness on bumper side as vehicle-side harness is still installed. Maybe extra coding is needed in Vehicle...
  3. A

    REVR: Proposed affordable Plug-in retrofit kit

    Seems an Australian engineering student is aiming to make a relatively universal and affordable ICE to plug-in-hybrid conversion kit, as described in this article by New Atlas. It's a clever proposal, installing the motor between the wheels and brake disks. Given the early stage of the project...
  4. VegarHenriksen

    2021+ liftgate trim on older Model S Retrofit

    Most likely the first pre-Palladium car in the world with the new liftgate trim. Will probably do a write-up on my website eventually because it requires some modifications :) /antiplasticsquad
  5. S

    Matrix Headlights from China- are these fake?

    Hello, Tesla community! I have a 2020 M3 and wanted to retrofit the matrix headlights. Decided to order them from China (around 170$ each). The car has been taken to an unauthorized workshop to get them retrofitted. Unfortunately even after being "programmed" they cannot get calibrated. The...
  6. Q

    2012 Model S Seat retrofit to Lexus IS (HELP NEEDED)

    Hey all, I am currently putting 2 tesla seats into my Lexus IS. I've fabricated seat brackets for them but cannot figure out wiring for the drivers side. The passenger side was as easy as splicing 2 wires to get all power functionality. I did the same work for the drivers side but only lumbar...
  7. D

    Guide to Install Secondary 12v Outlet Without Splicing or Cutting

    Hi all, I wanted to install a secondary 12v outlet in my 2019 Model 3 but wasn't content with other solutions, which included splicing the existing wiring or dragging a line to the battery. It was difficult to track down the parts list, but I managed to compile a list of connectors and terminals...
  8. T

    Do you think we will get a USS Retrofit?

    I have a 2023 Tesla Model Y, overall it's been a great car. Except for the fact it doesn't have USS, I find it mind-boggling that Tesla would remove such a necessity. I live in Canada so the snow always builds up on the back of the car, and the camera is always covered. I constantly get warnings...
  9. 1

    2021 Model Year Refresh: Owners' Thoughts?

    Hi, I would like to see what you guys think of the latest holiday update which likley comes with Steam. However owners of 2021 S/X reffresh like me will be disappointed because sounds like steam unlikely to work... https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/version/2022.44.25.1/release-notes...
  10. C

    Just had the FSD computer retrofitted, but still can’t subscribe.

    I just had my FSD computer upgraded. The software section on the screen says I have the full self driving computer, but when I try to subscribe via the Upgrades section it tells me I need to have it installed. Is there a time lag between the install and the upgrade being available? I’m new to...
  11. D

    Retrofit CCS DIY Help

    Hey Everyone! I attempted to retrofit my 2019 M3 LR this weekend and after performing the installation and software update, I got 2 errors - charge port requires service and charge port latch fault. With these messages I was unable to charge my car. The vehicle info says that CCS is enabled...
  12. C

    All Potential Retrofits/Upgrades For 2013 S P85+

    Hello, I am now a few week owner of a 2013 model s p85+. I really like it, but I am wondering about all potential retrofits for it so I can know what to save up for. Currently the retrofit I have done is to upgrade it from MCU1 to MCU2. The previous owner had retrofitted: front facelift and...
  13. LargeHamCollider

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    This thread is to explore the feasibility of retro-fitting HEPA filters to Model Ys that were manufactured without HEPA filters standard. I don't own a Model Y but my parents have one that was manufactured in December 2020. My mom is quite sensitive to pollen and other particulate and I'd like...
  14. K

    Model S Facelift AWD retrofit?

    i found some old discussion for Pre-Facelift Model S in this forum but was wondering if an AWD retrofit might be possible for the facelifts? At least for Model 3 it seems to be "relatively" straightforward as you just need to add the front drive unit (maybe a different battery pack as you need...
  15. pow216

    Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) Retrofit

    Moderator comment - thread renamed for clarity from "Boombox Retrofit" https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-pedestrian-noisemaker-retrofit/
  16. Shane23

    MagSafe Retrofit using Tesla’s Wireless Charger

    This will pale in comparison to the recently released refreshes that I cant stop drooling over, but I had this idea to open up Tesla’s Wireless Charger that I have in my S and putting a MagSafe Charger in there in the hopes of getting faster charge rate.. It actually fits pretty good with a...
  17. Z

    Retrofitting European spec modem for US Model 3

    Hi, I’ve purchased an imported 2018 US Model 3 with HW2.5 and EAP here in Jordan (P.S: we can only order S&X officially from Tesla Jordan, M3 still not available for ordering) I’ve had the car for nearly a year now and it’s been flawless apart from couple of error messages like the visuals...
  18. Rockwell

    Retrofits and Upgrades that we have done! Any other retrofits you have done or like for us to do?

