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  1. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Need a +1? Asking for a Friend.

    Seriously though, it's for me. I know this is highly unlikely but I have to at least ask... I'm fully house-trained, self-reliant and wildly entertaining. I won't need anything aside from an address to pick you up at prior to the show and personally chauffeur you in a luxurious P85D (Sorry...
  2. S

    How patient are you when it comes to the next reveal?

    Many think that the next reveal will happen before the end of March, but what if it doesn't?
  3. Alketi

    Guess the final reservation numbers (July 2017)

    The model 3 reportedly has ~400,000 reservations, though Tesla has only publicly confirmed 373,000. Part 2 of the reveal should include: - The final car design - More detail about specifications/options/battery sizing/range. - Confirmation of pricing - Test drives! But also -- - Details...
  4. H

    When will the Model 3 Reveal II happen?

    Year before delivery starts? Six months?
  5. Fiver

    What "won't" be talked about at the reveal?

    We're all excited, but Elon said they will probably hold their cards close to their chests a bit with the 3 reveal. So what things do we wish they will talk about but they probably won't? A: Price Beyond the base model $35,000 stuff. I think any additional price info won't be talked about...
  6. D

    Model 3 Reservation Guess Lottery

    Like so many others out there, getting super stoked for March. Model 3 release, cat ski trip, and oh yeah, having a baby :biggrin:. But we all want to know how many reservations there are going to be!! I doubt they'll have a hit counter on their web site, so we'll have to have another thread...