    Retrofits and Upgrades Hi, we have been working hard with providing retrofits and upgrades for our customers that we would like to share some of the projects we have done. Beside eMMC upgrades we also have done... -Ap1 retrofit which consist of changing to an iboost braking system, adding...
  19. E

    2012 Model S Signature - Increase 0-60

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Just curious has anyone increased their 0-60 time on a 2012 Signature? Can you add the ludacris or insane mod?
  20. J

    $5k MCU2 / HW3 Upgrade (MX) (Help!)

    Hey everyone so I'm not sure if you guys remember but about a month ago i made a post on reddit in regards to Tesla wanting to charge me a $2700 fee (On top of the $2500$) for my MCU2 Upgrade...SO I THOUGHT. I made an appointment June 27th and My service was scheduled for July 16th. They called...
  21. S

    Nextgen seat retrofit on p85+?

    I have a p85 + with the gray interior with first gen seats, but would like to upgrade to nextgens for more comfort and better corner support. I feel like the old seats make the car feel "heavier" in corners. We have one x and a new s in the family, and even the x feels tighter in the corners...
  22. N

    Tesla Model S one of a kind set of headlights 2012-2016

    For sale is a set of 2012-2016 retrofitted headlights, this set is one of a kind! Goal was to come as close as possible to newer 2016 headlights as far as DRL and improve lights output - it’s all done! -new aftermarket Hella projectors -high end single strip DRL with switchback turn signals...
  23. P

    Want to buy: Jump Seats, rear facing child seats

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to purchase jump seats for a 2015 model S. Does anyone have them, or know where to find them? I've watched YouTube videos to see installation, so I know it can be done. Any help is greatly appreciated! Ian
  24. chudiddy

    Appt for HW 2.5 to 3.0 Retro tomorrow. Should I?

    I have a 2018 Model X P100D HW 2.5 on software 2019.40.1.1. I am scheduled to go to the SC tomorrow morning to get my HW 2.5 retrofitted to 3.0. I have been hearing complaints about HW 3.0 and accompanying software and how there's not really any point in getting 3.0 yet. Should I have them do it...
  25. McGillUSAF

    Headlight retrofit

    I'm currently trying to do a LED headlight retrofit on a 2013 P85. I need help finding the wiring harness part number for the headlights on a 2017 Model S. I have the headlights on hand and would like to try to change the harness out and reprogram the vehicle vs opening the headlight and...
  26. willow_hiller

    Will Tesla ever allow AP only vehicles to pay for a HW3 retrofit?

    Before you say it, yes, I know there's no guarantee that an AP only vehicle would ever benefit from HW3. But: 1. I simply cannot afford $6,000+ in cash right now (promised the wife we'd pay off the loan before buying FSD). 2. Tesla presently sells a Home Link upgrade for $300 including...
  27. Californiates

    LED to HID adapter Model S 2012-2016

    LED – HID emulator for TESLA MODEL S – (2012 – 2016.06) With that EMULATOR You can connect LED (New face headlights) to old Tesla Model S with HID lights. Emulator job make analog inputs to digital and send to LED headlamp. Tesla Model S Led to Hid emulator, adapter, Connect Led Headlight To...
  28. NoMoGas

    Has anyone retrofitted motorized charge port yet?

    Has anyone upgraded to motorized charge port yet? Yes, it can be done but it seems like it may be a huge pain. Im just curious if it has been successfully done yet so I'm not reinventing the wheel. The main issue seems to be mounting the required Gen II charge port. Any pictures/videos would...
  29. buttershrimp

    Retrofit my Tesla, that’s so Raven.

    This thread is dedicated to those people that have an unhealthy emotional attachment to their current Tesla and wish to improve it, even if it means spending stupid amounts of money to upgrade. So let’s talk about the challenges and strategies!
  30. McGillUSAF

    P85 Premium Seat Retrofit

    So I managed to get a Premium Gen3 seat and was going to try and use one of the guides someone else posted for the NextGen seat retrofit but this won't be possible due to the newer style wiring/ connector. Also, the seat I purchased has the ventilated option as well so there will be even more...
  31. AutobahnEV

    Install Next Gen Seats Into My 2014 Model S: Can It Be Done??

    Has anyone taken the next gen performance seats out of a 2015-2017 and replaced the first gen base seats? If so, how difficult of an undertaking am I looking at and what (besides the seats themselves) do I need to make it work? Any help from someone who has experience with this would be greatly...
  32. Saimaannorppa

    How Much Would You Pay for MCU2 Retrofit?

    With the potential MCU retrofit announced, how much are you budgeting for it? Arguments for and against, and for your vote, appreciated.
  33. lunitiks

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    Opening this thread with the hope of some focused discussion on the retrofit question only. (Please leave out antecdotal joy and sorrow about taking delivery soon, too early etc.)
  34. rfmurphy81

    Retrofit to Black Alcantara Headliner?

    Hi everyone, When I ordered my Model S, it came with the standard White Alcantara Headliner as I didn't want to upgrade to the Premium Interior Package to get the black (and the rest of the items in that add-on didn't seem worth the value). I'm now wondering if it's possible to retrofit the...
  35. Mysterylectric

    Executive seat conversion?

    I have a 2013 P85 with grey bench rear seats, and I am looking to convert to the executive rear seats. Tesla is no help on the issue, and I've searched through the forum with no luck. Does anyone know if it's possible to retrofit the the executive seats into the bench cars, and will the rear...
  36. MelaniainLA

    Possible to enlarge the frunk of a refresh RWD Model S without HEPA filter?

    I have a 2017 Model S (obviously refresh, given the year) RWD, without the Premium package, so no HEPA filter. Despite this, as many have complained, the frunk is unusably small. There's presumably a lot of empty space behind the frunk's plastic enclosure, and I'd love to liberate it. Has...
  37. Buckeye2320

    TPMS Sensors - 2013 Model S Retrofit?

    So I am looking for Winter tires for my wife and I noticed that the sites all have TPMS sensor, but my wife's 2013 CPO Model S P85 does not currently have TPMS Sensors. Can these be retrofitted to her 2013 Model S P 85? Thanks for the help
  38. R

    Dealers Price haggling vs Tesla's price fixing

    I am not sure how many have traded their Tesla MS or MX with tesla and bought another tesla. But it seems they charge premium + for their cars when selling them (no middle man and no body know how much they actually cost) and they give peanuts when you offer their own tesla for trade in.Its as...
  39. S

    Would you be interested in an AP 2.0 retrofit?

    I thought that with the recent article about AP 2.0 hardware possibly being out in the wild now or soon, it would be a good time to let Tesla know that many of us would be severely interested in a hardware retrofit package. Of course, we still don't know what the additional features or...
  40. Iwan

    Autopilot 2.0?

    Ik kwam dit toevallig net tegen op NU.nl op basis van anonieme (?) bronnen (zie artikel). Nu denk ik zelf dat het best zou kunnen dat ze hier mee bezig zijn. Vraag me alleen af wanneer ze dit gaan implementeren en wat de gevolgen zijn voor de S'jes en X'jes die nu in bestelling staan (vooral...
  41. Pinarello

    Rear Bumper Replacement

    I was rear-ended a couple months ago and will soon have the insurance money to replace my rear bumper. Does anyone know if the redesigned rear bumper will fit on the original Model S? I drove by the a Service Center the other day and was able to see a redesigned MS, but since they were closed I...
  42. B

    Mobileye retrofit for pre-autopilot MS

    Has any pre-autopilot MS owner (I.e., roughly before vin 50,XXX) done a mobileye retrofit lately? I'd love to get the auto high beam, collision warning and maybe adaptive cruise control (offered by some versions of mobileye), which are all absent from older MS's. I had hoped (as a tesla service...
  43. D

    Rear Facing Seats Retrofit - Did It Include Button to Open Trunk?

    I've read that there is a button that allows occupants in the rear facing seats to open the trunk when the vehicle is parked. Apparently it is located on the driver's side underneath the parcel shelf rack. I was wondering if anyone has had the rear facing seats retrofitted and whether it...